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  1. Miguel Andrade

    Williams arranged and conducted Previn album

    Williams conducted three albums for Previn. The first one, from 1962 on RCA Records, "Young Hollywood Composers", even has some Williams music. In 1963 and 64 came out "André Previn In Hollywood" and "Soundstage", both on CBS. The later one was re-released in the 70's under the title "The Jazz Piano of Andre Previn". The CBS albums were released on the Vocalion label a few years ago though it seems they are out of print. Had no idea Sony had released "André Previn in Hollywood" on CD.
  2. Miguel Andrade

    How would you rate the early Star Wars re-recordings?

    To my knowledge, the Gerhardt recorded suite from Close Encounters has never been performed live. Williams original version of the suite, as recorded by Mehta is still occasionally performed, most recently under the batons of Simone Pedroni and Stephane Deneve, but the shorter, 7 minute long suite seems to be the default one for concert performance. A pity as I've always felt that the big romantic finale really works after you do your journey from atonality into the rousing fanfares.
  3. Miguel Andrade

    John Williams At The Movies (Dallas Winds)

    If you don't mind the live recording and the audience clapping in the end, it's an official release of the orchestral version with "louder" coda.
  4. Miguel Andrade

    John Williams Discography

    Not sure if Williams ever okayed the medley. There were way too many of those being released for him to check personaly. Anyway, here's the original "Evening at Pops" theme:
  5. Miguel Andrade

    John Williams Discography

    New recording of the Horn Concerto (piano reduction) https://store.cdbaby.com/cd/dafyddbevil
  6. Miguel Andrade

    Poll: Favorite JW Concerto and Concerto Movement

    Shaham mentions on an interview with WCRB at the time of the Boston performance that he had done some very minor changes, like one note here, one note there... Deneve and Shaham also played the concerto later at the Hollywood Bowl.
  7. A few years ago, FSM online posted a radio interview done in the UK in the late 70's where the host mentions two symphonies, and Williams didn't correct him. @karelm that's quite an interesting theory, that makes a whole lot of sense, knowing how Williams is an admirer of 20th Century Russian composers.
  8. Miguel Andrade

    RUMOR: John Williams plans to retire in 2019

    No mystery in there whatsoever. If memory serves, during the Jurassic Park sessions, the theme music had to be recorded for the upcoming trailer, and they asked Williams if it could be done at one of those sessions. I believe that he just conducted the orchestra for that and it was all of his involvement with The Flinstones film.
  9. Sure, feel free to use it. I have the actual work file on a back-up drive and will have to export it at hight resolution, if that's what you need.
  10. As far as I know, there is only the digipak version. I did this back inlay for a friend.
  11. Miguel Andrade

    Poll: Favorite JW Concerto and Concerto Movement

    You forgot the Cello Concerto, which happens to be my favorite one.
  12. The pieces from the first half of the concert and several pieces from the second half are already available on DSO Replay.
  13. Miguel Andrade

    John Williams Discography

    Hooten premiered the revised first movement in 2016, on an arrangement for band by Paul Lavender, with the The President's Own Marine Band. The live performance was recorded and released on Mark Records (52618-MCD)
  14. I believe that cover was only used as a temporary graphic ahead of the actual release.