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  1. I think Parker/Stone are a lot more sensitive than you’re giving them credit for. But I’ve only really watched the 50 or so consensus best eps.
  2. Usually just little mildly obnoxious things. “A whaaat” from Jaws, the Owen Wilson “Wowww” Sort of depends on who I’m with. I don’t necessarily think to use them all the time, but when I’m with certain people they just flow out. My older brother, I throw out UHF, Harry Potter, Heavyweights, especially this guy: “I haitchoo! You ah awful!” at 2:41, that’s come up lol. Those in particular but lots of random shit from our childhood when we get together. Also this “Heh??” any time we didn’t catch what the other said: This is my default gif for girls with low-effort Tinder profiles. Usually gets a laugh and goes nowhere. And not one that I ever quote out loud, but I still to this day think of J Jonah Jameson’s “Slander is spoken. In print it’s libel” to remember the difference.
  3. Literally every step Sam takes for the rest of the trilogy is the farthest away from home he’s ever been. He can’t get over it. Frodo is increasingly vexed.
  4. Yeah especially Half-Blood Prince and the two Deathly Hallows movies. Once the last book was out they really played fast and loose with those info dumps. Thinking of that wedding scene in Part 1 when Harry’s talking to two random old people we’ve never seen and never will see again talking about a lot of crap that will never be brought up again either. The mirror is pretty lazy (I always thought it would have been an easy fix for Harry to just find it broken on the floor at Grimmauld Place, catch Dumbledore’s eye, and pocket a shard) It’s silly to see Harry get so irate to Aberforth about it being stolen from Sirius. Also Harry just casually mentioning Lupin’s son like we all knew about it lol. But really, anybody who hadn’t read the books were bound to be zoning in and out anyway, so even things that were dutifully laid out was probably a lost cause. In the end the simple adventure plots work on their own terms and they did a fair job getting the meanings of the various gibberish terminology across. The rest is white noise.
  5. Just have Emma do it in blackface. Isn’t the play like 4 hours and you have to see it two nights? Edit: 4.5 hours plus two 20-minute intermissions lol
  6. Well, it is possible to turn a movie off after 5 minutes and also not talk trash about it
  7. Read the script, was not a fan of the story as an extension of the universe, and didn’t think the characters as written much resembled their book counterparts. It was hard to look past that as a fan. That said, the play won the Tony so there must be something to it. Still pretty open to seeing it and hopefully enjoying it as a completely different experience onstage than just reading it. I was always opposed to an eighth story but the thing does exist and it’s a complete blockbuster on Broadway with higher prestigious levels of acclaim than the films got. Rowling endorses it. Agree with Ulyssessian, it makes complete sense for them to do it and they’d actually be stupid not to, especially if they can get Radcliffe, Grint, and Watson. I’d rather this than a remake, I’ll watch it and if I don’t like it, I can always just ignore it like I always think the Star Wars fans should if they don’t like the sequels. I have affection for the HP movies but they’re hardly classics and I always had problems with them. The books are fabulous and I’m glad she’s been fucking with them in other mediums so that whatever happens doesn’t have to directly touch the novels. Same with Fantastic Beasts, in a way it’s kind of great for me that these things are blurring the canon so much because it makes it so easy to pick and choose. Also yes, if it can get a director who wants John Towner and the old man is still in the game when it’s in post, then put this shit in the express lane.
  8. I've listened to the Spielberg/Williams 3 recording and heard him do it in concert. Haven't directly compared it to the OST or anything so I'm not super aware of whatever differences there are (besides the omission of my aforementioned favorite theme ) I don't dislike it at all, it's just War Horse, Lincoln, and Force Awakens represent an even greater standard imo. I like the Book Thief's suite a lot too. I guess The Post has one as well which I haven't given that much thought to, I probably prefer BFG in that case.
  9. The Book Thief is my fave, the most emotionally affecting, several really nice melodic ideas that make the OST feel like a complete narrative. Haven’t seen the movie. The BFG is loaded with bits and pieces of all the JW whimsy I enjoy but doesn’t hang together quite as well for me. The end credit suite is very nice but I still prefer his others this decade except Last Jedi. Still the score has one of my favorite recent themes of his: And The Post is cool, I just hardly ever think to go back to it.
  10. Do the behbeh verk out, make the behbeh sleep!
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