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  1. I can understand if, say, 2 or 3 tracks were dropped that they just decided some things weren't worth releasing on the CD. But the sheer amount of missing music screams "being held back for a 2nd release!" to me. Why bother asking Williams to write so many new arrangements, then spending the money to record them professionally with an orchestra, only to drop them entirely?
  2. The sheet music in that "TROS photo" said Leia's Theme too. Didn't hear about this? Was there an article on it?
  3. Sadly no. These companies are so stupid. They complain endlessly about piracy affecting their bottom line, but they make access to their product so needlessly restrictive and difficult.
  4. Isn't there meant to be some unreleased suite from Potter as well, that we only heard fragments of in the making-of video? Surprised at how much unreleased music there is... Surely being withheld for a second release?!
  5. Eh, I've heard enough from people who would know to make an informed opinion on this topic. The bizarre, erratic behaviour that's seen him exiled from Hollywood certainly isn't helping his cause. In any case, all I posted were links to articles on the topic. People are free to make up their own mind on the subject, just as you are.
  6. BOTFOJ 30th Anniversary would be a welcome surprise! But considering JFK has been tied up for so long... Would an Oliver Stone box set be possible this year instead?
  7. Personally I think the recording venue and technique has more to do with the 'sound' of the sequels than the orchestra itself. Yes, Williams' writing style has definitely changed since the prequels, but there's just something special about the sound of Abbey Road and Murphy's superb analogue recording for TPM. I think I understand what they were aiming for with TFA's ultra-dry recording but it complimented neither the orchestra nor the venue's acoustics at all, IMO.
  8. This interview with TROS' editor probably explains how Williams was able to start writing so soon after production ended, in contrast with the post-production timeline for TFA. https://www.express.co.uk/entertainment/films/1136655/Star-Wars-9-Rise-of-Skywalker-editing-post-production-editor-filming-on-set-tight-schedule She goes on to discuss the benefits of this approach, including getting pickup shots and inserts while the main production was still underway (this was done much later in post-production for TFA with reshoots -- a contributing factor to Williams constantly rewriting TFA as the edit kept changing).
  9. I figured it would have the microedit from the film, where the Finale cue is cut short over that shot of the flying birds. I still can't tell the difference between these two tracks on the LLL.
  10. Wow! You're certainly pulling in some impressive talent for your website @TownerFan. Awesome work! Cannot wait to listen to this, I loved Kraemer's score for MI.
  11. Just checked the runtime of LLL's Hook expansion and it only used 2:20 of the available 2:38 of disc space. That means any future release has more than enough space to include both versions of The Banquet (with and without insert), The Ultimate War Part I (with and without insert) and Flight to Neverland (short and extended) plus the short cues Williams omitted from the 2012 release, with some room to spare.
  12. I think 3 discs would be the maximum required for a "comprehensive" release @Holko but I'm not a scholar of the score nor do I have a definitive answer on how much music was recorded beyond the film score itself (except the confirmation that there was material LLL discovered in 2012 that wasn't allowed on their release). It's entirely possible any future LLL expansion of Hook will merely rectify the issues with the previous release (reinstating the unreleased cues, replacing the film stem cues with legitimate sources, fixing the speed of the prologue) and not include any of this mysterious unreleased material that MV and MG alluded to but weren't at liberty to discuss. Certainly channeling your positive energy @TownerFan ! Just hard not to be concerned given the circumstances. Via LLL, only 2 Sony scores (of potentially hundreds) have escaped their third-party ban -- not unreasonable to be concerned that Hook might have fallen victim to this new policy.
  13. Someone made a comment about Giacchino having an entire team of ghostwriters on here once. Might have just been a joke but I've wondered how he composes so many scores in a single year (granted, he's taken a break lately, but he was churning them out constantly a few years back).
  14. The music in this new Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order gameplay video is pretty good. More of that Williams-y prequel sound, but it's effective enough. I'm presuming the theme at 11:42 is the score's main theme which is short but memorable. Weirdly I can't find any details of who the composer is. Presumably Gordy Haab?
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