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  1. Siblings can hug and be happy that the Emporer was defeated.
  2. How is Vader able to redeem himself if Kylo can't? Vader did just as evil things as Kylo.
  3. Actually they're better since then. George can't write a screenplay for shit.
  4. Just think, in less than 3 months the movie will have blown us all away and we can all agree Star Wars is awesome and there will be no more of this pointless bickering.
  5. Jesus Christ, I don't even understand what the hell Mattriss is arguing about anymore. We know Palpatine is in Episode 9. What's the problem now? I skipped the last page and a half but the last post I read argued that Lucas is a master storyteller. I think the prequels prove this to be false.
  6. It's because Snoke was using the Dark Side of the Force. It was used for Anakin's confession in AOTC and Palpatine had nothing to do with that scene either.
  7. Didn't you spend months trying to convince us how incompetent Kathleen Kennedy and Rian Johnson are? I don't agree that Kylo will bring anyone back to life. Just my gut feeling. I also don't think John Williams was told anything about what happens in the trilogy when he scored TFA. I could be wrong. We'll know soon. I will admit though that I'm impressed you were able to predict Palpatine's return.
  8. Wait a minute. Does @Mattris like Star Wars again?? (I've only read a little bit of the last 2 pages)
  9. If I could change one thing about this release it would be to get rid of the annoying clock ticking that runs through so much of Azkaban's third act. Why was that kept in there?!
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