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  1. John Williams Discography

    Last year there was one BB-8 shapped... so not much of a surprise there.
  2. John Williams Concert Works - your favourites?

    To my knowldege the Viola Concerto was only performed in Boston and at the Peninsula Festival. I believe the audio you have is an audience recording of the former. What do you mean the Horn Concerto being on the JFK album? JFK is from 1991, the Horn Concerto was premiered a dozen years later.
  3. Williams donates all his scores to Juilliard

    From what I've been told the Symphony score is kind of floating around. I've read of at least two people who were able to get copies of it. So I would find it quite likely that it would be on the stuff being handled to Juilliard. Furthermore, that one was performed both in the US and UK, before Williams removed it for revision. It's not like a thing he wrote on his teens that he don't even recall about.
  4. John Williams Concert Works - your favourites?

    The Cello Concerto. My favorite Williams piece all around. Yes, I prefer it over any of his film scores. I really enjoy most of his concertos as some of my favorite music, though lately I've been listening a lot to his Duo Concertante. Conversations is another big favorite for me. Of the concertos I can say I like them all, and preference sometimes goes with my overall mood. Nevertheless, the Trumpet Concerto always sounded a bit Barber-oriented, with some good measure of Copland in it, even if it still sounds as total Williams. Of the orchestral pieces, Tributes "For Seiji" is just amazing, a mini concerto for orchestra. Soundings too! Though in the last couple of months I've been going back the most to his earlier, a bit more jazzy oriented Prelude and Fugue, Nostalgic Jazz Odyssey and Sinfonietta. Of the shorter pieces, his more recent Just Down West Street... on the Left and For the President's Own are my favorite. The later has received a bunch of recordings already. On the first post, there is mention of the Horn Concerto. Note that the only official release, with Pituch/Detroit SO/Slatkin was made live and I believe only meant for radio broadcast. This was prior to Slatkin appointment as music director of the DSO. After that and as he started the project of recording all of Williams concerti, they just went on and used that recording. All of his other releases so far are also live recordings, but maybe better engineered. By the way, this coming season, Slatkin will record the Oboe Concerto (a recording of that one is available as a digital release through the Boston SO site).
  5. New recording of "To Lenny, To Lenny"

    From the Marin Alsop complete Bernstein recordings box set on Naxos records: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Bernstein-Marin-Alsops-Complete-Recordings/ Performed by the São Paulo Symphony.
  6. Still no exact plans, but I will probably arrive on Friday and leave back home on Sunday. At best I might travel to London Thrusday evening, depending on flights and so on.
  7. I know others have experienced that, but for me, I was able to get what I wanted from the KUSC site without any App downloading.
  8. Probably the same I paid for my stall tickets: £85 each.
  9. Can't check it right now, but I assume that, as usual, this is last week's program sans the music excerpts.
  10. If you remember Robert deMaine interview about performing the Williams' Cello Concerto, he mentioned that Williams didn't want him to go too freely in the cadenza, following what is on the paper. With that in thought, I would honestly assume that the Escapades bass cadenza was Williams work alone.
  11. You probably mean London 1998. Williams last travel to Japan was in 1993. For the LSO 1998 concerts there is indeed a audience recording, made on good old analogue tape, that have been floating around since then.
  12. Escapades with the bass candenza was first performed with Dudamel conducting the LA Philhamonic, and the recording is available in Blu-Ray and DVD. I believe the resemblance to Beethoven's 9th has been pointed before.