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    Sequencing Bond

    More notes on what I am doing I used this site as a reference point because it is good work (Post #80 RobTheHand did good work), and I don’t want to lead people to believe that I don’t think it isn’t. At the same time I noticed errors and room for improvement. Some people wrote bad track titles that don’t correctly reflect the scene and the ordering is wrong. My goal is to build upon already existing work and make it even better. Example during post #5 it says “MP3 Needed:” Something I am doing different is not using mp3s because they degrade audio. People like to say 320 kbps is near CD quality, it’s not even close, it’s about as far apart as DVDs and Blu-Rays. My project will have zero audio degradation because I only work with and edit the original 1411 kbps audio files from the original remastered CDs or other compilation CDs. I want to keep some type of guidelines of integrity to work by when I do this project so working in the .wav format is a must. I know that many people wanting to do this project may potentially be downloading the tracks they need or just simply stealing the entire albums from piratebay.org. I don’t work that way, big difference. Point 2 While many have contributed what they did for some albums I want to create a resource that people can reference for all 22 albums. Out of 395 posts some of them is good stuff, a lot of it is filler or repeat statements or questions. For a quick reference how many times do you want to go through nearly 400 posts just to find what you are looking for? Point 3 So far I completed 2 CDs, compare my FRWL with that of posts numbers 5, 71 and 110. My “core” soundtrack material is better organized and I include a lot of bonus tracks at the end starting from track 31. Post #324 I only used DVD rips where there are no vocals, SFX or very minimal of that. I give the guy a lot of credit because this was the first time in years and in 300 posts that someone finally attempted to sequence Dr. No. He was the only one. This version however has too many DVD rips. @ gkgyver & Wojo I think the answer is quite simple. The post title is “Sequencing Bond”, if that is the goal and you are wanting all unaltered music then you are clashing with the objective. And if you want unaltered music it is recommended you buy and simply listen to the retail soundtrack the way it is presented to you “unedited”. To try to put it in order as according to where the composer wants it is difficult. Unless the composer spoke out and told you himself personally or in a magazine or what have you where he wants the music, you don’t know where it belongs. Another problem is that for example sometimes the composer may be watching a scene from the movie while scoring that scene, his composition could possibly go on longer than the scene although it had already finished; but you get the whole song on the soundtrack. Yet another example, in the movie “Shaft", Isaac Hayes made some source music that is suppose to play in a bar called the "No Name Bar”, and it was very loungy sounding. The music was then moved over to a scene that took place in a cafe called “Cafe Reggio’s” because it was better suited, leaving different music to play in the No Name Bar. Who can claim they know where the 7+ obscure tracks on the Dr. No soundtrack are “suppose” to go. We can only assume about the composer’s vision, but the final version as heard in the film we know how to sequence for certain because we have the movies as a reference and as evidence. Does anybody think the composer doesn’t know his music is going to be cut up and rearranged? Of course he knows that, it is expected and more than likely he is fine with it otherwise he wouldn’t do it am I correct or not? He’s getting paid just to score the film, he does have his say and his input but the director/producer/editor can disagree because the composers vision can clash with theirs. Let’s say the MPAA is coming down on the producer which trickles down to the director for having a too violent scene in the movie, so some portions of the violent scene need to be cut. If the scene is scored and the editor has to go in there to remove some parts the score is already out of whack / out of sync with the visuals on screen, then further creative choices need to be made with the already completed music. Now I’m not saying I am going to just pull out my katana and start making sushi out of music and have things just starting and ending abruptly. Do you seriously think that’s what I am trying to do? Have you taken a look at the blog first before replying? Take a look at my track listing so that you can get a general idea of what I am trying to do. I think my vision of “Sequencing Bond” comes a lot closer to matching the title of the original post than the original posters. @ gkgyver The “James Bond Theme” played during the opening titles of Dr. No sounds pretty good to me and it is all “sliced up, looped, and stitched together” @ Wojo The DVD perfect isolated score on the “Leon The Professional” International Cut DVD also sounds pretty good to me. I’m still trying to figure out what the argument is about. Competition is healthy so I challenge anyone to make a better compilation to upstage me if they choose to, starting with gkgyver. Would be better though to work together with people and for people to give me advice if they see errors in my work or have real advice to take into consideration.
  2. JamesBond007

    Sequencing Bond

    THE END ALL / BE ALL FINAL SEQUENCING OF ALL 22 BOND FILMS http://sequencingjamesbond007.blogspot.com/ It’s been seven years that this thread has been going on strong and I for one am very glad it’s here. My best friend here in Japan “Flavor Dave” who is now 49 years old is a Bond connoisseur of both the books and film, and unlike many who just seen all the movies, he’s read all the official Ian Fleming novels as well, he is a force to be reckoned with about Bond. Flavor Dave discovered this site and this thread upon it’s initial startup and began following the task of sequencing all the movie soundtracks just as everyone else has been. But his goal and agenda unlike a few of the people here is different. He actually wants to “sequence” (by definition of the word) the music as it is heard in the movies. His goal is not to make a soundtrack and put the music where the composer would have put it. Ultimately it is the director alongside the editor who decides what pieces of music available is best suited for which scenes. The James Bond film canon (all movies/each movie) is not the vision of the composer but rather the director as everyone should know. What you see and hear is what is intended as the final vision. When Dave (Me also) goes to listen to one his self made soundtracks he wants to listen to a soundtrack that will give him thoughts and recollection of the different scenes in the movie and sequencing helps play a big factor in that. Flavor Dave has been hard at work on this project for seven years and thus far he has gone above and beyond what I have seen others do with the project. Dave’s original work has all been originally based on the conversations on this site but a lot of errors have been found in many of them with song titles, artist titles, sequencing order etc. so he took what he could from the resources available and discarded the rest. He has already a completed a set of complete albums which he dubs the “007 Master Mix” after each soundtrack title. And even though I consider his work to be the best, he as well as myself has still seen room for improvement to release an ultimate comprehensive set of CDs. I as both a Pro DJ in Tokyo looking for more ways to get my name out across the world and as lover of James Bond, took it upon myself to take up his mantle and continue his work. Being his successor isn’t easy but I am going through each film, in order of release date making the end-all-be-all definitive James Bond soundtracks. I’m glad to say I got Flavor Dave on my side as support to help me complete the project. The biggest help he is giving me is with his resources which includes all the soundtracks to the films legally bought as well as additional album compilation releases. He has just ordered an additional six CD’s from amazon.com and once we receive those in the mail the final mastering will take place. I am building my “Special Edition” CDs from about no less than 40 different CDs which all contain James Bond music on them. I’m not here to brag or boast about my work, but at the same time I do have to admit that what I’ve done is very good and comprehensive work. I’m glad to say that things really started taking off recently and in the past two weeks I was able to finalize the first two movie soundtracks (My 28 track "Dr. No [special Edition]” and 35 track “From Russia With Love [special Edition]"). My project is so big and ambitious that I had to go about creating a dedicated blog/email address because I am quite sure in the future and as I get closer to the end this will draw a lot of internet traffic and attention to myself. Just wanting to be prepared for that. If anyone is looking to consult with me (DJ Antomattei of Tokyo) or Flavor Dave (pseudonym) or help us with what we are doing, don’t be afraid to contact us. Furthermore I would like for everyone to take a look at the blog (which is a lot of reading just to be four post at the moment) and give us some feedback on what you think so far about what we are doing. Blog: http://sequencingjamesbond007.blogspot.com/ Email: sequencingjamesbond007@gmail.com