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  1. @JoeinAR How about after this you do a top 5 tracks from both JW and other composers. We can see if favorite tracks also corresponds with favorite albums. I know a lot of mine would actually be on different scores. Anyways, these threads feel a bit more official JWfan forum lists.
  2. Still haven't picked up Mario Maker 2 yet but I've been listening to the soundtrack. Those Super Mario World Snow tracks are so good.
  3. I totally missed out on the Jaws release and I'm regretting it right now. Can't wait until it's back in stock.
  4. Oh you know it. I can basically recite it now. "I got to know and work with Johnny Williams on Star Wars cause Steven who recommended him. And it was great you know, you know that was the best part about making the movie for me was going to the scoring sessions, cause I didn't have to do anything. Cause with Johnny it's just fantastic. Going to the scoring sessions was like watching the movie get made. I'm working with the greatest composer, who everything he does is brilliant, and the greatest director, who everything he does is brilliant and a great writer, everything he does is brilliant. I didn't have to anything I just sorta sit around and said this is fantastic! Cause you know it really was! "
  5. Broken Bridge/British Relief on repeat for about an hour.
  6. I can still remember November 2008 like it was yesterday. I got out of work, went home, grabbed the Concord Set, hopped back in my car and went for a 3-4 hour drive while listening to it all. Playing tracks on repeat most of the time. Just in absolute pure joy as to what I was listening to.
  7. I'll look into it! I just beat Cuphead and that took so much video game strength from me. That I've needed a 'difficulty' break.
  8. I actually haven't played any of the DLC but have entertained the idea of doing the Master Sword Trial because I feel like I haven't been tested in that game in a long time. Every weapon I have is either a savage lynel sword or crusher. I have every armor piece fully upgraded, and I'm pretty much done looking for Korok seeds at about 600. I really play this game just to relax and wind down at this point.
  9. I'm still playing Breath of the Wild. I've been playing it off and on since I got it on launch day a couple years ago. I'm almost at 999,999 rupees. All the legit way, no crazy farming or any of that. Just good ole Lynel slaying, and selling gems. I still enjoy just being in that world. Can't wait to see what the sequel will be like.
  10. The score to KOTCS is good ya'll. It's just unfair it will always have to be compared to the other three masterpieces.
  11. :56-1:16 of 'Eddie's Death' in Jaws 2 is amazing. I love how the cue sort of layers the theme. The shark theme is heard faintly to begin with @ :56 with the the whirling strings then the trumpet @ 1:03 slowly plays the theme, then @ 1:08 the full on stop and then complete breakout into the Shark theme. It's such a brilliant moment.
  12. Like someone else said in this thread, really don't see this happening until the 5th is released.
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