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  1. There's something about it that makes it sound like the brass are overblowing or something. Kinda reminds me of a mono recording sometimes. It had this sorta cool old-school novelty at first but it's worn a little thin for me. Like I dunno if it's recording, performance, composition/orchestration, or what, but much as I admire it I still find myself nitpicking at things in TFA in a way that I don't with his others, including other recent ones like BFG. Even tracks that I love, like something about how this lone horn note sounds after the sforzando...I dunno what it is, it just reminds me of that pinched sound when I couldn't sustain a high note or ran out of breath: There's some other balance stuff, like how much louder the horns are than the trumpets on the Luke's theme variation. It just sounds a bit strange or at least just different to other Williams scores, but I don't know if I'm crazy or what.
  2. A hundred people or something have heard all of it! Some get to hear it every day for the rest of the year! They're getting paid for it! I'm so mad!
  3. Neither are rhymes (at least sometimes)
  4. He's been handling everything incredibly well.
  5. I don't think I've ever watched a live-action dubbed film, besides like parodies or Fellini where that's just how he rolled so you gotta take those bizarre syncs. The first time that I was gonna watch Oldboy, there was an English dub on Netflix but I couldn't stand more than a few minutes. So much more distracting to me than subtitles. Animated dubs are more seamless, the Miyazakis are very good.
  6. I want a 90 minute podcast interview with John Williams. Wonder what he'd make of Marc Maron's garage.
  7. I like watching dialogue heavy films with subtitles at home sometimes, in case I miss something or can't understand a pronunciation. Not even talking about accents specifically, even Tom Hanks could have a moment where I'm like "Wtf is he saying?" I don't even notice I'm reading them, same with non-English films.
  8. "I have no degree, but I have an honorary degree from Juilliard which is kind of like a nerf vibrator. Nice to look at! Doesn't do a lot." - Robin Williams Who knows how often he even really hears these sorts of tributes. Especially since they're students who prepared it just for the occasion I'm sure he was flattered. I doubt a man at his age and with his experience has much time anymore for that kind of insecurity. Worrying that they're making him look lame in front of all the cool Harvard people. That sort of thing seems important at 22 but at 85?
  9. I agree on Ray Wise! I thought it was old footage for a second when he came up.
  10. Hearing impaired, maybe, but it makes sense to me. I don't know what the mix is like with these things but if the music ever made dialogue inaudible at times the subtitles lets people still follow along while listening. People are there for the music but it's not like they're not watching the movie.
  11. I think Andy's line marks a tonal shift but I really just went with it because it's where everything else lined up.