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  1. Jason please delete Stiff's postcount.
  2. Every time I hear Hannity's name, all I can think about is this:
  3. Oh, that's right, May 22 is also the birthday of a JWFAN favourite...
  4. .. . ... .. .... ... . ... !
  5. May have been already posted before (don't remember): SPOILERS IN THE VIDEO! Talks about the sequels to Alien, Prometheus' success, Blomkamp's Alien 5, the future of the franchise (more films! As many as the eye can see!), spin-offs, Star Wars...
  6. It's the first one. It's OK. The sequel is much, much worse.
  7. Well, yes, but still!
  8. Oh my god, also forgot Richard Wagner! Happy birthday to the Maestro!
  9. Why not watch all the films in the order they were released? Anyway, AVP is less pretentious than Prometheus and as a result more fun. Plus, it has Lance Henriksen!
  10. Oh, and how could I forget Novak Djokovic! Happy birthday, Novak!
  11. Happy birthday to Sean Gunn (James Gunn's brotha), too! Also known as Kraglin in Guardians Of The Galaxy, and mo-cap actor for Rocket Racoon as well.
  12. Happy birthday to Chris ChrusherComix, dougkeaton, richlee23, Vespaa1138 and vincehardy!
  13. But can they be trusted or is this Alien: Covenant all over again? Hmmm...
  14. It all started with one guy (which we shall call "Basil") obsessed with getting a complete release of the My Little Pony score: Then, Stiff being Stiff, things soon turned dirty (as you'll see if you read the posts following the one I linked to), which then led to this: JWFAN'S Finest Hour!