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  1. I think Last Jedi snubbed Comic Con and waited for Disney’s D23 thing instead. They usually show off a behind the scenes montage at one or the other so that’ll probably happen again.
  2. Lol Anyway it's bound to be something about him scoring some (or all) of the Cassian Andor series.
  3. Bye bye love. Bye bye sweet caress. Hello emptiness. I feel like I could die.
  4. Lol always weird to see him go open collar. I remember another post-concert pic some years ago. I wonder if he’s ever worn a T-shirt.
  5. I’m barely familiar with any of his full scores, mostly individual pieces. “La Califfa” is my favorite melody of his in a sea of timelessly longing ones through his career.
  6. It sort of depends what you’re looking for out of it. They got a lot of comic mileage out of it but not much of a story. Agreeable enough farce, probably could have used a little more Andrew Niccol-esque speculation and satire.
  7. People say this about everything he does. I’m starting to get the feeling the guy might just really enjoy writing music.
  8. Agree on Yesterday, it was just okayish, got mostly what I wanted out of it, though. I agree it was a good, funny call to have the alternate universe lose a bunch of things, instead of just The Beatles. I was distracted at first by the “Why The Beatles?” question but it was fine enough for the fantasy whimsy that the cultural victims were completely random. I accepted that but it also just turned it into a very superficial experience.
  9. "These 5 seconds are everything. Without them we are deaf. Without them we leave the fate of JWFan to chance. You have no choice. You must not fail."
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