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  1. I'm wondering, based on the track list, how long the disc will be. Because if it's around some, say, 50 minutes, it hardly warrant's for a double LP set. Which might mean a) this isn't a locked tracklist or b) the vinyl set will include a few more tracks.
  2. That's probably the audio from the PBS special. A close friend ripped it back in 1998 and his recording ended up all over the internet. Back then he was approached to write an opera on a light(er) subject, if one that interested him should be available. Nevertheless, when asked during an interview, he showed some apprehension with the time it would take him such an endeavor, that would ultimately distract him from other concert hall and film projects that he might feel more appropriate for him.
  3. There are a number of concerts that were broadcast and one can only dream of having them available one day. Williams also conducted his Horn Concert and Soundings and I would give a kidney (not necessarily one of mine ) for that broadcast. As for the talks on recording the piece, it was mentioned on the September 1998 issue of Film Score Monthly. Later on, in the early 00's, around the same time it was announced that Placido Domingo had approached Williams for him to write an opera, Williams mentioned during an interview that he would love to work again with Rita Dove.
  4. I'm probably one of the few who deeply enjoys the way the narration and music work together on this piece. Just like in Prokofiev's Peter and the Wolf.
  5. Nope, American. Here's the link for one of the performed songs
  6. What German duo? Aren't you confused with the recital available on YouTube we talked about a few months ago? As for the Tanglewood 75th anniversary project we still got some Williams related material, most notably the suite from Angela's Ashes.
  7. Yeah, we were all forgetting about Sinatra. I believe there was a Sinatra concert in the 70's for which Williams served as conductor. Not sure about the venue or anything though. As for the "Conversations" honored artists, I think a couple of them weren't around anymore by the time Williams was born.
  8. The recording of Ella Fitzgerald singing Make me Rainbows was from the a live concert with Count Basie and his orchestra https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/A_Perfect_Match_(Ella_Fitzgerald_album)
  9. I apologize if this has been already posted, but here are some great pictures from the Mutter/Williams sessions: https://www.anne-sophie-mutter.de/en/page/media/anne-sophie-mutter-photos/
  10. Williams did play in clubs during his time at Julliard. Maybe he had some gigs with bigger names he admired, though I'm not really sure, and it's a shady area since the recently deceased John Thomas Williams was based around New York during the 50's, being the to-go pianist for Stan Getz. I do know that our John Towner Williams was a regular at the Copacabana when Vic Damone sung there.
  11. The sound seems brighter on this video indeed. It still misses the intro though. I might try to edit the intro from the earlier version, match the volume (the older one is lower) and we'll see if it works.
  12. If memory serves, what we originally found were two videos from the convention that were split right during the Williams piece. I recall extracting the audio and being able to edit the two parts together. As for the sound quality, I can't check the older audio file right now, but this video has the audio encoded as AAC at variable bit rate (with an average of 97Kb/sec).
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