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  1. First Blood - Mountain Hunt by Jerry Goldsmith :00-:38 is just surreal
  2. I get so pumped up when I listen to JW's version of 'Call to Muster and Battle Cry of Freedom'
  3. Indiana Jones Mega Box Set. PLEASEEEEEEEE!!!! I want every cue ever released from those movies!! ( @Thor look away! )
  4. Thanks for posting. To this day, my favorite pieces JW has ever performed live, was back in 2014 at the Boston Symphony was a back to back performance of Hymn to the Fallen and Dry Your Tears Afrika. It was jaw dropping.
  5. You don't think 'Remembering Emilie, and Finale' has that for you?
  6. Dances With Wolves Soundtrack: Journey to Fort Sedgewick / Shooting Star / John Dunbar Theme :53 onward never ceases to give me chills, and sometimes can bring a tear to my eye.
  7. Robin Hood Prince of Thieves - Michael Kamen The opening credits still give me goosebumps.
  8. stupid question...but where can i listen to this?
  9. A truly complete Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. Listening to the 2008 Concord release + bootleg tracks makes for a wonderful listen. I think that Indy score just goes to so many different places thematically, that you really need the subtle progression of having every cue available.
  10. Did you purposely write the Temple of Doom with all different wonderful flourishes of the Raider's March/ Indy's theme because this would be technically the first time Indy receives a theme?
  11. Anyone listening to E.T. today? Feel free to talk anything E.T. Favorite bits, moments, memories. Everything and anything.
  12. I fucking love this score. But I don't think any star wars score will top ESB. Return of the Jedi has come close at times. But to no avail.
  13. Reddit is filled with clowns who think they are experts on everything.
  14. This reminds me of when the expanded E.T. album came out, I listened to 'The Kiss' on repeat over and over. That transition into E.T.'s theme is just amazing.
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