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  1. Yes, he scored the pilot to "Baby Makes Three", a series that never went ahead. I believe there was a short video excerpt from that pilot on youtube. Edit: here's the excerpt:
  2. I don't think you should have any trouble with security. I took a back pack with me and was no problem. Also tried to get some pictures but my camera wasn't that great to get anything right. Still, no one addressed me because of trying to get some pictures during the ovations.
  3. Schindler's List is already on Spotify: And Hedwig's Theme too:
  4. And there's usually a prelude concert at Ozawa Hall by TMC fellows.
  5. The "bootleg" was just a private CD-R by a friend, who shared it with everyone who asked, nearly 20 years ago. Several people got that old CD-R (myself included) and from there some of the tracks were shared with others. I actually believe that the audio track might be slightly superior to the youtube video, but since I'm out of town in vacations, I won't be able to double check for another week.
  6. Tanglewood on Parade program won't include any Williams piece this year. Not a first since 1980, but surely a rare thing to happen: And as noted before, Williams won't be conducting either.
  7. Jim Nova released his arrangements a couple of years ago, and includes both parts of the program.
  8. Yeah, even before the track times, I assumed the playing time would be around the 50 minute mark, which could only lead to the presumption that a) the remaining material would only be available on the 2-LP set or b) the track list wasn't final. Having that said, this doesn't comes as much of a surprise...
  9. Cool find! Thanks @BrotherSound
  10. I'm wondering, based on the track list, how long the disc will be. Because if it's around some, say, 50 minutes, it hardly warrant's for a double LP set. Which might mean a) this isn't a locked tracklist or b) the vinyl set will include a few more tracks.
  11. That's probably the audio from the PBS special. A close friend ripped it back in 1998 and his recording ended up all over the internet. Back then he was approached to write an opera on a light(er) subject, if one that interested him should be available. Nevertheless, when asked during an interview, he showed some apprehension with the time it would take him such an endeavor, that would ultimately distract him from other concert hall and film projects that he might feel more appropriate for him.
  12. There are a number of concerts that were broadcast and one can only dream of having them available one day. Williams also conducted his Horn Concert and Soundings and I would give a kidney (not necessarily one of mine ) for that broadcast. As for the talks on recording the piece, it was mentioned on the September 1998 issue of Film Score Monthly. Later on, in the early 00's, around the same time it was announced that Placido Domingo had approached Williams for him to write an opera, Williams mentioned during an interview that he would love to work again with Rita Dove.
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