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  1. Anyone else suspect that Jerry might've been an admirer? JWFAN is dire need of that eye-rolling reaction smiley.
  2. Ask Your Doctor if Heartwood® is Right For You.
  3. Don't touch the watch.
  4. Synchronicity, maybe? (Another great record) I first encountered that Vapor Drawings last summer when the Black Dog returned, Falling in love with the transcendental music of people like Isham, Eno, Budd, Lanois, Byrne, Sylvian, Sakomoto, Martinez and more esoteric artists like Oliveros and Subotnick--that was one of those things that kept me going.
  5. It's the awful, out-of-sync dubbing that detracts from my enjoyment of most Spaghetti westerns. Gives the dialogue an unintentional Brechtian Verfremdungseffekt quality.
  6. I think I did it by quoting Disco's post first and then Koray's. Just one of those happy accidents.
  7. It's only appreciated by those with a more refined taste To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand Bridge of Spies.
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