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  1. It's the best pre-Jaws score, I think. It's Williams in the very final phase of transitioning to his 70s/80s "blockbuster" sound. Just the first 10 minutes or so absolutely signify a new Williams to me. Lush with memorable themes oozing with that unmistakable Williamsness of the Star Wars/Superman/Spielberg era--the heroic main title, the even-better secondary theme (dominating the last couple minutes of the helicopter scene and reprised in "Planting the Charges" as well as the finale), Susan's theme, the Lisolette/Harlee theme. The only thing that drags it down a bit for me is the period sound at points. But I still can't be bothered enough by this to really hold it against the score overall. It's amazing.
  2. Goldsmith fanaticism is a disturbing thing to me. Some ideals are worth dying for, aren't they Jean-Luc?
  3. I like the old CE3K album. It's a standard JW original soundtrack--not the complete score, alternate takes, out of order, cues interpolated. Plus, yeah the sound quality is not that great (though it's by no means poor). I like it when I'm not in the mood for the CE. It runs about 40 mins. I would recommend it.
  4. Maybe the really elaborate WDW Soarin' queue loop would be good. http://www.disneymusicloops.com/wdw/wdwepcot-fw-soarin.html
  5. In the US and local theaters here, the pre-movie thing has become completely corporate. The music clips are all pop music and it's announced what you're listening to. It's coupled with the screenvision thing where a guy advertises TV shows and the like. It makes the feature film out to be a glorified ad campaign.
  6. Same story with me, only in this case it was the stunt show when MGM opened. That was the first of Indiana Jones I'd ever seen or heard. So his music is not only a nostalgic thing, it's also pretty important to me personally. That show contributed to my Indy fandom.
  7. I guess I'll have to get that Celebration CD. Thanks. I like Bellis' takes on SW and Indy. I wonder if they'll have him do the new version(s) of Star Tours. The real holy grail is the music Williams actually composed for E.T. Adventure. Outside of a poor quality recording of one of the cues, the only place to hear that stuff currently is Universal Studios Florida (or videos on YouTube) and even there, it's like they've got the music all turned down nowadays.
  8. I have a question, probably for Datameister. What is the best, cheapest (legal) source for the (hopefully) complete Disneyland Indy Adventure Richard Bellis score? I also would like the Star Tours track without the dialogue. I have the recent Four Parks/One World WDW soundtrack with Star Tours and the Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular. The stunt show music is edited, but it's the most complete release I know of. Star Tours has dialogue at the beginning and the end. It looks like maybe my best bet for the Indy ride is this Disney's Happiest Celebration on Earth CD? The real one I want for specifically those tracks is probably one of these rare OOP import CDs going for insane prices.
  9. Sounds amazing and sad at the same time. To go to a junkyard and find the f'ing shark from Jaws. This is the shark as it appeared at Universal in Hollywood. This kind of thing is what Universal is unfortunately notorious for. They also dumped the Orca and I know Spielberg has spoken about how upset he was when he showed up to Universal one day and saw that the ship was gone. There were rumors they were going to demolish the house from Psycho on the backlot and build condos. They've destroyed possibly two BTTF DeLoreans and sold another off. There's also the recent complete carelessness on the backlot that led to the destruction of classic movie sets, King Kong and God knows what films and music in a vault.
  10. Is Outlaw any good or is it another patented Goldsmith shite movie? Oh yeah and it's JW's score to the tree rendered in Vectrex-looking graphics. Woo!
  11. I know of three concert recordings of 1941 music on CD: the March, Battle for Hollywood and Swing, Swing, Swing. Are there any others?
  12. To let it be known that Hans Zimmer sucks the big one, Michael Giacchino's music is overrated humdrum, JW > Jerry Goldsmith and also to bash Indy IV.
  13. Luke on the first ROTJ DVD cover looks like his head is pasted onto a little boy's body. The Ghostbusters DVD and BD covers are horrendous. They took the classic logo on black and put it against green and blue jello.
  14. Well you already have. Now I have this image of Goldsmith with his big goofy 80s hair berating Williams on a rotary dial phone.
  15. This thread has inspired me to bust out the JW/Boston Pops Out of This World CD to listen to his recordings of the Alien end title and TMP overture/main title.
  16. When KOTCS opened, a cinema here was playing the soundtrack prior to the movie. IMAX was playing the Battle of Hoth before AOTC. It was awesome to hear it on big speakers in an auditorium setting like that. You know what I would recommend (and boy do I rarely do this)? JW's War of the Worlds, the score from that other thread. For some reason I'm thinking selections from that would perfect for the pre-movie underscore.
  17. I can't stop listening to Jonathan Begins to Draw/The Landing.
  18. The best parts are the parts with Morgan Freeman blabbing over.
  19. Jean-Luc, sometimes I think the only reason I come here is to listen to these wonderful speeches of yours.
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