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  1. He wrote the longer Quartet La Jolla, though it's not as listener friendly as Air and Simple Gift. Still, of the two, I prefer the La Jolla.
  2. Yes, Air and Simple Gifts, for piano, violin, cello and clarinet.
  3. Miguel Andrade

    New recording of "To Lenny, To Lenny"

    Honest mistake, I'm sure. It happens to the best
  4. Miguel Andrade

    New recording of "To Lenny, To Lenny"

    "To Lenny, To Lenny" was actually premiered under the baton of Seiji Ozawa, as part of the Bernstein Birthday Bouquet, that included contributions by other composers like Toru Takemitsu and John Corigliano.
  5. Miguel Andrade

    The John Williams Expanded Score Master Spreadsheet

    The edit they presented for the opening sequence can surely be improved, in the sense that it can be made to sound closer to the one actually used on the film. Also, if they had the elements to do that, they could very well have included the "Car Radio" version of the song and the musak convenience store instrumental version.
  6. Miguel Andrade

    The John Williams Expanded Score Master Spreadsheet

    Including everything they could find does not equals complete. There are at least three versions not included on the CD (though two of them show up briefly on the poorly edited opening sequence). It's great that they were even able to get some material that didn't made the film, but to say it's a complete release ins't accurate. Also, the Blu-Ray score+sfx track carries a much brighter audio than the one on the CD. Being a great fan of book, film and score, I don't find this to be a definitive presentation, though I can understand it might be the only possible one. As for The Reivers, I only watched the film once, but I believe there is some music missing on the LP/CD releases.
  7. Miguel Andrade

    The John Williams Expanded Score Master Spreadsheet

    I believe the actual sessions tapes for Images are missing, hence the use of the 1972 Academy Promo for the Prometheus release. Also, The Long Goodbye isn't complete.
  8. Leonard Bernstein only wrote one film score, and I have the Intrada release of that one. Copland did write a few of them... I have a couple of compilations of his film music, plus several recordings of his concert suites based on his film material, and I believe, two original soundtrack recordings. Gerswhin did spend his last year working in Hollywood, and John Mauceri's "The Gerswhins in Hollywood" remains being one of my favorite albums ever. I don't think that Kevin Puts, Michael Torke or John Adams ever wrote for film. From the golden age composers, I have too many to start mentioning them now. Portuguese composer António Pinho Vargas did write some film music, but I've never been able to get it.
  9. Miguel Andrade

    John T. Williams, the pianist

    Yes, Williams performed on that one and is listed on the credits. There is at least one CD release of that one.
  10. Outside Williams's soundtracks, can't remember the last one I bought by another composer -- actually I can, it was Solo, but then again, it was because of Williams involvement. Most likely was something from a golden age composer. But I do have a large selection of soundtracks on my collection, thought very few by the younger generation of composers.
  11. Besides Williams I'm a great fan of Leonard Bernstein, Aaron Copland, George Gershwin, Kevin Puts, Michael Torke and John Adams... All Americans, now that I look at it. Of my very own home country, I love both the jazz and classical work of António Pinho Vargas and I've been discovering the work of Luís Tinoco. Film music wise, I love the guys from the old days of Hollywood: Korngold, Waxman, Herrmann...
  12. Miguel Andrade

    Williams Star Spangled for Brass

    I think they only released his 2004 arrangement for band, that was first performed when he was the Rose Bowl Grand Marshall.
  13. Miguel Andrade

    Across the Stars for Anne-Sophie Mutter

    I'm really looking forward to this one... even more now, as I have a soft spot for Cinderella Liberty
  14. Miguel Andrade

    The Legacy of John Williams - New Blog on JW

    Great work Maurizio! Can't wait for your next post there