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  1. New film shooting next year, will be about a high school student who is also a child actor Back to 1970s California as well
  2. I had the same issue so I just picked one. Funeral Theme seems most likely to me for some reason but I will be surprised if anything but DotF turns up.
  3. They would never show these movies to audiences drawn from randos among the public. But I believe they have “family and friends” screenings for industry insiders and civilians associated with the filmmakers and Disney higher-ups. They solicit opinions/suggestions like a test screening and that’s their substitute, Spielberg and Ava Duvernay gave feedback on Force Awakens that affected the movie for example. I remember Matt Reeves admitting he’d seen it. Plus along with the requisite NDA’s, easier to vet people and less incentive for them to leak shit if they’re all associated with the filmmakers. JJ’s cousin or whatever doesn’t wanna ruin it.
  4. That way madness lies I don't think "dark and disturbing" is really as much of a trend as it used to be. Last few years I'm seeing more and more comments that there's too much humor in films that should take themselves seriously. Films like....Star Wars....people will complain about anything.
  5. Oh good, now we’re romanticizing the Hays Code.
  6. I jokingly voted older than me but truth is I’m going on 30 and still automatically think of 80s and older as “old” and 90s on as “new” I think the answer is probably a generation. Traditionally, that’s about 25 years which is a special anniversary. A kid watching a film made before their parents were born, that says a lot. I think that’s when something goes from “modern classic” to “classic” in pop culture terms. If a movie, a book, a business, a marriage can survive a quarter century, it’s a well-established institution. At that point it’s kind of a real tragedy if its legacy falls apart for any reason. If this is about the older vs newer film threads, then I think “new” maxes out in less than a year lol.
  7. In general I'm often kinda frustrated that a lot of what I consider the best of today's genre cinema in particular is either solidly commercial work that's a little derivative with not a lot goin on upstairs, or aesthetically/conceptually original stuff that's a little up its own ass. Mad Max: Fury Road was probably the most effective compromise this decade. In some fundamental ways it's a modern action movie and franchise sequel/reboot like any other, but completely went its own way with it while seeking to entertain most of all.
  8. Arrival? Universal gave Spielberg about the same in today’s dollars that Paramount gave Villeneuve. Warner’s giving him more than that. An independent company like A24 might theoretically make Jaws with that sensibility today but it’d have to be cheaper. Spielberg got $9 million in 1974, which is the number (not value) Ari Aster’s getting to make his genre movies.
  9. I'm not convinced they really know or care anything about that. If they did mention it at all it was probably a "friendly reminder" after it made a little news. It's just kinda weird the soundtrack still isn't available for pre-order. I am fully expecting the movie to end with Binary Sunset as we all know and love-hate it, but I just hope there's a nice long, flowing finale cue building up to it. Last Jedi's was underwhelming there, you gotta have the big uninterrupted musical send-off. I would be perfectly happy with something like III's final cue, just replace the Luke's Theme rendition with a full Rey's Theme. The TFA and TLJ credit tags are basically how I really hope to hear it somewhere toward the end of this movie. The little intro motifs are optional but just gimme the theme, graceful, resolute, emotionally broad but not as heightened as the concert piece. It's yet to really play out in the films like that.
  10. There's a lot of caricature going on in the fourth film, more than the others. What really makes it work is that whole piece in Hagrid's hut with Slughorn drunkenly recounting a silly story about his old fish suddenly vanishing, then into a gentle tale of how the fish had been born from a flower petal, then the reveal that the flower was a lily and a gift from Harry's mother whose death was the reason it disappeared, setting the darker tone for Harry taking the memory and the introduction of the Horcruxes into the story....that is really one of Steve Kloves's canniest bits of writing in the series (and one of the best not-in-the-book inventions) and very deftly handled by Yates, Broadbent.
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