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  1. Yes that was true of the LSO but I believe recently this has changed for LA musicians.
  2. I'll laugh if IX basically Alien 3's Rian's film, but I don't see it happening. JJ pitched this before the fan division over TLJ was apparent. He might personally dislike Rian's story choices but he'll probably be reasonably respectful.
  3. That was like 14 years ago! The rules have changed a lot since then. For starters, you can't submit a FYC that isn't an exact replication of how the score appears in the film, complete with edits and tracked music. Williams was still submitting his OST presentations around 2005.
  4. Well I hope all 4 CDs are actually in your case when they finally arrive!
  5. At least you folks can listen to disc 1! The program could be backwards for all I care.
  6. 7 minutes out of about 110? Williams was quite boastful about it. TFA relies very heavily on new thematic material. Rey, Kylo x2, Jedi Steps, Resistance March, Poe, Finn's motif and so forth. TLJ has a lot less original music, or music that doesn't reference existing themes.
  7. I feel like this was potentially setting up a future plot involving the financiers of the war machine of both the First Order and Republic/Resistance, as if the entire war is being fueled by some greater evil with the intent of dividing the galaxy. But that's not really the type of story you resolve in the final chapter of a trilogy. I also doubt JJ will bother exploring that, just as Rian jettisoned most of the mysteries JJ left wide open.
  8. That moment is in the credits on the OST around 5:30.
  9. E. A score shall not be eligible if: 1. it has been diluted by the use of pre-existing music, or 2. it has been diminished in impact by the predominant use of songs or any music not composed specifically for the film by the submitting composer
  10. Don't get your hopes up, it's almost entirely Rey's Theme (which is a big no no for an FYC). More likely there'll be tracks with existing themes buried into other music, so likely a lot of the action flourishes scattered around the film.
  11. I'm legit surprised they didn't change the ending to something more ambiguous with Luke. Brave decision to willingly write out both Luke and Leia in the one film. Thematically though, I can also understand why Johnson didn't want to change that ending. The whole film is about letting go of the past, and thematically Luke's death was the culmination of those themes.
  12. When you think about the way Empire humanises the evil Darth Vader and sets up a redemption storyline, that would actually have been quite polarising at the time (considering we only know him from his appearance in SW). Johnson was on the right track by subverting expectations. The obvious route was for Luke to have this heroic redemption at the end of VIII and become the saviour for IX. Instead Rian basically bulldozed the OT and left a clean slate for JJ. Surprising to say the least! I do think the disappointment of Carrie not being able to fulfill the obvious story path they intended for her has left a bitter taste in people's mouths, because even Luke can't step in and fill that void now. I'm a little annoyed by that... but maybe it's for the best that we move on from the OT characters and Rey/Finn/Poe deservedly take center stage. Although good luck having 3P0 and R2 in there without feeling like third wheels.
  13. Hal Leonard Signature Editions

    I'm just surprised he didn't do an end credits suite ala Jedi Steps, considering how popular that piece has been in his concerts for the last two years? Just a bit odd.
  14. We'll be lucky to get more than 15 minutes of unreleased music, IMHO. They could just as easily scrap half the thematic stuff and make the FYC 40 minutes long.