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  1. Dieter Stark

    Star Trek: Picard (2019 TV Series)

    I get Prime with my data plan and they have all Star Trek, Twin Peaks and Doctor Who.
  2. Dieter Stark

    What Is The Last Film You Watched? (Older Films)

    It's pretty good, huh?
  3. Dieter Stark

    Alan Menken's ALADDIN (2019)

    If you've ever been to a Disney theme park, you'll know that females of all ages adore the character of Ariel. When she appears in anything, it's like Beatlemania. This is a character that all she really did was swoon over some guy she'd never even met and bargained away everything she had just to be with him. Obviously NOT a good role model, but most people really don't care. I feel that is very telling in these woke Trumpian times. It's like a Freudian slip by women.
  4. Dieter Stark

    Star Trek: Picard (2019 TV Series)

    One thing that never occurred to me until now is that since this takes place in the TNG/DS9/Voyager timeline, they can check in with those characters and places we haven't seen since then. Deep Space Nine 20 years later, Admiral Janeway...
  5. Dieter Stark

    Official Indiana Jones 5 Thread

    Tonight the part of Indy will be played by a tall, dark and sinister ugly man.
  6. Dieter Stark

    The Secrets of John Williams Writing Tools Revealed

    See if they got those pens that they give away.
  7. Dieter Stark

    Switching from DVD to Blu-Ray - is it worth it?

    It might be better to just downgrade. You can acquire massive quantities of videocasette tapes for next to nothing and have Batman the way it was meant to be seen with the Diet Coke and Warner Brothers catalog ads.
  8. Dieter Stark

    Bear McCreary's Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019)

    It's the best one.
  9. Dieter Stark

    Star Trek: Picard (2019 TV Series)

    His data caps inhibit streaming.
  10. Dieter Stark

    The Last Crusade is 30 years old.

    The FX in TLC look fine to me. I just don't understand why there's a part when Indy goes to the top of the stairs in the library and there's a very obviously fake bookshelf behind him.
  11. Dieter Stark

    The Last Crusade is 30 years old.

    It wash alsho my firsht John Williamsh album.
  12. Dieter Stark

    I Found It: Fanfare for Dukakis

    Yeah in all seriousness, I don't know what the Hell people are hearing saying this is "Classic Williams" or what have you. The Dukakis Theme is pure shit in the pantheon of JW fanfares. This is about as autopilot going through the motions as JW comes.
  13. Dieter Stark

    Terminator 6: Dark Fate (2019)

    I liked the T2 3D show at Universal Studios.