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  1. Surely not more unreleased Azkaban music...
  2. Yes, that's bugged me for a while as well. Bit distracting.
  3. I highly doubt Williams has even started writing yet, outside of some sketches he might have jotted down in the 22 months since finishing TLJ. And he probably integrated those ideas into his work for Solo or Galaxy's Edge.
  4. If it's any consolation for Williams, there should be far less rewrites for IX simply due to the tighter schedule. JJ doesn't have the luxury of changing each scene half a dozen times throughout post this time around (and making the scoring process a timing/tonal nightmare). 800+ takes for a film score is unheard of in the SW saga. From an artistic perspective, I can completely understand why Williams might not have enjoyed the process for TFA much, even if he publicly said otherwise. Let's not forget that it took many months before we even knew if he'd return for TLJ -- there was a veiled reluctance to come back for whatever reason. Yes, we can all speculate till the cows come home, but it's very clear that Disney have bent over backwards to accommodate Williams since he came onboard in 2013. Now, if they can just bend over backwards to hire Mike Matessino for OT and PT trilogy expansions...
  5. Coke music fanfare at 8:22!
  6. I'd love to hear both Williams' recorded trailer cues for TFA.
  7. Of course. It's just an intriguing series of events considering said rumours. Williams ends up scoring the main theme for the anthology film following Rogue One, which the film's composer is obliged to adapt as a blueprint for the score proper. Not long after, rumours start circulating that Giacchino is involved in scoring music for Galaxy's Edge with Williams only for JW to score it solo.
  8. crumbs

    Across the Stars for Anne-Sophie Mutter

    I've never heard anything from that score. Should be fun hearing a modern arrangement of something he wrote decades ago that I'm not familiar with.
  9. The Giacchino thing is definitely intriguing though, given the context/rumours swirling around Williams and Rogue One. You really have to wonder what happened behind closed doors...
  10. Well there were early rumours that Williams and Giacchino were "collaborating" on music for the theme park. Then months later Williams was announced as writing the music with no trace of Giacchino. So either that early rumour was just a very good guess and got the Giacchino part wrong, or plans ... changed.
  11. Love the music for the reveal of the case's contents. It's very Indiana Jones, isn't it? It should be a sub-genre of JW musical moments: thematic statements for the 'reveal' of something hidden. 😍
  12. These are fun! How cool to have new JW Star Wars music filling the gap between TLJ and TROS. No doubt kept the series fresh in his mind during his 2 year writing hiatus between films. I have to admit, I wasn't all that enamored by this theme after the first reveal, but the more we've heard of it (and the more obvious it's become that the initial reveal was a truncated version of JW's suite), the better it's become. As others have said, it sounds like something Williams would've written between the OT and PT, rather than something halfway through the ST. Would be nice to know what the deal is with those cantina pieces. The one in the video above sounds a little too derivative of the original to be a new JW arrangement, but it's definitely got that fun jazzy hook that sounds like Williams.
  13. I bet he didn't expect to reprise Leia's theme after TLJ, or Han Solo and the Princess after TFA, but here we are!
  14. The only dumpster fire on JWFan is the hostile negativity pervading these threads, where enjoying or being positive about something is drowned out by antagonistic cynicism. People can actually separate the fact that movies are made (first and foremost) to be profitable. Likewise, that filmmakers also strive to make them entertaining for fans who enjoy the escapism the series provides. It never ceases to amaze me how posters, who proclaim their disdain for these new films ad nauseam, feel so compelled to relentlessly promote their opinions and ruin discussion by those who actually enjoy them. It's no wonder so many good posters have migrated to the Discord where you can actually have civil discussions on topics without the onslaught of vacuous negativity.