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  1. InTheCity

    Photorealistic Demo of "Riding The Lizard" from RotS

    I didn't make them Alex Temple a current composer at Riot Games made them about 6 years ago. It took him about 2 days per cue to do.
  2. InTheCity

    The Composer's Thread

    Hey Everyone I wrote Some Horn Etudes in Cinematic Style - This one is Kinda John Barry John Williams Style appreciate the likes and subscribes !
  3. InTheCity

    The Composer's Thread

    Thanks. In fact the players I had for this sight read each of my two pieces during two four hour sessions. They are stupidly good. I worked hard to minimize any type of sheet music issues too.
  4. InTheCity

    The Composer's Thread

    My piano concerto album is finally out on youtube/itunes. Recorded at Abbey Road - hope you enjoy.
  5. InTheCity

    Photorealistic Demo of "Riding The Lizard" from RotS

    oops yes you are right - ROTS not TPM Alex Temple - who at the time was an employee and now writes for Riot Games - did these mockups. Lots of cinesamples libraries
  6. Done some years ago I dont think I ever posted HWS_JW_Mockup_RidingTheLizard.mp3 Also one more cue from the film HWS_JW_Mockup_A_Home_For_The_Twins.mp3
  7. InTheCity

    The Composer's Thread

    hey guys releasing my orchestral suite and piano concerto this week here is a peak at the suite first to post at jwfan
  8. InTheCity

    The Classical Music Recommendation Thread

    Hey Jwfans. I've been working on two classical music albums releasing in the next month or two. Here is a preview of one of the tracks I wrote for the second album (me playing too) https://youtu.be/-wfJ9hgIFF0
  9. InTheCity

    The Classical Music Recommendation Thread

    Greetings Jwfans. I am looking to hire a well spoken classical fan to do some album notes for an upcoming album consisting of a piano concerto and an orchestral suite. It was recorded at Abbey Road. After reading through this thread I know many of you would be great choices. Please PM me.
  10. Hey Everyone. I made this video talking about classical music study - it has many references to JW if anyone here was interested. Cheers, MB
  11. Cool! Any CD's or websites I should know?
  12. InTheCity

    The Classical Music Recommendation Thread

    I've always found this movement intimate and sexy
  13. Hey JWFANS. WIND ENSEMBLE!! I've written a half dozen pieces for the genre but I don't know anything about the extensive network of Wind Ensemble/Concert Band music. I know its a genre that people take very seriously, and is a key part of musical education- I'd like to know more about it. Who are the hip ensembles? Great Writers? Magazines? Websites? What can i listen to and read? I want to know it all. I bet a few of you are directors and could direct me to some resources! Thanks! PS: Here is one of my pieces: CRAP can a Mod move this to the other forum - apologies I meant to post it there
  14. Does anyone have any knowledge about the Lush Orchestral Arrangements playing outside of Disneyland/California Adventure ? I think they are fantastic, I couldn't find recordings of them for sale in the park though. Any info is appreciated. MB
  15. InTheCity

    Hal Leonard Signature Editions

    In general these scores are in the 85-100% realm of the OST recordings. Sometimes the voicings are changed to accommodate more standard ensembles. 6 horns to 4, or 5 bones to 4. JW looks over them though and in general is very hands on with everything. He is a beast.