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  1. I know, but to me, the idea is ultimately the same: listen to the unreleased music right away, and as I've said, it's something I've decided to move away from, to appreciate both the official release and the unreleased material more.
  2. It's just your DDR education speaking, repeating what your teachers taught you: "Don't be fooled! Those Krieg der Sterne movies are nothing more than American entertainment trash!" because they came from the side of the enemy.
  3. We've been really spoiled in recent years, haven't we? So much that now, we don't get to realize how lucky we are to have unreleased material so quickly. I mean, we got the TFA OST, and then just a few days later, the FYC was there, even before we could really lament the missing unreleased cues, and really feel the need for them to be released, and thus we don't get to appreciate the added music as much as we would have, had we waited a few years to get it. I used to be part of those people who want to get their hands on unreleased music as quickly as possible, but recently, I've realized you don't get to appreciate it as much if you get it right away instead of having to wait a few years to finally get to listen to it. That's why I've personally decided, after just one or two listens of the TFA FYC, to not revisit it until a few years down the line, using that time to really get familiar with the OST, appreciate it and the material that was in fact included, actually miss what wasn't included, etc... and when I'll really feel like the OST isn't enough and I'll really feel the urge to listen to more music from TFA, then I'll get to the FYC, and I know I'll appreciate more then than if I had listened to it repeatedly right after it was released. But yeh, at the very least, it's nice to know a big chunk of the unreleased music is already out there, so taht you can listen to it whenever you feel like it.
  4. Yeah, but was it because it made an impact on (aspiring) filmmakers, or because it simply made a lot of money and studios thought they should replicate that formula? I'd argue it was more of the former with SW and more of the the latter with Transformers.
  5. Yes. It has been discussed many times in all the various threads. It's true. All of it.
  6. The influence on pop culture aside (which isn't an indication of quality, you won't find me arguing about that), in order for a movie to have an influence on cinema and a whole genre, it gotta have some qualities, surely, no? Whether in terms of production design, special effects, music, narrative...
  7. So now we're rewriting history and pretending the OT didn't have a big influence on (blockbuster) cinema, sci-fi and pop culture as a whole? Now it's just: "They were fun movies and that's the end of it"?
  8. The fact he destroys the mask is fine. I agree, it fits within his character development. It's the Snoke line that doesn't work for me. Shouldn't have been there. Just Snoke telling him he failed miserably should have been enough. Having him say his mask is ridiculous is basically indulging the audience. For the umpteenth time: IF IT'S NOT IN THE FILMS, WE DON'T CARE! The average moviegoers don't check that crap. To them, this new power was introduced in Episode VIII.
  9. Yeah, it was about a week after the OST and movie had been released. Maybe even less.
  10. Since when, exactly? Felt too meta. Basically the filmmaking team saying: "OK, look, we're acknowledging the fact you guys said he looks like a Vader wannabe!" It feels like they're simply not assuming the choices they made (or the guys that came before them made).
  11. We don't know yet. It is very likely, but we have to wait a bit to know for sure (if they follow the same schedule than for TFA, the FYC should be uploaded tomorrow, according to LeBlanc).
  12. Oh boy, weren't you supposed to be joining another forum? Bye.
  13. Yep, that's the problem. There's no time to breathe in-between the whole "destruction of the First Order fleet/duel between Rey and Ren/duel between Finn and Phasma" sequence and the battle of Crait, and thus there's no build-up to it. It just relentless, and as a result, the battle itself doesn't make much of an impact.
  14. "One day! One day, I swear! But maybe not today..."
  15. 85%? Where? Is this another one of those "Hey, look, that's what it says on Rotten Tomatoes so it must be true" things? Yeah, not interested in that. I don't think it reflects anything. Plus, "universally loved" suggests almost a unanimous opinion/consensus on the film. There clearly isn't one here.