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  1. Using the substantive events and dialog from TFA, TLJ, and the canon material, I predict that Lucasfilm has much more planned than "a climactic showdown between Rey and Kylo". The overall story/trajectory of the ST will stand to scrutiny. It's everything else that won't, as Lucasfilm chose to be secretive in a devious way. But even when all is said and done, many fans won't appreciate that kind of behavior because they will feel they were tricked.
  2. Not "praising" just yet... just recognizing that Lucasfilm had an elaborate plan for the ST, which can be proven using the new canon material. However, I don't care for their devious ways: trolling/insulting Twitter comments, lying about not having a plan for the ST, allowing the media to run with false narratives ('The disenchanted Star Wars fans are sexist, racist, etc.!'), extending Kathleen Kennedy's contract, implying that SOLO bombed because of 'too much Star Wars')... all without a word of comfort to the upset/worried/confused fans. Also, I truly think the disgraceful Galaxy of Adventures was made primarily to harden the upset fans' disdain for Disney Star Wars. I'm very interested to see how Lucasfilm - particularly JJ - handles the fan reaction to TROS, in the context of the ST and overall Saga. If he does what I think he's going to do, there's going to be a shit-storm of a response.
  3. I'll say it again: In isolation, the Original Star Wars Trilogy is complete. However, the Saga is most certainly incomplete. Allow me to explain. The Emperor, the Sith Master, was shown to have been thrown down a shaft, followed by an explosion. Anakin Sykwalker was redeemed, having turned back to the Light Side of the Force. The Special Edition of ROTJ implied that the Empire was defeated, but 'the Republic being reestablished' was not shown. Not a single thread was left dangling? These threads remain: - In Revenge of the Sith, the Emperor spoke of creating life, cheating death, and being afraid to loose power. "It's ironic, he could save others from death - but not himself." The Emperor tempted Anakin to the Dark Side with promised assistance and attainable Force powers that would be the answer to Anakin's problems and the explanation for his existence - not a "minor plot-point". - Why did the Emperor expose himself to such precarious circumstances? Upon arriving to a battle station that he knew would be imminently attacked by the same fighting force that destroyed the first Death Star, he trusted his apprentice to summon Luke Skywalker to be turned to the Dark Side. Once face-to-face, the Emperor tempted Luke to kill him in anger. Father and son were then pitted against each other. If Luke defeated Vader, Sidious would take on a new, stronger apprentice. If Luke would "not turn", he would "be destroyed". Since Luke did not finish Vader and would "never turn to the Dark Side", The Emperor chose to kill the new Jedi Knight... and expected Vader to do nothing, only watch as his son was tortured while crying out to him for help. A bit risky, wouldn't you say? I wonder why The Emperor was willing put himself in extreme danger in so many ways? (Actually, I don't.) - As "the last of the Jedi", what does Luke choose to do with his new responsibility? - With the Sith destroyed, how can the Force be in Balance if only the Jedi remain? - Was the Prophecy of the Chosen One fulfilled... or was it "misread", as Yoda suggested? As you can see, many threads were already quite 'loose' or entirely unresolved. The Rise of Skywalker will make sense of the entire sequel trilogy and prove that the original hexalogy was, indeed, unresolved. Finally @Chen G., care to present evidence that 'having a plan is more commercially dangerous than not having one'?
  4. Until you present factual evidence, your statement that "having a plan is more commercially dangerous than not having one" is just a theory. JJ even stated that the backlash to TLJ did not affect his writing of TROS. The real risk was presenting the films in this manner, as most have assessed them as unpredictable and/or deliberately subversive. Many people expected a Hero's Journey. Many others think that Disney has been incompetent in presenting this trilogy cohesively, mainly due to the fact that they do not understand the context of the story, setting, and characters as they relate to the overall Saga... and have decided not to give it much thought. This has resulted in mass disappointment and confusion. Of course, these same people could have spent a little time thinking, reflecting, researching, or simply been patient until Episode IX comes out. But in this day of social media obsession, the default action seems to be to lash out in anger, argue, and/or primarily listen to others with which one agrees. This has lead nowhere, except stubbornness and ignorance. @Chen G. How you think the Saga is complete if the Prequel Trilogy is taken into account, specifically regarding the Balance of the Force?
  5. Using facts and logic, I am sure, @Chen G.. How are you so sure that I'm incorrect in my assessments? What have I said that you disagree with? Want to have a crack at answering my questions within my posts on this page, specifically how the Saga is finished when incorporating the Prequels into the overall story? Or are you now only going to respond to me sarcastically? Also, what kind of company repeatedly exclaims that they don't have a plan regarding a multi-billion-dollar movie franchise? Answer: A company with a plan - deceiving the masses through to the end - for maximum impact. A bit trIXie, wouldn't you say? I'll even bet that Mark Hamill was in on this deception from the beginning. All his many appearances in which he was upset at the direction of Luke Skywalker were an act, with Lucasfilm paying him well to maintain it. Shortly after IX comes out, he will reveal this in his Joker voice.
  6. The completed ST will make sense of the perceived chaos ("No plan!"), which will lead many previously-apprehensive parents to finally accept Star Wars under Disney. Many of these parents will then confidently show the new Star Wars content (movies, shows, games, etc.) it to their children, who will become new SW fans. At least Disney hopes this will be the case.
  7. Yes, that's the big twist. I recognized that Rey was not on the Hero's Journey. JJ is not going to to alter her story in the final Episode, at least from what he originally intended. "Rise of the Skywalker" is a dumb title. The actual title is "The Rise of Skywalker". 'Audiences will only realize it was incomplete in the process of watching TROS' because they missed all if the clues in TFA that hint at the plot... notably the scene featuring Kylo speaking to Darth Vader's helmet: "Show me again the power of the Dark." "I will finish what you started." And then to his father: "I know what I have to do, but I don't know if I have the strength to do it. Will you help me?" Then in TLJ: Kylo betrayed his master, told Rey to 'let go of the past', and asked her to join him again. Why do you suppose he did those things? The trilogy was presented as a mystery... not "made clear" on purpose. If the Sequel Trilogy's plot was made immediately evident, it would not have been nearly as intriguing or memorable. Once again... considering the OT in isolation, I would agree that the story had reached its conclusion with Return of the Jedi. However, the Prequels shed new light on the overall story. With the Sith destroyed (at the end of ROTJ), only the Jedi remained. In the Star Wars galaxy, that is not balance. The Saga was not complete. Hence, the Sequel Trilogy justifies its existence. @Chen G. How did Luke 'pass on what he had learned' in TLJ? He said, "It's time for the Jedi to end." If JJ does what I think he has in store, the ST will have major sticking power. While TLJ contains substantive elements, its undesirable/unexpected moments distracted and clouded the minds of many. (It happened to me, but I have seen through Lucasfilm's charade.) It ruined nothing*. All will make sense in the end. * except for lightspeed being used as a weapon Everything that has transpired has done so according to my design. - The Emperor in ROTJ
  8. 'The Emperor being brought back' is the reason that "the six previous films were incomplete." Hint: The 'Opera Scene' from ROTS. In TFA: Rey was presented as having no explanation for affinity for the Force... and had no natural heritage (just like Anakin, who was implied to have been created by Palpatine or his master). Snoke and Kylo were intrigued with her existence and seemed to know something (that they didn't specify). Anakin's lightsaber 'called to' Rey - the lightsaber that the newly-appointed Darth Vader used to fight Obi-Wan, as well as kill Jedi at the Jedi temple... at the behest of Palpatine. In TLJ: Rey selfishly went "straight to the Dark" against Luke's commands to "resist it". The Dark Side cave mirrors showed her reflection only: that she has/had no parents. She pulled Anakin's lightsaber on Luke as a threat and then, with Kylo's saber, tried to kill Snoke in anger. The Emperor's Theme was played note-for-note as she was tortured by Snoke. The new canon material - released starting in 2015 - specifically mentions Palpatine numerous times... specifically on Jakku, constructing a Contingency laboratory... that came into play during the massive Battle of Jakku, which resulted in the final blow to the Empire. This proves that Palpatine was planned to return (in some way) from the inception of the Sequel Trilogy. Everything was planned meticulously. This is indisputable. The working title for Episode IX was trIXie. Once TROS is out, people will realize that this title was chosen quite deliberately. Ultimately, the Sequel Trilogy will be much different than "what they already had". In presenting this trilogy in the way they have, it's clear that maximum profit was not the film-makers' intent. I never implied that the parks would loose money. I can spoil the movie, if you want. Once you've seen TROS, you will need to revise this statement. Only considering the OT (in isolation), I would agree. But with the Prequels shedding new light on the overall story, can you explain how you think Episode VI concluded the Saga? You will realize that the sequel trilogy did not "lack in an overarching plan". The substantive events and character actions in TFA and TLJ - as they relate to each other, the canon material, and the first six Episodes - prove they had a plan. The Sequel Trilogy is not Rey's. She did not receive Jedi training, nor is she on the Hero's Journey. You might be onto something, there.
  9. Well, the sessions haven't taken place yet. But I've familiarized myself with the substantive events of the films and canon material... and formulated what I (firmly) believe will be the plot of IX. If I'm right, TROS will be... quite surprising to nearly everyone.
  10. I do think Williams will write such a variation... but it will not sound the way most are expecting. Good... because I'm sure that TROS (the film and score) will be full of 'subverted expectation' moments. We are in for quite a ride!
  11. Yes, it will be good when I am proven right. I find it ironic that someone named 'Score' can't recognize the notes and themes that John Williams so carefully chose to hint at Rey's origin and/or destiny... foretold to him by JJ. Although you said you would "disengage" from the conversation, you repeatedly feel the need to contradict me. I didn't bother reading your Battle of Hoth analysis since you have nothing to prove to me. I've done my research and can see the writing on the wall, so it would probably be best if I contributed less... so as not to ruin the film/score surprises for most here.
  12. Two more thoughts on the teaser: 1. I think Luke is speaking to Ben - not Rey. 2. The opening sequence is Ben trying to prevent Rey from entering the Jakku Contingency facility, where she would discover the truth of her past/origin, gain a dangerous power, and/or resurrect Palpatine... perhaps unknowingly.
  13. I was correct in my general observations. In addition to what I already noted, the end of the The Scavenger has the notes F#, D, B in that order. The F# is a half-step off from the G that would have formed the major triad from Vader Motif from The Imperial March, other Vader - and Emperor Theme references - can be found with the scores. I hear many more references than "similarities based on fragments of just two notes"... because they are factually present. If you honestly think that John Williams composed all of it unintentionally, without rhyme or reason, I will assume you are either ignorant of how Williams composes, that you underestimate JJ Abrams and his respect and admiration of John Williams, and/or that you believe that Lucasfilm would have approached the conclusion of the Star Wars Saga without a plan for the lead character. I already know I'm right, but it seems as though it will all have to be proven to you in December based on the contents of the film and its score. I have nothing else to say on the matter. Wrong. Bringing Palpatine back into the story was a superb idea, with Episode III references to support it: cheating death, creating life, fearing loosing power. Plus, Palpatine's influence/presence gives the two new main characters a reason to feature in a new trilogy.
  14. Come come @Chen G. I saw most of this this coming before the teaser.
  15. Semi? Not a chance that it's a red herring. After the trailer was shown live a SW Celebration, Ian McDiarmid walked out on stage... by himself. I'd say numerous flashbacks are possible. Palpatine's influence, spirit, and/or plan will be fully revealed... and concluded. "All of the musical stuff"? How was I wrong? I hit the nail on the head. Rey will have been 'created' by Palpatine or by the loyal Imperials/scientists/keepers of Palpatine's laboratory on Jakku. She will learn of her origin and possibly turn to the Dark Side... or at the very least have an identity crisis leading to the film's climax. At the beginning of the teaser, Rey is on Jakku staring at the entrance of Palpatine's Contingency laboratory on Jakku. Look in the center of the shot 31 seconds in: an unnatural looking rock formation, which appears to be the opening leading underground. In canon, all who come near it would be killed... by order of Palpatine himself. After all the Palpatine/Jakku references in the canon, I highly doubt Palpatine will presented only as a hologram, without a significant impact on the story. My guess is that Palpatine will have heavily influenced the motivations and identity of Rey and Kylo... his plan all along.
  16. The whole 'Lucasfilm had no plan for the trilogy' thing is a lie. Why do I think this? Read on. In 2012, newly appointed Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy lied to Star Wars creator George Lucas when she said that Lucasfilm's goal would be to "honor the characters and stories in the way that you created them". Lucas sold the company under the presupposition that he would be kept on as a lead creative adviser and that his sequel trilogy treatments would be used in the upcoming films. He soon realized that he was being largely dismissed and ignored, so decided to leave the company. The old EU material was wiped, and the Lucasfilm Story Group would collaborate with many writers/authors to create a vast amount of new canon material: tie-in novels, film novelizations, comics, shows, and games. All of this material closely aligns with itself and the films, including TFA and TLJ. Saying that 'the canon is just fans service' is pure ignorance. The fact is, explanations and clues - as they pertain to the films - have be presented in this material. These writers of the canon had instructions and an overall plan - is did the writers of the films. Episode 9 is the culmination of what they've all been working towards. Known 'mystery box' producer/director JJ Abrams was hired to helm the first film. Knowing the saga films would be the main draw to the franchise, he (along with Lawrence Kasdan) would come up with an outline for the trilogy... which was told to have been dropped when... Rian Johnson was hired to write and direct the next film. To many fans, TLJ's worthy moments were largely overshadowed by its questionable, confusing, and divisive moments - of which there were many. The "Tell us you have a plan!" scene's real-world parallels are too on-the-nose to be a coincidence. In the film, Poe eventually learned that they did have a plan, and that it came from the top (Leia). Translation: Lucasfilm has a plan. But let's just blindly accept JJ when he says that he didn't meet with Johnson before he wrote TLJ. For Lucasfilm to have "no plan" for the Saga films, all of this must be true: - They invented a Mary Sue character - the face of the new Star Wars - without a plan. - They killed Han, Luke, and Snoke without a plan. - They had Han Solo and Leia's son turn to the Dark Side without a plan. - They invented a "programmed from birth" Stormtrooper who lost his mind on Jakku and became infatuated with Rey without a plan. - Lucasfilm spent millions of dollars on various forms of the new canon material without a plan. - Fire Lord, Miller, and Trevorrow without a plan. - Numerous new characters introduced, questions raised, and expectations subverted without a plan. - They split the fandom in half, resulting in years of upheaval and concern, without a plan. - They allowed employees to criticize and demean disappointed/confused fans without a plan. - They allowed the media to accuse the fans of racism and sexism, as well as run with false narratives and fake news without a plan. - They seem to assume they can continue this behavior long-term, without apology or remorse... or a plan. - The numerous musical similarities/quotes/references of other themes (most notably Vader's Theme and The Emperor) within Rey's Theme and the scores is a just a coincidence or written to sound 'Star Warsy'... because that how John Williams composes his scores. (sarcasm) - After purchasing the most famous & popular movie franchise of all time, Disney allowed Lucasfilm to have no plan for the concluding trilogy of the Saga. - Shortly before they retired, Kathleen Kennedy and Bob Iger would rest their own personal legacies, billions of dollars invested, billions in potentially lost revenue, the Star Wars franchise, and the viability of the Disney brand on two men, who were allowed to do whatever they wanted, film-to-film. Lucasfilm's directors made it a point to publicly admit that they had no plan, with JJ finally saying the same... just days before the title and trailer were released. It's almost like they're bragging about it, with Kathleen Kennedy jokingly using a line from Raiders: "we're making this up as we go". Who jokes about not having a plan? Answer: The president of one of the biggest entertainment studios in the world. If you think that these people are 'just telling the truth', I will refer you to Kathleen Kennedy's words to George Lucas (above). The woman is a liar and not a fan of Star Wars. She hired mystery box writer JJ to f**k with the fans and go down in infamy. Because why let the fans complain about your Star Wars films and personal agenda when you can preempt them with the biggest trolling job in entertainment history... or performance art, if you prefer that term. So actually, Lucasfilm does have a plan: Say that you 'have no plan', but make a fan service film, then a divisive film, knowing that a backlash would ensue. But instead of calming the storm, let the fandom split in half, complain, be confused, and argue amongst themselves for years... all while allowing/instructing Lucasfilm employees to antagonize and insult fans on Twitter. Allow the (shill) media to run with false narratives (The critical fans must be racists and sexists!). Finally, produce with a film that makes sense of everything and ends the Trilogy and Saga on a high note. Gotcha! This whole situation has JJ Abrams written all over it. But he really has outdone himself, as this stunt could be risky for someone who desires to expand their horizons. But I'm sure Disney paid him well... and will likely hire him on a long-term contract for a job well-done. Everything that Disney/Lucasfilm has done with Star Wars has been a shell game to keep the (mostly) naive fans confused, distracted, and emotional. This strategy of deceit, acting incompetent, holding their cards close, and allowing chaos to reign within the fandom is bold as brass. It would mean that Lucasfilm is forgoing short-term profit for long-term remembrance. But going in, they knew that Star Wars was invincible and chose to ride the wave of selfishness, sinister cultural manipulation, and power. Does this sound like anyone I might have mentioned a time or two lately?
  17. How could Kylo know who Rey's parents were? He and Snoke acted as though they did not know who she was. So the logical conclusion is one of two options: 1. Kylo read Rey's mind and knew that she thought her parents were "nobody" an has the "They were filthy junk traders" line ready. 2. Kylo hoped that Rey would come to the conclusion that her parents were "nobody" and had a confirmation ready. I don't think either knew the truth of her parents, but they were both seeking closure on the matter. In the heat of the moment, Rey finally admitted that her parents were dead (and not 'coming back')... and, without her parental connection, Kylo tempted her to join him. Having an explanation for Rey's origin will change her character because she will finally understand her identity and purpose. But it will not "take away from her growth". Once Rey understands why the Force awakened in her, the audience will be provided a reason for her to exist in the first place.
  18. Could you please define "hostility" and "perverted"?
  19. @Ii2 Nah, it's sort of the 'Mattris is probably wrong about everything' topic. Wanna join? I meant that, if they chose to use Palpatine in IX, how he is integrated would be integral to the acceptance of the film and trilogy. His methods and motivations would need to be made clear and focused, especially as they relate to the other main characters. It's at the end of the cue. You can't miss it. Not to my knowledge. Where did you read that? Are you aware that many important events occurred on Jakku and within Palpatine's Jakku Observatory. It was not "fan service" to have written books, comics, and games only to explain why a Star Destroyer and AT-AT were destroyed.
  20. Going in to IX, people don't need to know about the Contingency plan. It could be explained in its entirety in a matter of minutes... in various ways by various characters: Hux, Kylo, or preferably, by Palpatine. If he did somehow survive and returned in physical - or at least present form, that would be explained as well. It wouldn't be difficult. How well a Palpatine reveal is integrating into the Rey/Kylo story would be integral to the acceptance of the film and trilogy. Ah, but Palpatine was featured in Episode II, tempted Anakin to the Dark Side, and Williams knew where the story was going. Yes, but it also appears during the film, the most obvious example being "Hail to the Winner, Anakin Skywalker" starting at 0:40. This story is not complete. We do not know if "nothing comes of Palpatine's plans on Jakku". If it turns out to not be related to Rey, then Lucasfilm were trolling the readers of the canon material. The fact that Palpatine "died" a long time before Rey was ever born is irrelevant. The purpose of the Contingency: Instructions to the Empire in the event of Palpatine's death... or at worst, the defeat of the Empire. Regarding Rey's immense Force strength, yes, most of the audience will be surprised. But if they manage to surprise me, I'll be shocked. I'm not saying that I "hear the Emperor's Theme in Rey's leitmotif". I compared the two themes' opening measures, noting similarities that were factually present. Why do you say that it is unlikely that Williams 'cooked an easter egg' into her theme? Are you saying that he doesn't integrate references in his music? That's simply not true. It's already been established that Rey's Theme shares a chordal relationship with the Force theme - that was intentional on Williams' part. "At the end of the day", I will continue "drawing these connections". I never asserted that I "alone possess special insight into the composer's intentions". Based on numerous factual similarities in the themes/motifs, I highly suspect he was told of Rey's origin so that he could compose her theme accordingly. How was my 'technical analysis deeply flawed' or misleading? The fact is, 'some of JWfan's most thoughtful members are categorically dismissing my connections between leitmotifs', informed opinions, and substantial theories regarding the direction of the Saga... without any specific alternative explanations, only that Lucasfilm and Williams had 'no plan' for anything. Even when presenting logical reasoning and facts, I continue to be barraged by naysayers who have little - or nothing - of substance to offer. It's quite possible that some here may never be convinced that Williams had foreknowledge - even if Rey turns out to be a born of the Force, turns to the Dark Side, or was made/manipulated by Palpatine or something of his creation.
  21. The only two instances in his entire career in which Williams knew that 'sequels were guaranteed' is in Star Wars: the Prequel Trilogy and Sequel Trilogy, and Harry Potter. I don't see the point of saying, "Williams just doesn't work with sequels in mind." Do you honestly not know how the Sequel Trilogy is a completely different situation for Williams compared to his experience with the OT? Or are you acting disingenuous and trying to test me? If John Williams' Star Wars themes are 'connected, individual pieces of music', I can just as easily say they are "parts of a whole" since the Star Wars: Main Theme features Luke's Theme, The Rebel Fanfare, Leia's Theme, and The Throne Room ending fanfare. And every Star Wars episode End Credits is a medley of themes from each film. Just as Williams put Darth Vader's Theme into Anakin's Theme, he integrated other themes/motifs into Rey's Theme and the sequel scores. The only explanation for doing so is because he was told where the story was headed. As I previously explained, the evidence is clear by analyzing his music. He did not incorporate variations/hints of the Vader Motif into the score and her theme by accident or because he thought it would be neat.
  22. Palpatine's or The Emperor's Theme is not the "Dark Side Theme". If fact, Williams wrote no "Dark Side Theme". If they were looking for 'desert planet' fan service, the novels would have taken place on Tatooine. The fact that they presented something "more" means that there should be something more as a pay-off. If not, it was all for nothing. I was going to say I at least respect you for sticking to your guns despite all the people discrediting you. But then you posted that. Right back at you, @Demodex. I think your musical listening discernment abilities are "are complete shit". If Lucasfilm had 'no plan', then why does all the canon material - which began release before TFA - feature an abundance of Palpatine and Jakku references? Of all the planets in the galaxy, why was it revealed that Palpatine personally arranged a Contingency on Jakku? Of all the planets in the galaxy, why was it revealed that the last stand for the Empire took place on Jakku? Why does Rey (from Jakku) not remember her parents? Why is she, in particular, so powerful with the Force? Why was Snoke done away with so unexpectedly, clearing the 'big baddy' slate for IX? Why did the Force awaken? Why was Snoke surprised that it had awakened? All signs point to Palpatine coming back in some way. If they had him planned from the start, obviously no one is going to mention it since it would spoil the big reveal/twist in IX. Their plan all along was to make it clear that they had 'no plan' - even if it was a lie. At this point, anyone who can't recognize the writing on the wall is in denial. Comparing John Williams' situation with these films to the OT is a false equivalence. The Sequel Trilogy is a completely different situation in almost every way. Do you all not understand that? But he knew Anakin would become Darth Vader and incorporated Darth Vader's Theme into Anakin's Theme. So your argument goes right out the window. Your loss. Why even announce you're skipping them? Who's pandering? You will find that it is the filmmakers who are scheming "monsters"... and that people like me are among those who first realized this fact.
  23. It would only be "cheap" if weren't written well. Palpatine still pulling the strings in some way would shine the light - or Dark, in this case - on many story elements and character traits in the Sequel Trilogy. Done masterfully, it could be quite satisfying.. and one of the most shocking and fulfilling reveals of the entire Saga. Wrong. As I documented, the musical references are everywhere. The whole point was to not make them "obvious" because they didn't want people to figure things out. Having said that, The Emperor's Theme was played note-for-note in TLJ when Rey was being tortured by Snoke. Other in-canon Palpatine hints and references have been dropped everywhere. He was thought to have died on the second Death Star, but as a Sith Master of the Dark Side, would have feared "loosing his power", especially after playing such a decades-long game to attain it. Given the lack of story-related information that has been presented explaining why this trilogy should even exist, I am already supremely disappointed, as are millions of fans world-wide. All rests on Episode IX to make this entire trilogy worth the wait and emotional investment. My perception of them can only be improved. If many/most fans feel let down when this is all said and done, it will be utterly disastrous for the Star Wars brand under Disney. You have a point @Chen G.. But recently, JJ made it clear that, with IX, he had 'not changed course between entries according to fan reaction'. The difference between this trilogy and any other is that the stakes could not be higher. A multi-billion dollar company, professional legacies, and the lasting impact of the most popular franchise of all-time rest on the lasting success of these films. Disney/Lucasfilm seem to be exclaiming from the mountain-tops that they have no plan for the final installment of the Star Wars Saga... and it's costing them dearly in all sorts of ways (fan disenchantment, suffering merchandise sales, a SOLO loosing tons of money, etc.). Oscar Isaac confirmed that IX will conclude the series: “It is the end of the entire Skywalker saga. Nine stories. This is the culmination of the entire thing. What J.J. has done, and the entire Lucasfilm team, is incredibly fulfilling. It’s also special for us because you get to learn a lot more things about these characters.” Hopefully in IX, the fans learn why the new characters exist. Because as of now, it looks like they exist just to replace the old characters. If that turns out being the case, it will not be enough to keep people interested and invested, long-term... and people will leave disappointed and might not ever return. With a vast collection of canon material managed by the Lucasfilm Story Group: tie-in novels, novelizations, comics, shows, games, more people have 'contributed creatively to the franchise'. Lucasfilm clearly made it a point to employ many writers. Were they are told to 'do whatever', without a plan? If this is all true, then... - They invented a Mary Sue character - the face of the new Star Wars - with no plan. - They killed Han, Luke, and Snoke with no plan. - They had Han Solo and Leia's son turn to the Dark Side with no plan. - They invented a "programmed from birth" Stormtrooper who lost his mind on Jakku and became infatuated with Rey with no plan. - They included Palpatine and Jakku in every form of the new canon material with no plan. - So many new characters introduced, questions raised, and expectations subverted with no plan. - They split the fandom in half, resulting in years of upheaval and concern, with no plan. - They allowed employees to criticize and demean disappointed/confused fans with no plan. - They allowed the media to accuse the fans of racism and sexism, as well as run with false narratives and fake news with no plan. - They seem to assume they can continue this behavior long-term, without apology or remorse... or a plan. - Millions fans feel depressed and disillusioned because Lucasfilm had no plan for the ending of a film series that they have loved for decades. How sad. I'll just say it bluntly: Lucasfilm are either lying about having 'no plan' and are going to subvert our expectations again... or they are incompetent and will ultimately fail.
  24. First of all, Star Wars is fantasy, not sci-fi. The premise for Palpatine returning is not "obscure"; it originates from one of the most-intriguing scenes ('At The Opera') from the Prequels. Palpatine is a master manipulator, so it follows that him telling Anakin they'd have 'to work together to discover that secret' was a lie. His body was lost in the Death Star, but we're talking about the "unnatural" sorcery of the Dark Side. "This character who was certainly presumed dead for the last two entries was actually alive all the time" should be the big twist... or at least Palpatine's legacy and/or grand plan will come into play. Perhaps the "filmmakers were trying to avoid referencing" the Prequels and Palpatine to up the shock factor. In conclusion, everything in the new canon material points to Palpatine being involved somehow. If IX is Palpatine-less, I just don't see how they can make the trilogy have any (positive) lasting impact on the franchise and fandom. Considering how much has left to be explained, I think flashbacks will be necessary. Otherwise, IX will be filled with far too much exposition dialog. I would have expected JJ Abrams to have conceived the full course of the trilogy - at least on a basic level. The Lucasfilm Story Group would have seen that his vision is seen through. They didn't need to say they anything like, 'we have all the movies mapped out'. But very few Star Wars fans would say they 'appreciate them having no plan' for the final trilogy of the Star Wars Saga. The fact is, they are making it overtly clear - or at least claiming - that they didn't know what they were doing. Bob Iger and Kathleen Kennedy will be retiring soon, so their impact on Star Wars will leave a lasting impression on their legacies. JJ Abrams, the writer and director of two of the films, has aspirations of starting a media empire. And they're all just winging it? That doesn't sound like a "truth" I'd want the world to know. Something smells fishy.
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