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  1. I'm confused. So @Mattris is now praising the ST and TLJ?
  2. As long as Lucas gets someone to write dialogue for him.
  3. Dude, it's a message board. Just relax.
  4. You're insane. They're directed horribly.
  5. Have you not seen the prequels?
  6. Oh, fuck no!! Lucas shouldn't direct anything else ever again.
  7. I don't think the scouring of the Shire belongs in the movies. It doesn't really need to be in the books really.
  8. https://www.cinemablend.com/news/2470995/so-many-people-are-going-to-galaxys-edge-disneyland-has-to-actually-expand-entryway @Mattris Boy, Disney really shot itself in the foot with this Star Wars theme park that's sure to lose money.
  9. There's a rumor going around that Han is briefly in Episode 9.
  10. There only thing I want to know is whether it answers why Mark Ruffalo couldn't turn into the Hulk in the last movie. And if it does, why couldn't he?
  11. Yes, but only because Palpatine came back.
  12. She's more prominent in the book, A Clash of Kings. She hasn't appeared since Season 2 of the show when Dany is in Qarth.
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