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  1. I don't think any of the theaters I went to were THX certified until the late 90s, if ever. I would have to assume my first THX experience was ID4 on VHS.
  2. Indecent Proposal I've seen this movie several times. I will be the first to admit it's pretty trashy. Yet, it's weirdly watchable. You've got downright silly performances by the leads (Woody and Demi) with laughable monologues and outrageous John Barry music right from the get go. It's not like the viewer isn't sufficiently warned within seconds. I actually do quite like Woody in this one. He seems like a real guy and has a nice wardrobe and thinning hair on life support via a blow drier. Robert Redford is good, but this is a character that we find is an aged predator purely interested in companionship. They do flesh him out slightly, but it's never really enough. He's never a villain, but you certainly never root for him. The whole notion of buying someone is truly disgusting, but the movie keeps our attention somehow with scene after scene of drama and declarations of love or lust. Oliver Platt, a staple of every other movie from the 90s, is really memorable in a brief supporting part as a lawyer. I feel like this movie really nails the sort of Southern California Malibu snobbish white lifestylers. They go to a terrible art auction, they cry when they need more money for their second house, they sell themselves. There's not a single non-White person in sight. God, it's brilliant. The second half seems to be building up to something more complex, but that never happens. John Barry's ridiculous score is constant throughout and really quite good. Sure, it's a bit much (to say the least), but fuck if we just never get music like this from dramatic flicks anymore. Demi gives the worst performance, but she's not terrible. She's just sort of Demi. The problem with her character is, as we gradually learn, she is opportunistic and while a mutual decision was made, never quite seems to regret it, while Woody runs to the roof yelling over really loud melodramatic Barry strings.
  3. Always is great from beginning to end.
  4. You cannot escape your destiny.
  5. Disco Stu only posts in videogame threads?
  6. I keep starting early season 2 episodes of Twin Peaks but always fall asleep before making it very far. At this rate, I'll be on this season for the next 25 years.
  7. George had very specific shots that he wanted to achieve, but it was extremely difficult to do using models on wire.
  8. The Whataburger logo looks like the Wonder Woman logo.
  9. George Lucas knew that space life would be intergalactic turmoil.
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