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  1. Your favorite John Williams pictures

    He's almost 71!
  2. I don't think so. Theatrically, Rey's Theme was the abridged "Jedi Steps & Finale" version but on the Bluray it's the 3-minute theme track from the OST. The big complaint was that you lose that great high-octane version.
  3. The credits on the TFA Bluray are actually much longer than they were theatrically, can't remember what they added but it's why they altered Williams's suite to include the full "Rey's Theme" piece as well as "Scherzo for X-Wings". Attack of the Clones's credits are 6 and a half minutes which would make the film proper about 2 hours and 15 minutes. I assume Last Jedi's credits will be longer but I doubt they'll be 15 minutes so I think it will still end up being the longest either way, but just barely.
  4. At the bottom and in the big list of 20 tracks in the middle of the page... Maybe it's not showing outside the US?
  5. So anybody know how typical it is for these sites to just post untitled tracklists like this and leave them up indefinitely? Wonder if it's an indication we'll get titles and/or times soon, like maybe within a week?
  6. Yes, just caught that haha.
  7. Google Play also lists 20, with a total length of 1:17:49 Pretty specific for a placeholder...
  8. The Post (2017) SCORE Thread

    It had something to do with him being like the former president of the music branch and so he was able to send his song directly to a bunch of Academy members' e-mails asking them to consider nominating it. Didn't really seem like a big deal but I guess they thought it set a weird precedent.
  9. The Post (2017) SCORE Thread

    Munich was the other one that year. Nah, I don't think anybody has or could reject a nomination for themselves....a few people have turned down Oscars before in which case I believe the trophy just goes to the Academy's archives, but they wouldn't give it to somebody else. The Academy has rescinded nominations themselves a couple times (like Bruce Broughton a couple years ago) but in that case it just went from 5 nominees to 4.
  10. The Post (2017) SCORE Thread

    Double nom!
  11. Here's video from the conference: 3:40, Rian commenting on recording the main title:
  12. Favorite Lincoln Melody [POLL]

    But except for "Remembrance" they're also all track titles from the OST that heavily feature the themes.
  13. 'Nother one of them Star Wars commercials. Some more Luke stuff, I like what I'm seeing from Mark Hamill so far!