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  1. I didn't make them Alex Temple a current composer at Riot Games made them about 6 years ago. It took him about 2 days per cue to do.
  2. Hey Everyone I wrote Some Horn Etudes in Cinematic Style - This one is Kinda John Barry John Williams Style appreciate the likes and subscribes !
  3. Thanks. In fact the players I had for this sight read each of my two pieces during two four hour sessions. They are stupidly good. I worked hard to minimize any type of sheet music issues too.
  4. My piano concerto album is finally out on youtube/itunes. Recorded at Abbey Road - hope you enjoy.
  5. oops yes you are right - ROTS not TPM Alex Temple - who at the time was an employee and now writes for Riot Games - did these mockups. Lots of cinesamples libraries
  6. Done some years ago I dont think I ever posted HWS_JW_Mockup_RidingTheLizard.mp3 Also one more cue from the film HWS_JW_Mockup_A_Home_For_The_Twins.mp3
  7. hey guys releasing my orchestral suite and piano concerto this week here is a peak at the suite first to post at jwfan
  8. Hey Jwfans. I've been working on two classical music albums releasing in the next month or two. Here is a preview of one of the tracks I wrote for the second album (me playing too) https://youtu.be/-wfJ9hgIFF0
  9. Greetings Jwfans. I am looking to hire a well spoken classical fan to do some album notes for an upcoming album consisting of a piano concerto and an orchestral suite. It was recorded at Abbey Road. After reading through this thread I know many of you would be great choices. Please PM me.
  10. Hey Everyone. I made this video talking about classical music study - it has many references to JW if anyone here was interested. Cheers, MB
  11. I've always found this movement intimate and sexy
  12. Hey JWFANS. WIND ENSEMBLE!! I've written a half dozen pieces for the genre but I don't know anything about the extensive network of Wind Ensemble/Concert Band music. I know its a genre that people take very seriously, and is a key part of musical education- I'd like to know more about it. Who are the hip ensembles? Great Writers? Magazines? Websites? What can i listen to and read? I want to know it all. I bet a few of you are directors and could direct me to some resources! Thanks! PS: Here is one of my pieces: CRAP can a Mod move this to the other forum - apologies I meant to post it there
  13. Does anyone have any knowledge about the Lush Orchestral Arrangements playing outside of Disneyland/California Adventure ? I think they are fantastic, I couldn't find recordings of them for sale in the park though. Any info is appreciated. MB
  14. In general these scores are in the 85-100% realm of the OST recordings. Sometimes the voicings are changed to accommodate more standard ensembles. 6 horns to 4, or 5 bones to 4. JW looks over them though and in general is very hands on with everything. He is a beast.
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