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    What Are You Eating Tonight?

    Have you ever smelled a fresh loup de mer, char, salmon, whatever? It smells like sea water. And it smells significantly less than for example a dry aged steak.
  2. gkgyver


    I guess this is karma's way of punishing a country that has police shoot protesters.
  3. By "focused", do you mean monothematic?
  4. gkgyver

    What Are You Eating Tonight?

    Fresh fish doesn't smell. Fresh fish smells at most like iodine and sea water.
  5. I'd like that post if I liked, well, you.
  6. Am I the only one that finds BTTF music rather blah?
  7. You confuse that with Tolkien. George Lucas does NOT think this deeply, are you joking?
  8. gkgyver

    Godzilla Cinematic Universe Thread

    So, no.
  9. Can't wait for track titles. Rey's Funeral and The Rise Of Skywalker
  10. gkgyver

    Godzilla Cinematic Universe Thread

    Any actual news?
  11. You can watch the one good film ten times in a row.
  12. gkgyver

    Star Trek is better than everything

    The new Star Trek trilogy is better than the new Star Wars trilogy, that's for sure.
  13. gkgyver

    The official LBGT thread

    LGBT people always say they want nothing more than be treated normally. You know what would make that easier? If they didn't always make a big deal about themselves.
  14. You know what this title means, don't you? Force Theme will be the film's main theme
  15. So say something positive instead of complaining about other people talking. Jesus.
  16. Screen time doesn't equal importance to the story. Her story was she likes animals.
  17. She's a side character to the side character. Why would she?
  18. The title has a ring to it, just about simplified down enough for modern ADHS audiences. It just makes no sense. Unless Luke reemerges as an emperor.
  19. The desert shots of Rey with Kylo Ren attacking her would be good, had these two any substantial relationship whatsoever. As for the title, still convinced Rey and Ren are related.
  20. "The Saga Comes To An End" Blatant lying right there.
  21. It's called Fussball, cultureless geek.
  22. gkgyver

    What will the title of SW Ep. IX be?

    Star Wars Episode IX: Universal Justice Warriors
  23. "Absence" is a nice repackaging of "death",