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  1. What Is The Last Film You Watched? (Newer films)

    You made me lose my girl. Now I'm gonna make you lose yours. How's that sound? Tiger.
  2. I like the OST and the '96 version most.
  3. If the Force is genetic, wouldn't they want to pass it on?
  4. What Is The Last Film You Watched? (Older Films)

    A child...who was born...a little different. A child...who spent his first Christmas...and many a sewer.
  5. He said it better than I did. You just can't blame Anakin for sleeping with Padme, yet they would have expelled him from the Jedi order! Jesus! He's the chosen one. Let him get his rocks off.
  6. Their mistake was not having compassion. Luke's love for his father triggered his turn back. Preventing Jedi from taking wives, getting blowjobs from escort girls on Coruscant or that green guy with the tentacles that Darth Sidious killed from hooking up with that blue tentacled chick with the nice body caused them to basically become soulless and blind.
  7. I thought it made perfect sense. Luke doesn't want to repeat the mistakes of the Jedi, which had enabled Darth Sidious to take over the Republic. With history repeating itself far too much in this damn universe and Luke being the first of the new Jedi at this time, it's his call whether to train Ray in the old style or just end the Jedi altogether. The choice is clear! Time for those Jedi to end.
  8. Look at his use of failure here. Isn't he great?
  9. Actually, Yoda admits the failure of the Jedi in the deleted scene where he talks to Qui-Gon.
  10. TLJ wasn't too offensive because Luke says Darth Sidious. It's one of the best parts of the movie. Rogue One was a turd. It doesn't even deserve a cameo by Jar Jar stepping in shit.