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  1. EDIT: The bulk of the Williams talk starts around 11:55 and continues to around 16:50 I don't think it was during an actual session, but yeah, it sounded like it was pretty much the same group for Episode 8. Some other things I remember, Kobe said he asked Williams to do the film and Williams said he doesn't do short films, but then agreed after watching it. They did refer to the score as having a "Kobe theme" and it seemed like during the sessions he revised some of it a bit, Williams thought it was "too big" and made it more understated. Keane referred to a delicate, emotional opening. They had some nice anecdotes about watching Williams prepare at the sessions, as Stu said they mentioned that he was full of excitement and energy "like a kid" getting ready. Keane was impressed by Williams asking the violinists to move a bit so that he could see everyone's eyes. And at the end Williams in his characteristic modesty said "Well, I just hope this helps the piece" to which Kobe playfully scoffed and said "I told him it'd probably be fine." Kobe kept impersonating Johnny's soft-spoken way of speaking when talking about him, pretty funny. Keane just said they made a rough demo of the film with storyboards early on and scored that with Empire of the Sun (I would assume "Cadillac of the Skies")
  2. Speaking of, is there some sort of synth texture at this bit, choir or otherwise? I've been wondering.
  3. Looks like a couple days ago, Kobe Bryant's website was updated with a "coming soon" blurb for the short, so it may be uploaded there too? No date yet but there is another still. I have no inherent interest in watching a film about Kobe Bryant's career, but I'll definitely watch it for Glen Keane's animation and just to see what Williams was writing for. It looks expressive and he might do some nice musical things with the imagery. It's only 6 minutes after all, and if there's no score release it'll be the only way to hear it, anyway.
  4. @crumbs Like we know so much about the recording sessions already.
  5. Shorts program will wrap up around 4pm EST so hopefully we'll get some comments then. Also hoping we get an announcement soon when we'll actually get to see/hear the thing ourselves. Maybe they'll mention that at the Q&A.
  6. Looks like the Q&A tomorrow actually will be streamed on Facebook.
  7. If he does then he's in even better shape than I thought.
  8. Steve?
  9. Is anybody here actually going to this?
  10. Doubt it'll be live streamed but a lot of that stuff usually makes their YouTube channel:
  11. I'm still a little bit surprised Williams didn't claim "Rey's Theme" was the first theme for a female character Star Wars ever had.
  12. I wonder what other questions about the score Johnson would actually answer...
  13. I'm predicting that Nathan Johnson will do some sort of source music for the movie.