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  1. I hope this includes brand-new, digitally remastered prequel OSTs!
  2. Fuck, I hope it has a hologram!
  3. SPIELBERG, Upcoming HBO documentary

    Yes I watched Bridge of Spies and yes it was incredibly idealistic. I also didn't see what all the fuss was about, despite the technical proficiency on display. But it's a great example (as is CMIYC) of Spielberg balancing these conflicting viewpoints, whereas most of his other films have tipped heavily in one direction or the other, for better or worse. Personally though, I'm far more engrossed watching him explore his disturbed, nihilistic sensibilities -- the part of him that gave us A.I.
  4. SPIELBERG, Upcoming HBO documentary

    I think it boils down to this: pessimistic & cynical Grandpa Spielberg (in line with, well, reality) is a hell of a lot more interesting than the saccharine, optimistic & idealistic Grandpa Spielberg. He's grown as a person and, unsurprisingly, his attempts at recapturing that youthful idealism will always come across as forced and false. I have no idea what to expect from RPO but I suspect it will continue this trend (unless it's vastly more dystopian than expected, in line with MR and WOTW).
  5. SPIELBERG, Upcoming HBO documentary

    Boy, will people be in for a shock when Indy 5 is just as disappointing as Indy 4 (especially with certifiable hack David Koepp writing the screenplay again -- did Spielberg seriously not pay any attention to what was wrong with the last one?)
  6. SPIELBERG, Upcoming HBO documentary

    Excellently put. TOD would look incredible in B&W. The beautiful high-contrast lighting would shine through regardless of colour. Yes! Early reports from insiders suggested Kaminski would personally supervise the grade to ensure it matched Slocombe's work, but it ended up resembling a fucking cartoon! When you see ungraded shots in the trailers/BTS vision (plus the pre-CGI jungle chase) you can't help but scratch your head and wonder what Spielberg was smoking. Ironically KOTCS closer resembles the SW prequels, rather bizarre when you consider they shot on film in animorphic, were attempting to match the original trilogy, and Kaminski is notorious for heavy grain -- yet the film looks scrubbed clean as if it were shot digitally. I believe this was his first DI so maybe he got too excited by the new toys? With photography, it doesn't take much manipulation of the image before it enters that realm of being unrealistic/tampered with (nobody believes Instagram posts labelled #nofilter). Schindler's List changed him and there's an obvious pattern ever since. His darker, more mature films that continued his evolution as a filmmaker (Munich, A.I., Minority Report) are vastly more interesting than his attempts at recapturing his past and former self (KOTCS, TLW, BFG).
  7. The Phantom Menace vs. The Force Awakens

    I listened to the TPM OST last night for the first time in years. The mix of cues is so jarring! Tracks jump all over the place chronologically, proving more distracting than anything (especially if you're familiar with the film score). I much prefer his newfound appreciation for linear, chronological presentations, where you can follow the thematic development in its rightful order.
  8. lol And I was outraged by the $5.95 booking fee!
  9. Ah hah! Knew there had to be a context, like he was being interviewed at an event for Gia or something. Almost makes it amusingly awkward, considering JJ's discussing a film Gia probably won't have any involvement in. BTW JJ, you forgot Jurassic Park!
  10. Not to start panic stations or anything but... what the hell is this quote?! Abrams from an interview with the BBC:
  11. The Lost World has a concert arrangement that's different (and IMHO superior) from the OST version and we don't have a quality recording of it. As far as I'm aware, Williams never wrote anything for A.I. that isn't presented on the LLL release. Besides, every main theme gets the 'concert arrangement' treatment at some point in the score proper... in a perfect world Williams would revisit the score and write a comprehensive suite of the film's themes, even a new arrangement of Monica's Theme/The Blue Fairy Theme, but I can't see it happening. Who knows, maybe he considers both scores a "closed book" now Matessino/LLL have given them both comprehensive presentations, leaving him little interest in revisiting them again.
  12. Matessino on the phone: Yes, Mr. Williams, yes... These are just straight OST reissues! Yes, you did include all this music! Yes, it was always 3 discs...
  13. Maybe in a general sense. I'm sure their focus will be getting Episode IX off the ground before devoting too many resources to Indy 5. With Spielberg directing, the film will basically run itself. As far as expansions though, tying in new soundtrack expansions with another film (and hopefully a new Williams score) makes the most sense. That's why we got the Concord expansions in 2008, after all.
  14. If that title is any indication about the level of creativity in this film, it's doomed.