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  1. The first two are among my favourite scores of all time. Rota is amazing, and I actually really do love his score to Fortunella, as well.
  2. Sure, but Williams could still score it. Like in the Sherman Brothers/George Bruns days. Bruns had plenty of room for his own themes and melodies, sometimes he didn’t even use the songs in his underscore.
  3. Glen Keane on John Williams: Perhaps he can convince Williams to score Over the Moon. Fingers crossed!
  4. Ralph Fiennes’ performance is magnificent. Most of the adult cast is wonderful in this series regardless of the overall quality of the movies themselves.
  5. I agree. I was just pointing out that Goblet of Fire is not a recreation of the book. Nor a good adaptation.
  6. The Goblet of Fire doesn't recreate the events of the books very precisely. The book is basically a very well-crafted Agatha Christie whodunnit. Complete with murders, false identities, red herrings. The movie... I don't know wtf is going on.
  7. What would you like JW to do after Indy 5?

    Score a prestigious indie movie directed by Alfonso Cuarón. And win another Oscar for it.
  8. Of course he can. I think he should, actually. But I want a musical with original songs by Williams, dammit! That's the whole point of Spielberg doing a musical.
  9. Williams confirms EPISODE IX !!

    The last Oscar he got was for a drama, so really they just won't reward any of his stuff anymore.
  10. His older brother Richard, you mean.
  11. Bruno Coulais appreciation

    He is also one of my absolute favourite film composers.
  12. Oh, man, I wish he had got the chance to do it.
  13. SPIELBERG, Upcoming HBO documentary

    What did he share, exactly?
  14. He was also supposed to do Silence, before Scorsese decided not to have original music written for it.