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  1. I can't quite work out the seating situation when you go to buy tickets. https://www.musikverein.at/CustomResources/pdf/Saalplan/cacde015-795b-4492-a992-8bdaa43e2222.pdf Do you just choose one of the 9 seating areas and they assign you the seat (so you could be in the dress circle or you could be up on the balcony, it's a lucky dip?)
  2. What is the cost of membership and was the allocation exhausted before general public sales opened last year? And how much are tickets likely to be once on sale?
  3. OMG! This is amazing! Except I'll be overseas when this goes on sale so the odds of me landing a ticket are... pretty much null. Didn't these sell out within a few minutes last year? Very impressed that JW is attempting this again. Clearly a bucket list item he wants to cross off the list at all costs!
  4. Mike definitely improved on the OST and Promo but, short of mixing that score from scratch, it's always going to sound slightly muddy (also the pervasive low level hiss of Williams scores from that era - not sure if a recording, mastering or mixing fault, that one). Was A.I. actually sourced from fresh scans of the analogue tapes? I'm not at home to check the liner notes but I assume that score was recorded digitally (though hopefully LLL scanned the tapes anew).
  5. Is the track 'Minority Report' on disc 2 (which I assume if the same as the OST track) an edit of film cues or a separate recording specific for the end credits? I've never bothered to compare everything in the suite with the respective film cues.
  6. It's amazing that no musicians or vocalists have added this score to imdb or their personal websites yet! Are they not even allowed to acknowledge their involvement in the score? So weird.
  7. Does anyone know how the choir was handled? Wish there were some videos. Also, the Long Goodbye source music was actually performed live! No idea if Canto Bight was though (I'm guessing not?) Also, forget about the prequels being done:
  8. Where'd you hear that from? I've found these specific scoops misleading in the past because the general Star Wars fan just hears a Williams theme and labels it new Williams music, when it's just trailer music using John's material.
  9. @Arpy Nah, I'll be waiting for the BF slate before ordering anything. Still gotta pick up Superman so makes sense to hold off until November.
  10. Interesting, didn't realise Mike had delegated the liner notes for this release. Maybe he had too much on his plate?
  11. Somewhere between ROTS and TLJ would suit me just fine, when it comes to choral elements. My theory is that JJ likely temped the film with LOTS of choral music from the prequels -- especially all that creepy low-male chorale for the Emperor (used extensively throughout TPM, and Williams already revisited that style for Snoke). And I'd be surprised if heavy choral cues like DOTF or Anakin's Betrayal weren't temped somewhere if the film has that trademark 'all hope appears lost' type scenes. JJ showed a lot of restraint with TFA but I think the chains are off for this trilogy capper. Any sane director would tell Williams to go for broke as well.
  12. The scene in the pouring rain where the huge mob of people start attack Ray and the kids while they're in the car. I think this lines up with the session leak and cue list too, so that's pretty definitive. Spielberg wisely chose to remove the music because it doesn't fit well at all, IMO.
  13. There was some conjecture about this. WOTW did have a substantial deleted scene involving Ray and the 2 kids hiding near a car while a Tripod rummaged through homes nearby. It was cut because the VFX weren't finished in time (but some shots were used in trailers). https://fromdirectorstevenspielberg.tumblr.com/post/105795976220/there-are-a-number-of-scenes-in-war-of-the-worlds I'm pretty sure the Attack on the Car cue was intended for the music-less scene in the film though (and it works far better without music).
  14. It's because the OST track "Everybody Runs" is a composite of 3M1 and 2M2, whereas the track "On The Run" on the new LLL contains only 3M1. Due to all kinds of convoluted legal reasons arising from mechanical rights to scores, LLL cannot name a track the same title as an OST track unless the contents of that track are 100% identical to the OST version (hence they could not use the track title from the OST in this instance). You might notice that anytime an OST track title is reused but the contents are different to the OST counterpart, its new title is always appended with "(Film Version)" or "(Extended Version)" because that's technically a different track title for rights purposes. The POA expansion is filled with such instances.
  15. I love how Zam The Assassin was clearly looping through Williams' head when he wrote it.
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