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  1. Is War Horse the signature edition version?
  2. Ahhh darn. I had literally just recieved the email from them. Oh well, sorry!
  3. Williams returns to conduct the Chicago Symphony on April 24th 2018.
  4. Thanks! I was able to order it.
  5. Thanks folks!
  6. Thanks!
  7. At the end of the end credits I'd advise against using the concert ending, it's really abrupt and doesn't quite fit the winding down flow of the piece. The film ending, which is included as an option, is definitely superior.
  8. We played the whole suite last night, but skipped the concert version and played the film version instead with the optional concert ending to the end credits. It would have been nice to try the concert version too, but it was still great. I didn't realize the end credits featured an extended version of Poe's theme in the suite - that was fun and unexpected!
  9. I'll be playing this tonight! it sounds wonderful, but I prefer the film version as well.
  10. No love for Arlington, from JFK?
  11. Boston is basically like a disaster now, with the people mobbing that door. I'm embarrassed for some of those people and the way they conduct themselves trying to get his attention.
  12. I know - I wish I had recorded the whole thing!
  13. I think Scherzo was faster than he took it on the OST - it was great! It was cool, I was at the first public performance of this piece when it was in Chicago, and now I got to hear Williams do it as well! Lots of energy in that piece - it's even better live than on the recordings! This is a bit of Scherzo. IMG_1658.MOV
  14. A good friend of mine is in the orchestra, and was really kind in letting me come back stage. An amazing concert!
  15. Oh! Nothing wrong with them. Really they're quite fun. I just usually prefer to sit in the tiers. I made the same choice as you here though, these will be great seats for really getting to see him in action.