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  1. I can't even add you as a friend.
  2. I'm sorry - I'm a bit grumpy today. Never mind!
  3. The original title for that cue is Homage à Maxie - I assume Spielberg temp-tracked it with Max Steiner's barbershop source cue in Treasure of the Sierra Madre. Nice little reference.
  4. You're inaccurately transcribing the music? Without the actual scores as a reference, I don't see any value in this project. Both an incomplete and a complete set of cues is floating around. You should be able to find the former at a certain Final Fantasy Shrine ...
  5. So, I tried to forget all of my musical knowledge at once and ... When entering the eight note in grey, make sure you're not clicking too close to the quarter note that precedes it. For reference, exit note entry mode (hotkey N) for Sibelius to automatically fill in the missing rests. You should enter the eight note by entering it "on top" of the first rest to follow the quarter note. The space between the quarter note and that rest is reserved for the quarter note - in short, longer notes take up more visual space.
  6. @Jay Can you add a dislike button?
  7. Well, I can say now with almost 100% certainty that I'm going to study Physics and Astronomy. Its astounding beauty and opportunities in terms of research simply cannot be left neglected. Let's hope I'll do well enough to apply for a PhD! Thanks everyone!
  8. JWFan Composers

    I applied: ReLife to artificially restore the dynamic range (helps quite a bit) Fabfilter Pro-Q 2 to boost the higher frequencies (+/- 10000 Hz and up) and substantially lower some of the lower, "pumping" frequencies (along with dynamics compression, boosting the low frequencies seems to be an annoying trend these days) iZotope Ozone's Dynamics to apply a tiny bit of compression, brighten the music a bit further and widen the stereo field ValhallaRoom to create more of a concert hall-esque sound (I'm not overly fond of a dull, dry sound anymore)
  9. JWFan Composers

    Here's my attempt, @TheGreyPilgrim: http://picosong.com/ijhR/
  10. I still can't watch a Prequel again without cringing at at least two things in every scene. Williams might be God, but even the Lord himself can't help certain things to get any better more enjoyable ...
  11. Well, the prequels are this grand epic biblical drama, with an actual story arch, etc. An average screenplay can't compare to that in terms of development and structure.
  12. The way Williams uses the choir in his scores (which could probably be deemed more traditionally rooted usage than, say, Powell's efforts) lends a certain exaggerated dramatic effect to a piece of music, a sentiment of grandeur. I believe the oft frowned upon term epic might apply here very well, since the choir and its dramatic effect were a substantial factor in many a Greek theatrical epoch. Remember that in classical music, the choir was reserved for these very evocations of grandeur, paired with some form of epic storytelling - masses, requiems, passions, almost sacral symphonies (e.g. Mahler's/Beethoven's Ninth). To be honest it's this connotation that renders a lot of modern choir writing in film scores to appear a bit clumsy and tongue-in-cheek, in my opinion. The Star Wars Prequels (and the Harry Potter films too) were films that (regardless of their failures) fell back upon the tradition of grand, epic storytelling, the former in an almost biblical fashion. And even then, notice how Williams reserves the choir for certain climactic points in the dramatic arch for maximum effect. I think TFA and the rest of Williams' recent film work simply can't compare to the former because of the radical differences in storytelling, drama and overall mood. (And aside from that, it's also a reason why I would prefer the prequels to TFA).* *All of this could be a load of bullshite.