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  1. Maybe it was a perpetuity license until their allocation of stock has been exhausted? In which case, we're all fucked.
  2. Agreed, I've sometimes found his concert works a little too meandering for my tastes but this is concise and conjures terrific imagery (for me at least). Bravo, Mr. Williams! His writing really has never been as good as it is now. How lucky we are to enjoy it!
  3. Geez, are people that desperate to recreate the OST for Home Alone 2, of all scores? I've had LLL's expansion of the first movie in my cupboard for months and haven't even opened it!
  4. I've shoved all the tracks into chronological order in my assembly. It sounds weird going straight from Far From Home / ET Alone into Bait For E.T, like there's a track missing in between. Sure enough, there is!
  5. crumbs


    I get the feeling things will end particularly badly for her, the longer she stays around Jimmy. He's bad news, just as Walt became utterly toxic for Skyler in BB. Such an underrated, restrained performance. Love her work.
  6. Is there a TLC boot that doesn't sound like crap? The only versions I've heard have awful sound quality, ala casette tape transfers.
  7. Don't think I've got the same issue with my KOTCS CD but my TLW OST CD is scratched all over the place and I doubt it would rip cleanly at all if I tried. Thankfully LLL solved that problem! But yeah, the final track of Raiders Concord is just impossible to rip. Some weird copyright protection or something. Just another stupid fuck-up in a long line of fuck-ups from a clueless record label who should've given up the rights to those scores years ago to a competent company like LLL.
  8. I'm old enough. I've already waited 2 and a half years for a fucking expansion of The Force Awakens. What more do you want from me?