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  1. The Book Thief suite was premiered at the Oscar concert if memory serves. Stephane Deneve has conducted it a few times before. I believe that DSO Replay doesn't includes full concerts but just some pieces from the concerts. They may actually include all the pieces from the concert but not as a single video (at least it was how it was done early on).
  2. Miguel Andrade


    Happy birthday, John Williams!
  3. Miguel Andrade

    Kickstarter for Trumpet Concerto, with Williams conducting

    Also got the nice thank you note on the mail, earlier this week. Looking forward to the CD.
  4. Miguel Andrade


    Congratulations JWFan!
  5. This interview (or perhaps just part of it) was included on the old Sugarland Express CD-R bootleg from some 20 years ago. It's great to have it now on its entirety and in great sound. Thank you @TownerFan
  6. Miguel Andrade

    You know your oeuvre has been immortalized when...

    A few years ago there was one of those around here, with the Cantina Band.
  7. Miguel Andrade

    BSO360 ep 3: Boston Pops retrospective

    He did many arrangements for the Pops, though few ended up on record. One that was recorded is "Horray for Hollywood". That particular one has grown outside of the Pops repertoire and Richard Kaufman as conducted it several times around the world.
  8. Miguel Andrade

    Across the Stars for Anne-Sophie Mutter

    Munich, the city, as she will be playing this pieces there.
  9. Miguel Andrade

    BSO360 ep 3: Boston Pops retrospective

    The incident was the culmination of problems that came already from the Fiedler era, with music and arrangements that the orchestra members perceived as inferior. One of the strengths of Williams tenure was to revitalize the arrangements library, including some by himself and bringing a lot on new arranging talent to the orchestra usual collaborators. He also added to the repertoire, both through film music, as well with commissions of lighter tone by serious composers, whose music would be more expected at a BSO concert instead of a Pops one.
  10. All this releases come from live performances. Besides the ones already out and the upcoming Tuba Concerto, both the Flute and the Trumpet concerts have been performed and recorded. Hopefully, more will follow.
  11. Miguel Andrade

    John T. Williams, the pianist

    I wouldn't call it a rarity... lately it shows up on eBay quite frequently, and some 10 years ago was released on CD -- though it drop the LP cover in favor of a painting.
  12. Miguel Andrade

    BSO360 ep 3: Boston Pops retrospective

    The BSO posted their third episode of BSO360, this time a retrospective on the Boston Pops and their last three music directors as well as a profile on Leonard Bernstein. During the first half, dedicated to the Pops, you can see and excerpt of Williams conducting his own "Celebrate Discovery". https://www.bso.org/Medias http://bso.http.internapcdn.net/bso/podcasts/images/BSO360/BSO360Ep3.m4v
  13. Miguel Andrade

    RIP Nick Redman

    Very sad news. His work in preserving film and film music will be greatly missed. I heard a few of his audio commentaries and they were always enlightening and fun to listen to. And as mentioned above, he also helped set the standard for what is a great expanded/complete release. As much as he will be missed, I'm sure his legacy will live for generations to come, providing continuous enjoyment and (re)discovery of masterpieces of film and film music.