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  1. What kind of JWfan are you?

    I must have seen Friends on TV like twice in my earlier years and I don't want to see any of it ever again
  2. What kind of JWfan are you?

    I vote casual, but I wish I could have bigger ambitions...
  3. The Definitive "Battle Of The Decades" Poll!

    That would work for me.
  4. The Definitive "Battle Of The Decades" Poll!

    What are you, like 70? To think I'm not anymore one of the youngsters in here. I barely remember the nineties. I remember floppy discs and working casettes and Disney films. I once played with a bunch of typewriters but they didn't work well anymore. I think I reconstructed most of the nineties with later knowledge.
  5. Started Planetes! So far very cute. It feels a bit short on budget. Funny, heavy handed characters. Slice of life + realistic sci-fi. Unless they pull an Evangelion on me, I picture the ending already.
  6. Ι'm already bored with only the title of the thread.
  7. FILM: The Thin Red Line (Terrence Malick)

    The battle sequences in this film are among my favourite ones ever.
  8. FILM: Seven Samurai - Akira Kurosawa (1954)

    When I said it was better I didn't mean they're better, just that they have a cool imagery and interesting setting to me personally. As for relatedness to culture... in that case maybe neither, because colonization of native american land didn't happen here, and we had feudalism but not like Japanese feudalism, and I've been seeing both genres since I was very young at the same time so I dunno! There was funny talk here recently, because apparently the little princess' mum had exposed her to Kurosawa films. It must have been the mum because the Borbons aren't known for their relationship to culture, and it was hilarious how they tried to propagandize the situation saying "see, she's cultured, she watches this and that!". And I thought "I hope the little princess actually understands those Kurosawa movies". I hope it was Ran or something of the sort
  9. FILM: Seven Samurai - Akira Kurosawa (1954)

    Well, it's like a western, but better because swords and commentary on feudalism and shit.
  10. DC Cinematic Universe Thread

    I don't like it. I like it less and less the more I think about it. It just works a bit better than the other DC movies "role models" are a tricky thing if you want to have cool or intelligent characters. Doing it on purpose can be distracting. It's similar with the idea of representation, where you can't actually calculate what people are going to be identified with or relate to, or what do they wish to see specifically, which varies from person to person. The most interesting thing going with this character is her naivety. I liked that. The romance with the guy not so much. Otherwise, the movie is extremely shy about everything, from the Greek mythology to Lesbian Island to the native American (blackfoot?) character to actually having cool villains... it's only a bit on the "war is ugly" thing, but not that much either Because The Warrior Amazons Are Cool. The shyness in it is underwhelming.
  11. What Is The Last Score You Listened To?

    Christopher Young in Priest is another interesting case of intelligent temp track maneuver.
  12. FILM: Seven Samurai - Akira Kurosawa (1954)

    I actually like the score. After all these years, I still remember the drum music, the Shino music, the samurai thing, the Kikuchiyo theme, and cues for the villagers and other stuff, like the low chanting. The cinematography in this film is a miracle. This movie is one of those that's as perfect as a movie can aspire to be. Which includes getting into your head and never leaving. I discovered it when I was 12 (I think I was 12? I don't remember) and happened to put the DVD on the computer (I still didn't have a DVD player). People have many personal movie classics, this one happens to be "mine".