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  1. I honestly found that this never sounded as good in vinyl as now. Also, both essays are superb. I particularly enjoyed Jeff Eldridge, that focused on Williams career leading to Star Wars. Jeff Bond's essays is about the film itself, and while a great one, holds less interest to me.
  2. If only there was anything new on that set... it just seems a terribly wasted opportunity to get out some unreleased material.
  3. Star Wars music streamed live this Saturday

    The youtube link seems to be working
  4. I'm already divorced, and fortunately, my girlfriend is very supporting of my interests... so it just comes down to stealing banks or hitting the lottery jackpot
  5. John T. Williams, the pianist

    Yeah, I noticed that. If memory serves, Freshsound included the Williams' band tracks from Modern Jazz Gallery on the two CD set featuring his jazz recordings from that time.
  6. John T. Williams, the pianist

    I'm with Thor on this one. This is most likely John Thomas Williams. The only sessions he's in are the NY ones. As Thor mentioned, at that time Williams was busy with other things and J. Thomas Williams was a regular session pianist in New York and New Jersey jazz sessions. While several musicians J. Towner Williams would play often with are mentioned, they are only featured on the LA sessions. Also, those NY tracks were released on Emarcy, a label for which John Thomas Williams released his solo albums, and a label for which I have no knowledge of Towner Williams ever recording for. As for Freshsound deliberately trying to misguide us, it's just likely to be an error on their part with no malice at all.
  7. John Williams Clarinet Concerto Release!

    Bespin, please note that the guy mentioned on this thread that the concerto was only performed in LA and Boston (as I said earlier, I think it was Tanglewood, but might be mistaken on that), and makes no reference to the Bohemian Orchestra. That name was used earlier probably to avoid lawsuits...
  8. John Williams Clarinet Concerto Release!

    I only know of two performances of the Clarinet Concerto, both conducted by Williams. The first in the LA area, that one being the premiere, with the Riverside County Philharmonic. He also conducted the work at Tanglewood, in both time with Michele Zukovsky. When this came out, I contacted the seller (who has a couple of post on this thread) and was told that the concert was performed more times, including that Bohemian Orchestra. My best guess is that the Tanglewood date was broadcast and the release comes from there.
  9. Great news! And the concerts being on Saturdays and Sunday are likely to be broadcast.
  10. JW | New releases | Re-recordings of non-concert works

    Wonderful! Do we know if this album is available as CD?
  11. John Williams: the interpretor.

    I'm not sure I would call Williams a Pops conductor. Certainly not over his association with the Boston Pops, as he has conducted quite a few non-pops concerts, and his Film Night concert aren't, at least in my mind, Pops concerts. But that's not my main point here... At least his albums "The Five Sacred Trees" and "Yo-Yo Ma Plays..." where Editor's pick of the Month on Gramophone Magazine, and the former, which had him conducting music by Hovahness, Takemitsu and Picker was praised highly for his conducting, mainly the Takemitsu, which one reviewer considered, at the time, the best recorded performance available.
  12. JW new piece for Yo-Yo

    I'm hoping for a new work indeed... and if it was the Schindler's List arrangement, wouldn't it say so instead of "new work"? Well, I'll remain hopeful, but at any rate, great news!
  13. The Oboe Concerto was released digitally by BSO Classics, available on iTunes, but also in lossless format through the BSO store. My hope is that they release both the Oboe and Harp concertos on CD someday -- and maybe the Viola Concerto, in case that was recorded at the time of the premiere.