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  1. The books are already written for crying out loud. This should've happened years ago and Williams might have actually scored it. Doubt he'll have much interest in writing another Tintin score if he's in his 90's when filming wraps.
  2. The noticeable trend is that Williams is always in his element scoring big space battle sequences and chases. They're consistently his most extroverted and energetic cues, across all 8 films. So the final film being a massive war film (that tops the opening of TLJ) has me excited! It needs to be even bigger than Rogue One's too, obvz.
  3. I guess credit where due, at least these aren't "remasters" like Sony used to keep shovelling out. Those amounted to little more than running the existing album masters through some useless noise "enhancement" software. These are legitimate remasters sourced from the original master tapes, or at least the best ones available. I guess we'll find out just how good the quality of the original session masters are, after all those years lost in the salt mines. Hopefully they aren't sourced from second generation copies and they truly found the first generation masters.
  4. And he said there were times John told him the temp wasn't right for the scene and he went down a different path. TLJ was perfectly collaborative. The Spark sounds nothing like any existing track in the series, so that was clearly JW going his own way.
  5. Especially considering the audio quality difference between the OST and UE of TPM. AOTC has so much hiss too...
  6. Where's the logic in releasing two OSTs that are full length, plus a third that's only half the length of the other 2? Bet they charge the same price despite only including half the music! Another obsolete relic from over 3 decades ago that is laughably archaic in 2018.
  7. Nah they can get fucked. Put the effort in and remaster these scores with the effort they deserve, not just another half baked reissue of an existing product. Companies shouldn't be rewarded for this type of behaviour, or else nothing will ever change.
  8. That would be my list of new favorites too, plus Lightsaber Training and Lesson Two (the immediately next cue).
  9. Official Indiana Jones 5 Thread

    An April shoot should mean filming wrap around July/August, first cut around September. I'd expect Williams to finish IX around October, given the late filming schedule of that film (relative to TLJ). So hopefully no scheduling conflicts there, unless he's just exhausted after finishing IX...
  10. Probably not, very different medium to have something released as an isolated "bonus feature" on a streaming website, as opposed to being a soundtrack on physical media or whatever. Depends how watertight those union contracts are!
  11. Official Indiana Jones 5 Thread

    Starts shooting April next year in the UK. Well, that's one lesson learned from KOTCS -- not just shooting the entire movie in America! Really doesn't work for a globetrotting adventure movie spanning the globe. The UK's proximity to the rest of Europe/Africa gives me hope they'll be filming in more real locations this time, rather than faking everything in a backlot/soundstage. You just can't replicate locations like the Indian village, Cairo digsite or Venice streets in Hollywood.
  12. Wish they'd upload that other scoring featurette to their YouTube channel, seeing as it isn't on the Blu-ray!
  13. Chronologically, it's also more interesting hearing reprises of Holdo and Yoda's Themes than it is to hear a wholesale cut & paste of the Crait Battle music, which is only, what, 20 minutes prior?
  14. Wonder if that deleted scene was actually scored with that cue or they just added it in for the temp. The film version could be micro edited. If that scene was meant to transition to the Leia sequence, the film underwent some pretty big editorial changes.