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  1. Wow, that Great Hall Ceiling alternate is great. Well done and thank you, @Docteur Qui!
  2. Hogwarts Forever also disappears after the Quidditch match.
  3. Like “Hogwarts Forever”, “Double Trouble” could be interpreted as a theme for the school that almost disappears completely after the Quidditch match for some reason.
  4. This set is the best album I have ever bought. It’s still unreal to me that all of my favourite music from my childhood is newly remastered and released. I’ve been looking forward to discussing every second of Williams’ scores since the set was announced. Unfortunately due to a tragedy in my family my life turned upside down this December. I simply haven’t got the time, physically nor mentally, to truly enjoy this wonderful music at the moment. I just want all of you who participate in this thread to know that reading your interesting, funny, analytical posts on these favourite scores of mine really has been a much needed and appreciated ‘escape’ from reality. Keep up the good discussions, guys!
  5. Not sure I get what you mean. Any examples?
  6. No, you’re right. It’s on the OST as well, I think.
  7. Probably people who aren’t fans of film scores. Most people.
  8. Interesting. I didn’t even know the sheet music had leaked before this set was announced. Is there really many alternate/unused/unrecorded cues? A Winter’s Spell is my most played track of the set (on iTunes, though). It’s mostly because I heard it a lot during the Christmas holidays, but I really think it’s a great melody with hilarious lyrics. And a very authentic recording, it really sounds like street choir. Williams is the master of source cues.
  9. The shawm source really would have been the perfect finale for the set!
  10. Once

    Blake Neely's The Keepers

    One of my favourite scores from 2017.
  11. PoA is a big departure from the first two films, so it makes sense the music follows the new aesthetics. While most of the themes were abandoned, I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t all be gone for good if Williams had composed all eight films. Case I’m point; he would probably have used Myrtle’s theme in GoF and I doubt Mike Newell would even notice. Certainly with Yates directing the last four, there would’ve been continuity between those.
  12. I wish I could read sheet music, I never knew this!! There’s no certain way of knowing what was recorded and what wasn’t, though.
  13. Haha, I just checked the film too. It's indeed weird.
  14. I've been wondering about that too, thank you for bringing it up!
  15. Not necessarily. I just started with Philosopher's Stone and I had to let it sink in before moving on to Chamber of Secrets. I like to take my time, get familiar with the individual scores and listen to them as separate entities. That said, the gap between CoS and Azkaban will probably be much shorter than between PS and CoS. CoS is not quite as overwhelming to me as PS was.