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  1. Yeah, more or less. And with girls who are transitioned, people who don't have trans friends tend to not have much of an idea of how they would look like or are like. There's a lot of androginy-to-invisible going on, even though of course there's a bit of everything. Really, outside close circles of friends, trans lives are like made up fairytales.
  2. I don't mean that, I mean the criteria on who's trans and how do you know on someone before they do anything. Someone can describe things to me and I'll be like "yep" As for whether it's invisible or not, you people generally vastly overestimate how visible we tend to be, to be honest. It's kind of funny. It also changes a bit depending on where you are. And your genes. And your age. As for the guys, something along the lines I imagine can happen too. I don't like speaking for the guys, they have vastly different experiences. (And I've met enough men being douchbags high on their T and their shit to hold any idea that men and women are the same)
  3. That's because that idea doesn't really apply, and most girls woulnd't have boob surgery anyway. There are tells on who's trans (sometimes you can tell beforehand, we call them eggs), but that's long and uninteresting to describe. It tends to have to do with secondary sexual characteristics, social functioning, and sometimes issues with sex.
  4. Not really. You just are trans, or aren't. (That or you just don't know what the fuck is going on with yourself...) If you want to see a real divide, it'd be the boys and the girls. And economic class as a shield from harm, oh god.
  5. Spain and Barcelona.

    Everybody knew, that's what I meant. I just think everybody would have preferred to be allowed to have a legal referendum and not have police steal 700000 votes in plain sight. It was annoying to me. So you're saying bloodshed is necesary to justify this? What proportion of bloodshed, and for what reasons, and from whom to whom, and how old does it have to be, and what about indirect means of pressure? I don't want to end up there. It's of interest to me to remain an EU citizen lol and not be kicked out
  6. Spain and Barcelona.

    I mean we accept the existence and non-existence of many states for no other reason than they happened to be there when we were growing up. Previous changes tend to be ok and new changes tend to be seen as bad, by default. I'm not sure conspirator is the word if everybody knows what you're doing...
  7. Spain and Barcelona.

    Nah, it's probably not about plights. Like I wouldn't require a genocide or something to go about something like this, I see it as a bit more mundane. But borders are still not magic and many have a considerable status quo bias, which I find awfully interesting specially since masses reacting blindly and angrily are kind of scary. The problem is, the whole thing is just making much easier to manipulate and propagandize the rest of the country. If Catalonia became independent, they miiight have it easier, but I dunno about the folks in the other side with this kind of people in power... The monarchists also don't like this at all lol As I'm really not a Spanish nationalist, I find that some aspects of the process would be kind of neat of interesting (I've grown tired of seeing flags literally everywhere in the last weeks), but I would find it normal if nothing happened. There are other places to worry about. In the end, some of this is just that they have enough concentration of left voters over there that they can channel their discontent through this
  8. Spain and Barcelona.

    I guess they should have allowed a referendum without interference to check that out. From what I read, the unionist right is going nuts and loving it, and the unionist left is completely lost ("we're not Spanish nationalists, we're normal!"), although I'm starting to lose track because it just keeps going on and on forever and it gets bloody absurd... That most of the pro-union arguments are either absurd or entirely sentimental (I almost feel like making a list because it's hilarious), and that one separatist reasoning is kind of eugh, doesn't help matters.
  9. Villeneuve's Dune

    Not really, but about the ecology in general. The problem with the worms is that they don't really make sense, so I don't know how to change some of the things so they work betterç In general, I find the ecological issues are better suited to develop them into the movie (visually and everything) than the religious aspect of the book.
  10. I haven't seen it, but they should reverse the undercutting drama with jokes, probably. It doesn't feel like you don't trust your own drama that way.
  11. Spain and Barcelona.

    Spain isn't interested in that. They'll use this to reinforce a police state and delete all of the autonomies they can. In a way, to them the declaration is almost useful. There was never going to be any dialogue because for Spain the idea of both independence or a meaningful well constructed referendum was always completely out of the question. And the lack of possible dialogue has been pissing off all separatists for years. Plus the government is pissed that they don't get barely any votes in Catalonia and the Basque country. Somehow, the peninsula burning its natural treasures or the confirmation of more corruption inside the government has slipped off the radar a bit due to all of this, which is unfortunate. The burnt areas, now those do have serious reasons accumulated over the years for independence, because they're essentially abandoned countries.
  12. Villeneuve's Dune

    I'd reverse this statement.
  13. Mark Mothersbaugh's THOR RAGNAROK

    Oh, you're not the only one. It's my favourite of the whole bunch by a considerable margin. Re: Ragnarok score. Lots of fun.