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  1. I think he just meant she wasn't a household name.
  2. Obviously it's a comedy bit that she didn't even write so who knows how she really feels about them these days. But seems like she's at least cool enough to play along.
  3. Let's Rescore Scenes! (Fun Thread)

    Threw together another one of these: And my little playlist:
  4. It's not that this is an inherently undramatic setup. It's that the way this is executed, it's not even clear or very involving that Bellatrix almost killed Ginny in the first place, and there's no sense of internalization from the characters. There's no real bloodlust from Bellatrix, and I get a pretty shallow sense of how Ginny or Molly or any of the Weasleys feel about their lives and family being put in jeopardy here. The scene just rockets past every possible dramatic beat and does not seem to care if we empathize with the characters. It makes sense that Chen G would be nonplussed by having Mrs Weasley fight Bellatrix in the film because there's really nothing of interest happening here and Neville was in the same room for what could have been a great big confrontation. Theoretically a Neville vs Bellatrix fight that was about as sloppy as this would have made a better movie because it's a more obvious setup with a pre-existing conflict and so we'd bring some emotional subtext to compensate for the film not being very convincing. But that's not the same thing as suggesting the best possible version of Deathly Hallows: Part 2 would have gone with that scenario. I mean, I think it would have been meaningful for Neville to have some sort of reckoning with Bellatrix and I don't even necessarily disagree that it would have been the absolute most dramatic way for her to die. But there are other considerations and compromises when puzzling out a narrative, especially with this kind of ensemble. As I said, I think that Rowling successfully split the difference between the need for Neville to have significant heroism and the need for Bellatrix to meet her maker, and it allowed Mrs. Weasley to step in with something to do that would have some juice to it and dramatize her role as a mother, illustrating a major theme in the story. And it could have been more compellingly adapted. Plus this is not hugely relevant since it's all fantasy anyway, but I think it's probably more believable for Mrs. Weasley to be able to hold her own against Bellatrix than Neville.
  5. Alan Silvestri's READY PLAYER ONE (2018)

    First thing it reminded me of was Silvestri's 90s family/comedy stuff. That amiable, whimsical style reminiscent of Father of the Bride, Parent Trap, Stuart Little.
  6. Why? Says who? There's always give and take with expectations in drama. Some are paid off exactly as expected while others get twisted, subverted, altered, undone. Stories are at their most exciting when those so-called inevitabilities get messy and start going a different direction. You're maintaining that Neville killing Bellatrix was some big Chekhov's Gun that never came into play whereas I don't think so. I think it's an expectation based mostly in cliche and that the true necessary payoffs that people would have gotten from that moment (Neville finds emotional closure and emerges a hero, Bellatrix gets her comeuppance) were fulfilled in different ways. I don't think "Neville gets revenge" was anything that was planted as an essential dramatic element.
  7. The thing about Mrs. Weasley killing Bellatrix in the book that makes that moment valuable to the story and that the film doesn't communicate is that it's paying off the theme of parents sacrificing themselves for their children. Coming after what a major plot point Lily's sacrifice turned out to be, it sticks out in the book where Bellatrix is targeting Ginny and then taunting Mrs. Weasley over Fred's death during their fight. That's why "Not my daughter you bitch!" was such a popular line; profanity aside, it resonated with readers to see their favorite mother putting herself on the line for her children at the end of this story, and it makes a good, unexpected image to pit these two women against each other. Mrs. Weasley is all love, Bellatrix all hate, their reasons for fighting are completely opposite. Also coming after the moment where we see that all Mrs. Malfoy cares about is her son, and she proves it by saving Harry at risk to herself and quietly leaving the Death Eaters. As for Neville, his arc is paid off in the leadership role he assumes in Harry's absence at Hogwarts and the moment where he stands up to Voldemort in front of all his friends and enemies (including Bellatrix) and retrieves the Gryffindor sword from the Sorting Hat (resolving his anxieties about never being "a true Gryffindor", never living up to his parents' legacies) and kills the snake right then and there, in front of Voldemort, Bellatrix, and everyone else. I didn't need to see him kill Bellatrix because destroying the last Horcrux with the sword he never thought he deserved was that poor, scared kid's ultimate revenge against her and everyone else who thought he was worthless. I don't think it would have been so great to have him kill Bellatrix, because that's not what those books or movies were about. Not one good character ever kills somebody for revenge. In those stories, revenge backfires and mercy/sacrifice pays off. Like, it's impossible to miss because she gets so fucking didactic about it in her writing, but these themes and plot points eventually tied together in a way that I found moving and fitting for just about all the characters. It's why Harry's final act against Voldemort is to disarm him instead of kill him, with Voldy bringing about his own downfall when his Avada Kedavra rebounds. It's why Harry and Draco each get a moment to save each other's lives that spares them both in the end. The last movie underwhelms not because they didn't have the guts to change plot points to better suit a movie, but because so many of those big character statements that were perfectly filmable are barely communicated with any real weight or attempt to charge them emotionally in cinematic terms. Mrs. Weasley vs Bellatrix, Harry saving Malfoy from the Fiendfyre, Neville killing the snake, Harry vs Voldemort. The way these are written, directed, acted, edited, scored...they're just action beats. Neville vs Bellatrix probably would have been no different.
  8. JNH is definitely the one keeping it alive for me, I hope he does them all. It'll be cool to see how he does the Paris stuff in this one.
  9. Well yeah, but even then she could have made up little random things to mention in her usual summaries of what happened over the summer. Stuff that would stick out and feel like a possible little hint of something. Say they got into wizard chess marathons with friendly chats about nothing in particular that would last until 1 in the morning after everyone else had gone to bed. Instead the impression is pretty much that he and Ron are glued at the hip.
  10. It's not like it came completely out of nowhere because obviously the entirety of COS, she has a crush on him and Rowling pays that off with some pretty standard romantic imagery in the finale where Harry has to slay the monster to save the damsel. I get what she was doing with having Harry interested in Cho Chang through 3-5 only to have it end awkwardly, but all the time put into him pining for her meant that I never really bought why Harry would suddenly be that into Ginny the next year. Obviously they spend a lot of time together in groups but I think they have like one conversation alone in OOTP. Harry's love life in general is one of the weakest aspects of the series but ultimately so irrelevant to the story and his character arc that I could never get myself to care because I never felt that strongly about his chemistry with anybody. His relationship with Ginny was basically just there to get Harry into the Weasley family but really it makes more sense that he would have found somebody later in life after he'd dealt with all the trauma and depression lol.
  11. I never got any romantic vibes between Harry and Luna in the books at all. A little bit in the film version of 5, though.
  12. So maybe for a little while they were continuing with the music out until Rose/Finn appeared or something, and then Johnson decided he wanted it back in for the attack.
  13. What is the Last Cue You Listened To?

    Really lovely melodic development in this one. New colors with every variation.