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  1. Are 2, 3 and 4 worth getting if you have no interest in other composers adapting Williams themes? I want to order Superman but the prohibitively expensive international shipping has forced me to order far less often and instead wait until there's multiple titles I want. Only problem is not knowing when LLL's next Williams release might be (could be November for all I know).
  2. crumbs

    Williams' scariest music?

    That entire sequence is utter nightmare fuel. Williams did good.
  3. Definitely! The complete score followed by a remastered OST followed by alternates. That should fill up two CDs quite nicely
  4. So I'm less inclined to think The Throne Room will wrap up the credits again, now that MM has provided some insight into John's thought-process regarding IX. If he's not approaching the score as his farewell to the saga, I think he's more likely to close out this trilogy on this trilogy's themes. Time will tell!
  5. Loved Mike's little insight about SW IX. Not only confirming the speculation that Williams has stepped back from conducting duties this year to conserve energy for writing/conducting IX, but that John was seemingly misquoted or taken out of context regarding IX being his final Star Wars score. He's apparently happy and open to return if Disney have any further Episode films in the near future. To hear Williams doesn't consider IX will be his final score in the series (or, at least, that's not how he's approaching the score) is interesting, certainly changes my expectations for the score. Also seems to debunk those rumours about an imminent retirement (from SW or otherwise). Probably explains the West Side Story situation as well, although arguably he would've turned that down even if IX wasn't on his plate this year. Fantastic interview, this was. Brilliant stuff @TownerFan. And huge thanks to Mike for being so open and accessible to fans regarding these releases. It certainly reaffirms that these aren't just soulless corporations producing these expansions, rather genuine fans who are just as passionate about preserving the legacy of John Williams as we are.
  6. crumbs

    Across the Stars for Anne-Sophie Mutter

    No, no, it's Ray (Tom Cruise's character) from War of the Worlds! This explains why Williams snubbed that score from the last collaboration album!
  7. crumbs

    What will the title of SW Ep. IX be?

    Title officially announced as Star Wars: The Ancient Fear
  8. Plus that heartbreaking new Hook arrangement we heard a few years back (before YouTube took the video down). I believe that's rarely been performed and only sprung up a few years ago around the time of Robin's death. So many goodies for a future album, especially Ivanka's Theme and TLW concert version. I thought the new Spielberg album contained those arrangements from Lincoln though? There's two versions of With Malice Towards None... are there others? And we desperately need a definitive recording of HS&TP (Revised Version). The LSO gave a splendid performance but it's tarnished by humming! Surprised it wasn't featured in this concert; it's one of Williams' best pieces in years (I guess we needed to hear Yoda's Theme for the thousandth time instead). At least we got the Adagio...
  9. crumbs

    Across the Stars for Anne-Sophie Mutter

    A new arrangement of Rey's Theme for violin?! Boy oh boy, how I'm looking forward to this! EDIT: September?! So farrrrrrrrrrrr.........
  10. crumbs

    What will the title of SW Ep. IX be?

    Star Wars: Now We Kill Everyone Else You Loved From The Original Trilogy
  11. So... how about that Hobbit book, hey? I'm a little late on current events but is this likely to be bundled with a rarities CD with unreleased tracks? Seeing as complete recording type releases of this trilogy seem highly unlikely, for one reason or another.
  12. crumbs


    Great photo of Williams from Rian Johnson, presumably from the TLJ recording sessions (which we've seen far too little of)
  13. crumbs

    What will the title of SW Ep. IX be?

    Star Wars: The Cruel Usurper Named Thrawn