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  1. Get rid of it! Get rid of it!! We need the room! Get rid of that! Out!
  2. Jurassic Park also got a surprise 20th anniversary digital reissue that no one saw coming.
  3. I don't have any issue with the sound quality of Spotify. What's important is not getting music streaming in lossless, but getting it streaming at all. The soundtrack genre has a ridiculous amount of albums that now exist in a sort of limbo due to rights or whatever. You can't find them on streaming services. Where's the fucken Rocketeer, Masters of the Universe, Star Treks, all that stuff.
  4. The economics of the future are somewhat different.
  5. I'm sure a composer of JW's status could ensure that all the music he wanted on an album got on there.
  6. That's the catch. I get Music through my Prime subscription but it's like a basic free version. Most music is locked and requires another membership status. Preposterous!
  7. It was amazing how it recreated the scenes where Luke scaled the outside of the sand crawler, killed hundreds of jawas and then slayed a massive fire-breathing lava monster inside. Just like the movie!
  8. Super Star Wars trilogy Shadows of the Empire Walt Disney World Quest: Magical Racing Tour
  9. Eh? I was referring to how they opted for a lighter tone when it turns out audiences preferred the more dark and disturbing Batmans that were a huge success only a decade later.
  10. The Lost World theme is one of his best. Sounds good slower like the OST or faster tempo/more aggressive here. It's very masculine and testosterone-fueled.
  11. Amazon Music is available in a very limited form with your Prime subscription but it's so bad I just opted for a Spotify subscription.
  12. Amazon Music sucks anyway. Now it'll suck in lossless.
  13. There was a Reddit post where all the comments were people textually lisping.
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