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  1. Yeah that Bonus 5th disc used to be on Spotify, but was removed a little while back. No idea why.
  2. Back on track. Raiders. Favorite cue?
  3. I think that's what lacks the most is the setpiece motifs aren't as special as the other movies. Even as someone who loves the score, they are very forgettable to someone who is NOT going to love Indiana Jones. I do love A Whirl Through Acadame though.
  4. You know I actually agree with most of these points . Although, slightly disagree with the rehashes. I'm not sure what other theme he's supposed to write when we see a picture of Henry Sr. or when Marion is back involved. But I get where you are coming from. But I still LOVE the score. I guess an Indy score to me will always be something I love and want to listen to.
  5. KOTCS is great. I love the album and the movie. An expanded version would finally be great to have.
  6. The Lost World. But favorite track from all those, hands down is 'Dry Your Tears, Afrika'
  7. Bellosh

    On The Tank (The Last Crusade)

    Okay since I didn't want to make a new topic on a small bit in a Last Crusade track.... One little section that I've always loved is :09-:15 of 'X Marks the Spot' Does anyone know if that's the Raiders March played during that little time? It sort of sounds familiar but also doesn't at the same time. Video timestamped for reference:
  8. Man I won't even lie, it would be in maybe my top 50 days of all time on this planet. Those scores have been in my life through good and bad times, and always will be. And they never, ever get old.
  9. What a day when those expanded scores came out. Broken Bridge/British Relief for hours.
  10. I usually like to see the movies first, so I'll probably do that. I also don't care about spoilers in track titles, at least not for Star Wars.
  11. Gonna be hard to top Rey's Theme from here on out by Williams. That theme is brilliant.
  12. Out of all the Indy scores, I'm just fine with the DCC Raiders, but honestly it's a real treat when 'Washington Men/Indy's Home' comes on. That cue of the Raiders March is just so heartwarming to me. So I prefer the Concord version.
  13. Obviously I've listened to this score so many times over the years, but recently I'm just absolutely obsessed with it. Can't stop listening to it. It's perfect in every way. Anyone else just all of a sudden become obsessed with a John Williams album you've listened to for so long. "It was his obsession, really."
  14. Bellosh

    Favorite track from KOTCS

    What's your favorite track from KOTCS. A Whirl Through Academe is my pick. What a fun track.