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  1. ...how is he being a creep?
  2. mrbellamy

    The reply with a movie quote story game.

    The smell, you know that gasoline smell, the whole hill. Smelled like...victory.
  3. mrbellamy

    The reply with a movie quote story game.

    Well, here’s another nice mess you’ve gotten me into!
  4. mrbellamy

    Favorite score per year

    Question marks when it comes down to stuff that I never listened to outside the film but remember being good, or they're like the only choice and I have nothing to say about them.
  5. mrbellamy

    The reply with a movie quote story game.

    Shoot her! Orrr, or something.
  6. mrbellamy

    The reply with a movie quote story game.

    Quit your pussyfootin and shoot him.
  7. I don't agree that the new themes are much to scream about as represented here. Would have liked more of Dumbledore's, but again that might be a limitation of the film. The "ominous choral" motif as you pinpointed is the main new idea that stood out, actually, which I found effective but didn't quite feel like it tied the soundtrack together on a musical level. But I hope it and the other new stuff makes some sort of dramatic sense. I think one thing about the first score is that along with the lengthier tracks for JNH to show off and isolated bursts of brand new melodic energy like "The Erumpent" which this lacks, it had that extra "1920s jazz" element to distinguish itself as something interesting apart from the previous 8 Potter scores. It worked stylistically and dramatically and that was something I really enjoyed that made it a little more than "just" a solid fantasy score. It was a fun musical hook I felt this series could claim, the "Newt Scamander Goes to..." concept. But only "Newt and Tina Pack for Paris" really has anything like that and since it's such a clear highlight, I would have liked to hear more of him in that style, riffing around with old and new themes. So will just have to see the film to see if maybe there's some unreleased stuff in that vein, or if JNH missed some opportunities, or if the film just doesn't really allow for it much. As it is, first few tracks and last few tracks stand out, the piano solos are nice, and the scattered new renditions of the first film's themes are quite good.
  8. mrbellamy

    What will the title of SW Ep. IX be?

    Q, X, Y, and Z have yet to appear in a Star Wars subtitle! Make it happen, JJ!
  9. mrbellamy

    Across the Stars for Anne-Sophie Mutter

    Yeah it was a confusing quote from Previn. I think he claimed she was asking him for a concerto and Williams said "I don't write that kind of music" or something. I agree she probably wanted a concerto in the style of his film scores and he balked. This seems best of both worlds where she got her own new work that maybe isn't the most melodic but let him follow his own muse, and then also gets a bunch of new arrangements from his film career that she can tour around and are more what one would expect with John Williams in the marquee.
  10. Good not great. Highlights are pretty limited to the variations on the first score’s themes, some of which are exciting. But I dunno that this really distinguishes itself...noticed some greater choral emphasis, makes for good typically JNH-y atmosphere and in general there’s obviously a uniformly strong sound. I can wait until after seeing the film to give it another spin, reserving certain judgments on it til then. Seems more “solid” than special, though. The first one - while imperfect - made me wonder more if these scores could lean toward the latter, and I’m less intrigued by the overall potential after this one. I do hope he completes the set regardless, he’s definitely started something and there’s still room to take it somewhere.
  11. My first thought was if the "stupid" in "stupid Tarantino flick" could have had a different meaning. Like "silly" or something. Would definitely not be so quick to judge Ennio's character. Remembering those "John Williams has never seen a Star Wars movie" articles that made him sound all bitter and dismissive of his career lol.
  12. mrbellamy

    The temp track or similarities thread

    Yeah I remember that one didn’t fly by unnoticed here at the time. It pops up in BFG too weirdly enough.
  13. mrbellamy

    The reply with a movie quote story game.

    Golf requires goofy pants and a fat ass