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  1. Why don't you do it, instead of moaning about it? God, you're insufferable when you're whining like that!
  2. It may be the only missed opportunity, but it's as big a missed opportunity as it gets!
  3. Hans Zimmer's DUNKIRK

    The music is often a distraction, but it's not the composer's fault? OK...
  4. What Is The Last Film You Watched? (Older Films)

    Wait, you've seen that crap, too?
  5. America

  6. And its capital will be the brand new planet Cocranscut!
  7. Yes, just like with the Resistance, the First Order, as well as the Starkiller Base, they need to find new words for basically the same concepts!
  8. Good post by gkgyver, I must say. Shame it will be quickly bashed and dismissed.
  9. Well, yeah, since there's only Across The Stars and it's on the OST, sure...
  10. Originally, I was one of those who would have liked Finn to die there, too, but after thinking about it, I understand now why they didn't do it: given you have Luke's death a few minutes after that, they probably wanted it to be THE big emotional moment of the climax and didn't want it diminished/ruined by another death scene prior to it. Fuck knows. Apparently, he and Snoke can't even be counted as Sith, because... Fuck knows. I thought all Force-users on the Dark Side were Sith, but apparently not. What's the difference between Snoke/Kylo and the Sith? I don't know. I guess it's explained in a book...
  11. THE POST - SCORE Thread

    Incoming insults from hornist in 3... 2... 1...
  12. The real reason why Lando wasn't in Episode VIII is pretty obvious: they wanted to keep the reveal that Finn is a Calrissian for Episode IX. This will complete his character arc in a super way, from a nobody with no name to a classy Calrissian. Of course, this will all be foreshadowed in a very funny scene in the Solo movie next year, where we'll see the young Han say: "Can you imagine me with a baby? Hahahaha!!" to which young Lando will respond: "Hahaha! I know! Let's make a deal: if you have child, so will I! Hahah! Not taking any risks that way!"