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  1. John Powell's SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY (2018)

    This is so good it makes me angry.
  2. Views on realism and relatability

    I haven't actually seen that many movies in the last few years, but this one is among my favourites. I remember seeing it alone, at a late-night showing, and I walked out feeling utterly confused, and then I walked home through entirely empty streets in silence, thinking, wait, what the fuck.
  3. Views on realism and relatability

    I feel confused here about what gritty means anymore. If gritty = realistic, then gritty =/= dark.
  4. I think I enjoy very long adventure movies with a lot of stuff in them that are never boring, but they don't make many of them. In the case of TLJ, it felt a bit like a rolling ball that accelerated towards the end. I remember not liking how some special effects looked, though. The composition of some shots of the fathiers looked off to me, and also other moments in the film
  5. The ADHD folks who take issue with things like a 45 minute first act are funny to me sometimes. Particularly if the film discussed doesn't follow a three act structure. What I remember as pacing torture is the Hobbit fucking movies. Like torture. A nitpick: I don't think action in specific places is what improves pacing, to be honest.
  6. You don't need HOURS to establish something. That's bad writing. A good script would make 9 work on its own.
  7. I had a very interesting time showing TFA to someone who had never seen a Star Wars movie and didn't have a clue about the franchise (they exist), and then latter when we went to see The Last Jedi. Some aspects of The Force Awakens definitely don't fully work. She said it was too predictable and the film falls flat with some of Abrams meaningless dramatics, like the destruction of that planet. On the other hand she really liked Rey and found Kylo's tantrums hilarious. (She was convinced that Rey would be Luke's daughter). Later we had a great time with TLJ, where her only complaint was that it was "a bit too intense with a lot of stuff happening at the same time at some point" and that's it. She seems to really like the new characters, particularly after the sequel, and doesn't have a problem with the characterizacion of the older characters or anything of the sort.
  8. Virtual enviroments, like physical enviroments, don't appear magically by themselves.
  9. The movie doesn't paint him as the bad guy. He's a hotshot pilot with good intentions running on space opera tropes. The movie just plays a bit with the idea that maybe those Star Wars tropes don't work all the time. The movie doesn't think of Holdo as a bad guy either. The heroes are all heroes. They just crash and burn. Interestingly, the villains also kind of fail. I think Kylo is my favourite character and I appreciate that they make him the co-protagonist to Rey.
  10. He says he went there to die, Ren introduces the projection idea and says it would kill Rey (which seems something related to the linking of the minds). It's all typical setups and payoffs. Rian Johnnson seems to write in a really formalist way. It's not exactly avant-garde. Instead, the writing is just hyper-aware in a clunky way of people's expectations, the ridiculousness of Star Wars, and cinematic references that are not Star Wars (!). It also really wants the movie to be about something (almost all scenes revolve around combinations of the same four themes). I think I connect much better with this brute force approach than what Abrams did.
  11. He would have been told the plan hadn't he been a distrustful ass. On the other hand, if he wasn't a suicidal maverick at the begining, they would all be dead because the Dreadnought would destroy them after the first jump. So it's an interesting mess about failure leading to failure. I really like Holdo's character design. It sets her apart from Poe almost inmediately and made me curious about the character than the amount of stuff we actually got. Her plotline runs on two tired military tropes, but heh.
  12. What bureacracy? She's a battlefield tactician. They say it in the film. Of course it's an un-Star Wars arc. The movie works on a massive decon-recon switch that's a bit hard to stomach. It's a matter of taste, I guess. I think most of my problems with this film have more to do with the previous film and it's weird.
  13. Damn, there's magic and funny looking creatures in a movie about space magic and funny looking creatures. I think I like that in this, and to a much much lesser extent TFA, the results of the existence of the Force and what we see happen because of it aren't the same all over again. At some point I was expecting Snoke to do a lot of lightning, but it was only a quick flash.
  14. It's classic wuxia. Space wuxia! I can't get this film out of my head. It's gorgeous.