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  1. My mistake, thanks! I thought I remembered the London Symphony being involved.
  2. Tracks 5 and 6 on this album are credited only to Horner rather than Horner/Franglen, which is interesting. I wonder if it's something original he wrote? I don't know how long the Pandora project would have been in development.
  3. There shouldn't be any new union fees for Avatar though, right? It was recorded in London as far as I know. And does Disney own the score now?
  4. My set shipped yesterday and should be arriving on Saturday, along with Schindler's list. Very exciting!
  5. Order 167300, and received my confirmation at 3:07 (12:07 LLL time) that day. I’ve been in awaiting shipment since December 1st, maybe it’ll make it out of there this week!
  6. Joe Brausam

    GALAXY's EDGE - New John Williams composition (2018)

    So what I wonder is this - with Ross conducting the LSO, do we think it’s possible Williams was originally intended to record this himself in London while on tour in Europe?
  7. Joe Brausam

    The Birthday Thread

  8. Joe Brausam

    The Classical Music Recommendation Thread

    Leshnoff was one of my undergraduate music theory professors!
  9. Joe Brausam

    Walt Disney Records The Legacy Collection

    There’s been talk on FSM about The Rescuers being next. A track list got leaked, I think from a source that’s been accurate in the past.
  10. Joe Brausam

    HARRY POTTER 1-3 Complete Score Releases Confirmed

    So excited for Azkaban!