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  1. Same here! I've been listening to the terrific sound samples for the last few minutes... it will be pretty hard to resist buying what looks like a wonderful (definitive?) set. Fantastic job and labor of love from the guys at LLL once again, it seems.
  2. Same here. I really enjoyed listening to those two pieces live, which I had never had the chance to before. In the end, I spent a fantastic night. The performance by the LSO was absolutely incredible, from start to finish!
  3. The samples sound incredible to my ears. The improvement over the original CD will be dramatic!
  4. Holy f...! Just read about the Varese announcement. That's truly amazing! 😍
  5. Booked! Took a seat in the Second Tier section (Box 34 if I'm correct). Will be my fourth John Williams' concert... but I had never thought that could occur in London!
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