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  1. Brónach

    The Doctor Who Thread.....

    Omg she's adorable
  2. Brónach

    What Is The Last Score You Listened To?

    Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Well, the theme is gorgeous. I think there's a special kind of movie where Gia's music shines and makes sense. Anything that approaches a fantasy/sci-fi/horror B movie, for example.
  3. Brónach

    What is the Last Cue You Listened To?

    I'm listening to the finale cue from Lone Ranger, and I kinda admit I have a soft spot for this. (Even the movie feels like a first draft of something that could have been quite fun, I even like the casting, leaving silly looking Depp aside. I keep picturing Armie Hammer as Superman for some reason)
  4. Brónach


    I think it's better to get out than pay that 2%. Look at the Finns. They don't care. They know nobody would help if they were invaded, and that Russian forces are mostly outdated and defensive anyways.
  5. Brónach

    Anyone else ugly and unattractive and destined to die alone?

    ...the fuck?
  6. Brónach

    Anyone else ugly and unattractive and destined to die alone?

    Online is a vast place, I haven't particularly met people from dating websites, but Twitter is a goldmine (...and I later find some of them in dating websites lol). It's also less awkward than starting a chat with someone you don't know.
  7. Brónach

    Star Wars Disenchantment

    They're terrible but I don't feel any hate tbh Sometimes a movie might just rub me the wrong way, be it its ideas or its execution or all of that at the same time. Movies that irk me. Like Jurassic World. But those movies?
  8. Brónach

    Anyone else ugly and unattractive and destined to die alone?

    I'm pretty okay.
  9. Brónach


    The funny thing is that Celsius isn't even the official scale in metric.
  10. Brónach


    Yeah, but many people die of the strain if it doesn't get below 35º at night to allow for the body to cool. It's worse with high humidity.
  11. Brónach


    At 50 you are dying already. Anything beyond 303 K destroys me.
  12. Brónach


    Whenever I see F/feet etc I just zone out because I don't know what I'm reading
  13. In theory no, in practice in certain locations yes. Black comedy about everything related is common. Sometimes the phrase may refer to coming out later rather than sooner.
  14. Counting in trans years this must be my midlife crisis.
  15. Brónach

    The Official World Cup Thread

    I want some weird unexpected finale, like Iceland vs Japan or somthing.