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  1. Anticipating a new JW score

    I actually get a lot more excited when I can listen to a recording of a new concert work of his!
  2. Anticipating a new JW score

    I used to be incredibly excited and giddy. I simply wait now, I've got other things to worry about.
  3. Should JWfan have a Star Wars subforum?

    Maybe we should change the site name to SWFan and create a John Williams subforum. Wait, we have a John Williams subforum.
  4. Do we need a Negativity Sub Forum?

    No, because I would flood it with depressing prose about my even more depressing life.
  5. The Composer's Thread

    I mean the transition at 0:50. Whereas the beginning of your piece sounds very ethereal and has a very comforting tone, there's a shrill contrast with the dramatic material at 0:50. In my opinion, that is.
  6. The Composer's Thread

    What solo woodwinds are you using? Very interesting by the way, although I don't quite like the transition to the somewhat disconnected brassy material near the one minute mark.
  7. None. Lots of cues though.
  8. Would you like me to leave JWFan?

    Please stay, you're my beacon of light in the vast darkness of JWFan
  9. Imagine trying to get this approved for release by Williams. Great mockup, by the way. I'm consistently impressed by your MIDI efforts!
  10. Whats ur fav john williams piece

    ster wers pew pew xp disco yehhh guitar riffs <3 fav williams sogn for pirates of the carabean william look like he has back pain in this vid poor jon william always fav song write <3
  11. Whats ur fav john williams piece

    back to the future theme song xpxpxp
  12. Great passage! The analysis is prone to be erroneous - the transcription is 100% correct though.
  13. The Official Jazz Music thread

    Saw these insanely talented men live today in Ghent. This one's so catchy! Bart Defoort himself (on saxophone here) seemed quite nervous, or exhilarated at least, and very humble. I was particularly impressed by the pianist's acrobatics!