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  1. We need to switch airports. They blew up the president's car.
  2. Ghostbusters II

    Who is the sexiest young celebrity these days?

    I like this blondie LA weather chick Evelyn Taft. She has an extremely sexy voice. What a babe! Woof!
  3. Ghostbusters II

    Favorite Warner Brothers franchise bathroom fight?

    One time I was taking a leak in the bathroom next to Space Mountain and they were piping in the theme from 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea on the muzak.
  4. Ghostbusters II

    Anyone else fat?

    Not inordinately. I quit smoking as well.
  5. Ghostbusters II

    Taking a John Williams break now and then...

    I haven't listened to JW in quite some time, although I've caught the NBC News music on the telly and also watched some movies featuring JW music. Actually, I don't think I've listened to a film score on its own since last year.
  6. Ghostbusters II

    Anyone else fat?

    I've been sober for 6 months.
  7. Ghostbusters II

    Superman the Movie the Retro review.

    About 30 years. Nice round number.
  8. Ghostbusters II

    The Quick Question Thread

    Are there only two genders?
  9. Anyone else hate that the Mummy ride replaced the King Kong ride but enjoy the screen at the end where Brendan Fraser screams about coffee? It's the last time I ever saw him in anything.
  10. Ghostbusters II

    The "I miss Bespin" Thread

    Anyone miss Josh500? The polls just haven't been the same. Batman vs. Titanic? Favorite bathroom scene? What the frig?