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  1. Looking at the list of Globe winners, he’s now the fifth since 2000 not to get Oscar nominated. So it’s not the surest of things.
  2. Score nominees are Black Panther BlacKKKlansman If Beale Street Could Talk Isle of Dogs Mary Poppins Returns
  3. Anybody happen to save the Boston Pops premiere performance?
  4. Came across this, short quote from Sondheim about the movie, at 21:10
  5. Is it related to their personal lives or their careers?
  6. mrbellamy

    Favorite John Williams rated "R" soundtrack

    Well, I guess the question is it isn’t graphic compared to what? There are probably a dozen or so shots in SPR that I don’t think I’ve seen equivalents in PG-13 stuff. It’s an interesting debate, though. I usually see people arguing that MPAA gives violence an easier pass more often than not while the biggest ratings controversies always seem to involve nudity/language.
  7. mrbellamy

    Favorite John Williams rated "R" soundtrack

    Generally PG-13 violence is pretty efficient and bloodless. You might have twenty guys get mowed down with machine guns or even stabbed at close range but they’re gonna fall off camera and you’re not gonna get a good look at the damage. You’re not gonna see an Avenger die a death like Wade or Mellish, or lying on the beach with their guts visibly spilling out. Sure in Infinity War, you can see some blood spilling out from whatserface’s head but it’s at a distance and mostly obscured (and green).
  8. mrbellamy

    Star Wars: Episode IX (JJ Abrams 2019)

    Last Jedi's title was revealed late January so people are hoping we'll know what this one's called soon. One thing I saw that hasn't been mentioned is Adam Driver mentioned this in an interview:
  9. mrbellamy

    Favorite John Williams rated "R" soundtrack

    Not being a parent or under 17, I wouldn't know the ratings for the movies I see anymore. But I remember the old days of anxiously awaiting the rating for a movie I wanted to see, especially as I started getting interested in the Oscar bait. It was a big day when The Aviator got a PG-13.
  10. mrbellamy

    Favorite John Williams rated "R" soundtrack

    What about Hook?