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  1. 8-bit Music Theory is a great channel! I think it offers something of value, whether you're fluent in theory or not - as he demonstrates the topics he talks about through ample music examples, and all the notation snippets are played back, so you can just listen to get familiar with them. Recently I really liked the "Mount Wario" video, which demonstrates a variety of techniques used in one track to sync it up with the gameplay in different ways.
  2. The loss of this level of investment is one of the things I'm most sad about now. I stumbled upon spoilers before the Winterfell battle revealing that most characters make it out alive (thanks, Twitter), yet at the end of the episode, right up to the NK reaching for his sword, the show had me convinced everybody there was going to die. That, in my book, is effective filmmaking.
  3. Up until the middle of ep 4, I was mostly with this. A few missteps along the way, but the good so overwhelmingly outnumbered the bad things (which I always manage to mostly overlook in any media in these cases - why take my own fun away?). And even since then, there were a lot of things I really dug - the sheer spectacle, carnage, optics, acting, and most raw plot points. But as many people here have already pointed out - the writing (rushed structure, unearned character beats and motivations) brought it all down significantly. Let's see what next week brings. I still enjoy it overall, to an extent, pity about the potential for more, though. What happens is fine... as long as why is adressed sufficiently. I'm really looking forward to eventually reading more about Arianne and the Griffs, now.
  4. Given that three years ago (according to a lengthy blog post) he at one point thought he could make a three month deadline to get the book ready for publication before season 6, the former seems likely to me - he's got a lot of it done, but struggles with the rest and/or rewrites existing chapters because he's not content with what's there. The pressure of "it has to be better than the show" surely doesn't help. However, if the latter helps him clear his head and get a fresh outlook on continuing the story, all the better for him. I know I get frustrated about the lack of WoW when it's GoT season or I'm in a phase of revisiting the books, but otherwise, there's lots of other stuff to read/watch/play/do in the meantime, what he's already written is great and was worth all the time I invested in it, conclusion or not. And when he's eventually done someday, all the better - a man can dream. ------------- edit: That chart up there has a highly misleading vertical scale...
  5. I only remember the piano sonata piece Yared wrote that is featured in the story, but that one is outstanding.
  6. That's nice to know! I should inquire about this, too, when the cds go out.
  7. Great news! Hopefully the VOD will extend to these shores at some point (same with Comrade Detective, would love to see/hear that score in context)
  8. I'm on board as well! Decided to go with a stall seat close to the stage for maximum orchestra observation. Looking forward to September! Thanks for the reminder - that's an incredible piece and marvelously performed recording
  9. The earlier releases were before my collector's releases time, and the blue box was too expensive for a lot of stuff I'm not interested in, so this is actually the perfect occasion to finally get this
  10. I'll definitely get this (even if not immediately), and am glad they released it, as I'm one of the strange people who doesn't have any version of the score yet.
  11. Same thing happened with my JP order two years ago... first one was untraceable after taking 5 weeks, when I wrote to LLL they immediately sent another one, which arrived 6 days later, and the next day the original showed up. I inquired with them how I can return the spare, but never heard back, then I kinda forgot about it... so it's still gathering dust somewhere (the unopened package, that is). My HP/SL is still sitting in Frankfurt customs, for a solid 7 days now. The excitement rises...
  12. Judging from the Burden/Matessino interview audio, it sounds great!
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