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  1. I'm sure if push came to shove, Matessino would have preferred including any significantly different alternates over those OST tracks (some of which only have minor differences to the film versions, like ticking) in the additional music section. So I don't think disc space would have been an issue, ultimately.
  2. Were there many recorded alternates you couldn't include, for one reason or another? Listening experience reasons, requests from JW, etc.? I'm not losing sleep over the shawm source, that's for sure đŸ˜„ I'm still elated MM found a way to integrate the flute source into the film presentation (The Courtyard). Was there much discussion about whether to put that in the source music section vs ultimately integrating it with the film score? The brilliant thing about Azkaban is JW's medieval orchestration is so colourful that score and source starts blending together. And now we know this was a conscious directive from Cuaron himself!
  3. Yeah that correlates with what Mike said in that podcast. There was an early demo (who knows if they actually recorded it with a proper orchestra in LA or whatever) that they used on set, separate from the album/film version and teaser.
  4. Appears my box is still awaiting clearance at customs. Bloody ridiculous. It got from an office in Burbank to halfway across the world in less time than it's spent sitting on a shelf just waiting for someone to tick it off.
  5. Frequencies above 16kHz are clipped on the LLL for some reason, while the same passages of music are not clipped on the OST.
  6. My Dracula shipping was stuck on this same description for 6 days without an update. The good news is that the next update was, "on the truck for delivery." So it basically means it's on a plane and out of USPS' tracking range. Nothing to worry about. Your next update will hopefully be at your local post office
  7. So the frequencies are cut off above 16 kHz in sections? That's weird. The same segments on the OST don't have that cutoff (at least in the directly comparable sections like Watching the Past or the start of Buckbeak's Flight, unless MM used different takes from the OST for those portions?)
  8. There's a segment in the COS Quidditch material that sounds like the end of Clash of Lightsabers. 3:49 here: Compared to 4:36 here: (sorry, can't timestamp the clips on my phone)
  9. The scores really are a bounty of Williams songs aren't they?!
  10. Yes it does! They snubbed it for Best Picture but awarded a bunch of sympathy wins like writing and score. Combine that with Williams cancelling himself out with that bloody double nomination and he got Bradbury'd.
  11. Yeah it's funny how every year he actually stands a chance of winning again, some gimmicky reason comes along to stop it from happening (Brokeback Mountain getting an apology Oscar because they snubbed it from getting Best Picture, Morricone a few years ago getting his first Oscar because he'd been ignored countless times in the past, etc.)
  12. They lost all relevance to me when Williams lost for Memoirs of a Geisha against 30 minutes of guitar solos (that shouldn't have qualified for a nomination in the first place). Life of Pi was a very worthy, memorable winner in 2013 against Lincoln though. I believe even Williams was a fan of Danna's work that year. But Williams has generally been snubbed ever since Schindler's List because he's unfairly compared against his own body of work, rather than the body of work by all composers nominated that year.