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  1. Hopefully the FYC is a little lighter on the EQ etc., ala HTTYD2.
  2. Well, for one thing, if that were true, Kasey wouldn't be talking about it
  3. I almost wouldn't mind a cut of Superman II that used Superman IV's score.
  4. Williams' number 1 die hard fan vs. Powell's Number 1 diehard fan: the battle of the ages!
  5. Well, I believe the some of the percussion (the ones with the choral element) is supposed to be tribal, to represent Enfys Nest's Marauders.
  6. I love how Courage plays the March of the Villains and the Nuclear Man theme on top of each other in Ear Ache/Confrontation
  7. That's L3's theme. And it's Powell's. Almost the whole cue is a "rehash" I agree, we should get back to this:
  8. Hmmm, I called it that, because it seemed to be the same as the fanfare that opens The Throne Room, it could be the Main Title. Are you referring to the opening brass after the big crash? Well, the Jedi ending is actually from the 1978 concert arrangement, so of course they used it, Unfortunate as it is.
  9. You mean the A melody right? The B melody sounds like Williams, Keys theme especially.
  10. I feel like the album was sequenced so that the Williams theme takes it's place, so basically the album is intended to be listened to over and over on a loop
  11. A short ethnic cue with percussion and some Williams themes usage.
  12. Oh I am quite happy with the length, could there be a tad more quite material instead of ACTION ACTION ACTION!, maybe, or a proper end credits. But I am fine with what we have.