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  1. The Official Future Films Thread

    Can you find the Phantom Thread using the search function?
  2. Things you've never done. The zero thread.

    Statham would be playing the thief. Quintus would obviously have to be played by Simon Pegg.
  3. FSM Board?

    I don't see anything different than usual. Bunch of irrelevant posts!
  4. Yes, because Bates Motel definitely invented the blue neon logo!
  5. The Official Future Films Thread

    If you think that a show with Jean-Claude Van Varenberg in it does not look appealing, then there's something wrong with you, mate.
  6. Screen names on JWFan: VOTE NOW!

    Let me help you: it would still be "BloodBoal".
  7. The Official Future Films Thread

    I need to become an Amazon Prime member!
  8. Mark Mothersbaugh's THOR RAGNAROK

    1:18 onwards, to be more specific.
  9. SPIELBERG, Upcoming HBO documentary

    Maybe he meant "slam drunk"?
  10. SPIELBERG, Upcoming HBO documentary

    People are not allowed to have this opinion without it being branded as cynicism?
  11. The Birthday Thread

  12. I'm sorry, I thought he was supposed to be the main character of the story, and I would have thought the main character of the story would have quite a strong presence (via his theme) in the score. Silly me.