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  1. I think if we can determine the music that originally accompanied the "epic" wide shot of the herd being chased (tracked with the big statement of the main theme in the final film), it will help place the original edit of the sequence.
  2. ... Yes! Highly deliberate and very intentional.
  3. Great news -- Williams could finish RPO, take a few months off, then spend the rest of 2018 writing Star Wars IX (assuming he wants to do it...) I doubt anyone here could've expected Williams would write 3 new Star Wars scores in the space of 4 years in his mid-80s.
  4. If they took the Unforgiven approach it could work great. the hands of a competent writer, at least. Koepp gives me no cause for optimism here.
  5. They should've used the alternate Torn Apart!
  6. Well that's kind of the formula, isn't it? Not saying it's original (it clearly isn't) but at least they haven't jumped the shark with clones of Palpatine/Vader or whatever the EU did. Frankly I'm not convinced Lucas' prequel approach was any better. We basically had the Emperor in disguise through all 3 films, and a new villain-of-the-week in each sequel which, save for the always-reliable Christopher Lee, were cartoonish non-entities. Star Wars is based on a formula; they're just following the previous incarnations of that formula a little too closely. I have no issues with them keeping the ingredients of Star Wars, but agree they need to mix up the method!
  7. I've always been curious about the deleted scenes from TLW; it feels like there were lots of them! That one in particular, as it's one of the few we have footage/photographic evidence of.
  8. Johnson is a far better director than JJ, IMO. More creative too. I have more faith in his screenwriting abilities than Abrams.
  9. Goldsmith's theme is present in all the score samples so far. Sounds much closer to Alien than Prometheus.
  10. Wasn't this exact scenario a plot device in Homeland a few years ago?
  11. There's quite clearly a synth choir in the mix at that section. Only subtle but it's there. Maybe a hint of things to come.
  12. The latest batch of stills for this film are pretty interesting. It appears this films starts right where Prometheus left off, as I think the suggestion that this film is just a soft reboot of Alien are off the mark. It feels much more like Prometheus 2 than the marketing is letting on (probably due to the inverse situation with Prometheus, where it was promoted as Alien 0 but ended up being entirely different).
  13. My original comment was just making the point that temping a Star Wars film to be scored by John Williams with Star Wars music is a pointless exercise. Edit the film until it works and breathes as its own entity, rather than finding edit and sync points that line up with action scenes composed for entirely different films. If it's more about "finding a mood," ala Lucas' temping classical pieces in the OT/PT (eg: Adagio for Immolation Scene), that's more understandable.
  14. Well that puts it in perspective; the last time it happened was before Williams had written Star Wars.