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  1. Where was this? What forum at Tanglewood would he have mentioned that? I suspect they mean 100 minutes of completed writing, not recordings, also. Still, if true, he should be able to finish the last 40 minutes by October. Edit: First reply added
  2. Is that Mustafar in the background? And if so, is that shot from ROTS or TROS? Interesting... wouldn't be surprised to see that plan in TROS at all, especially if Kylo visits the ruins of Vader's castle or something (maybe connected to the plot with Palpatine?)
  3. Geez, I know he seemingly started writing in March but that feels remarkably fast for him to have finished an entire SW score by August! Links up with what Don said about trying to smash out the recording sessions before the end of September. Seems like JW will have the entire score finished before he heads back to the recording studio for another session; definitely a different approach to the staggered recording sessions for TFA/TLJ. Maybe a deliberate plan from Williams to avoid all those re-writes that plagued TFA?
  4. Well even if there's no anniversary, hopefully LLL prioritised Minority Report with Williams' blessing, and made it through before the acquisition.
  5. Royalties I guess. It's probably way cheaper to pay some young composer a flat fee for a knock-off version, than to pay Williams royalties every time his version is played in a theme park (literally thousands of times a year, forever).
  6. I wonder what their process was like, working out which pieces to choose from. They've assembled an impressive mix of new, old, famous and relatively unknown. Jane Eyre is definitely another theme that would've worked a treat in a violin arrangement.
  7. Evidently, if Williams wanted to record it himself. I wish the soundtrack had sonic consistency though, the first track does stand out quite a bit (and the Powell stuff sounds much better to my ears).
  8. Excellent catch, never noticed that fragment either! Also worth mentioning that Han Solo never appears in TLJ but we hear HS&TP at least twice in the film, when characters reminisce about him (even though most of us predicted that theme wouldn't be heard again after that final statement in TFA). So there's plenty of precedent for Williams to use character themes even without characters being physically present (Yoda in Cloud City another example). I could easily see JW using L&L or HS&TP for the scene where Leia ruminates with Han/Luke's medal from the end of ANH. I reckon there's zero chance JJ didn't find a way to reunite Luke and Leia in some form by the end of TROS anyway. He and JW are gonna make us cry.
  9. Canto Bight is comprised of two separate source pieces. He also wrote two pieces for the deleted caretaker party sequence.
  10. Wonder if Luke and Leia returns in TROS? I always thought the sudden resurgence of that concert suite at Film Night a few years ago (around the time Williams was finishing TLJ) was a hint the theme was fresh in his mind for a reason.
  11. Brilliant insight from Mike, as always. This caught my attention: Williams really is the master at blending all these elements into a cohesive whole. I can't hear any synth elements in that cue at all.
  12. Williams wrote a new theme for Luke (to reflect his change in circumstances), two new themes for both new main characters, multiple action motifs for the Resistance, four completely unique source pieces (after sitting them out entirely for TFA), even something as obscure as a motif for one of the new planets. And people are still whining about Williams being 'past his prime'? Get stuffed. People either have absurdly large expectations about what Williams should deliver in the 8th score for a series of films based entirely on the principal of leitmotivic writing, or are completely ignorant about the subject at hand. Short of binning all existing themes and writing new ones for every character, Williams delivered exactly the score that film required -- and did a sensational job in the process.
  13. C'mon LLL, I need a new Williams release to bundle this one with. I can't afford the ludicrous international shipping costs for one title.
  14. I wish JW did more stuff like that, random cues synced to picture. Imagine performances of Journey to the Island from Jurassic Park, Desert Chase from Raiders, The Last Battle from Star Wars or The Reunion from A.I.? He's far too modest if he believes only his concert arrangements are appropriate for the concert setting. He's written probably hundreds of film cues that would work just as effectively in a concert setting.
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