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  1. Tbh, I lost track of all the Marvel movies a long time ago. They reboot every few (very few) years anyway, so what's another shake up?
  2. Can't they keep their stuff to the big screen, and leave TV alone?
  3. The forest is dying since the 70s. Any news on acid rain?
  4. Listening to Thunderball. Of all the Bonds, this score is by far the one with the most grace, and the one that encapsulates Bond the best. If someone asked me for just one Bond soundtrack recommendation, it would be Thunderball. The wealth of material and variety is amazing. The trio of Dancing With Domino, Casino music, and Death of Paula alone ... People like OHMSS more, but to me, Thunderball will always be THE Bond score.
  5. Time To Fail Again sounds about right. Especially with that composer. Holy crap.
  6. I think a lot of people in Hollywood, and casual movie goers, overestimate the Godzilla franchise. Godzilla has a cult following that just "gets it". Even the best Godzilla movies of the last 50 years, save for the original and Shin Godzilla, were neither "good movies", nor loved by critics, nor extraordinarily successful at the box office from a blockbuster point of view. If you turn Godzilla into "a good movie", you lose the appeal to Godzilla and Kaiju fans. If you do a proper Godzilla in the Toho sense, you are in danger of losing appeal to the casual western movie fan, who will think it's shallow and silly. To find that sweet spot in between is something KOTM does quite well. Godzilla is yet another franchise that Hollywood discovered, and thought it could milk it, without understanding what they had at hand. The Godzilla appeal goes well beyond big monsters destroying buildings. The lack of praise for this film by western film critics is a compliment. Godzilla movies' appeal is, to an extent, that they are indeed trashy and shallow. But that's something Hollywood's polish can't allow, so KOTM is as close as we will get.
  7. Better end it if that's their plan. Christ.
  8. I don't recall other 5 Bond movies in a row harping on the theory/assumption/story that Bond is too old, or too inept, or too emotional for his job. That's some bs. The only other two films I recall that had this subject in a form were OHMSS and License To Kill, both of which weren't considered a success, both of which led to drastic change.
  9. Is this all they can up with for these Craig films? Bond gets his license, Bond retires, Bond is too old, Bond is about to retire, Bond does retire. What the hell? What's next, Bond on a vendetta against his retirement home?
  10. It's hated because Rosenman disregards the subject, history, and tone of Star Trek entirely, and instead wrote a mundane and unmemorable Leonard Rosenman score.
  11. QoS is a great film. People say it suffered from the writers strike, but its shorter length is a great strength, as it isn't overly bloated like the other Craig films. Concise, great setpieces, nifty Arnold score, interesting story.
  12. A good vegetarian's day starts with deciding to have a three egg omelette. Runny.
  13. So, what I get out of this is: it will have many thematic quotes from previous movies, and it will have those themes for two or three bars, until it veers into JW 2010 filler again.
  14. Just watching Jaws 2. 45 minutes into the film, there is a montage of people frolicking on the beach, ending with Brody on the watch tower. You've never heard such intricate elaborate music for people sunbathing. Just saying.
  15. I just watched The Lake House. I don't understand this film at all. She's living in 2006, he's living in 2004. They want to meet for real, so they make a date for two years in the future, and he's waiting for two years, and she's sitting at the table ... but if he waits two years, wouldn't she be two years in the Future still, because both are waiting for two years? In the future, she is expecting him to come, yet in the very next scene, he's two years in the past, surprised he didn't come to the date two years in the future. What? I couldn't even concentrate on the film because it appears to be utter nonsense to me.
  16. She is very good at playing the innocent and scared girl from the slums of Eastern Europe, she is a very unique Bond girl. And she underlines the straight attitude and detached character of Dalton's Bond, by contrasting him. If the film has a flaw, of which there are very few, it's that the script calls for Dalton to be outright humorous and smiling ear to ear occasionally, which doesn't fit his Bond at all.
  17. Because the poll includes Star Wars, and the Tolkien subforum is not to be spoiled with that crap. Edit: better include ;-) so the touchy touchies don't get offended.
  18. The more years pass, the more Lord of the Rings ages miles better than Williams' overwrought prequel kitsch.
  19. The important thing is to make sure there is enough diversity in the film.
  20. I couldn't drink alcohol 28 days in a row if I tried.
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