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    Rank the JW Star Wars OST albums

    Just curious why you ranked these equal last? For my money, TFA and TLJ have the most chronological and least-manipulated/edited OSTs in the saga. Arguably, they're also the OSTs that leave the fewest highlights unreleased from the complete score. My big negative for TLJ's OST is the very skewed impression of recycled old music vs original music it gives. TFA's OST contains a couple too many boring underscore tracks that could've been replaced by far more interesting material (fortunately some of those tracks wound up on the FYC).
  2. Why so? It's increasingly clear that Kennedy and Spielberg have been "screen testing" composers over the last few years in Gia/Powell/Silvestri/Newman, all of whom would've had Williams' stamp of approval (plus Desplat, but we know what happened there). If I had to guess, I'd say Powell's effort on Solo has garnered the most positive feedback internally amongst Williams' camp.
  3. How long is the complete score anyway? Don't think I've ever seen a breakdown of how much music is unreleased, relative to the OST. I guess part of the 'Holy Grail' status comes from the fact that, like Jane Eyre, urban legend says the scoring sessions are lost to time. I've never actually seen Dracula but the brief clips on YouTube look like it was shot yesterday! And Williams' score underpins the drama superbly.
  4. crumbs

    Star Wars - Live To Projection Concerts

    John Williams has veto rights on which SW scores are being performed live to picture. There's your answer. I expect a Last Jedi announcement before the end of the year though.
  5. I'll happily be proven wrong but I somehow doubt Williams will have much interest writing a new Indiana Jones score when he's 89.
  6. Probably just an oversight. Indy will just revert to Disney Records anyway.
  7. Any suggestions about who to contact? I'm a long way from England.
  8. You could do worse... he'd be on my shortlist of composers to score IX if Williams couldn't.
  9. Bette Midler is reportedly in talks to play Rose Tico's abusive mother. Sarah Jessica Parker will be portraying a Fathier.
  10. I predict one of the final scenes of IX will feature Luke "reuniting" with Ghost Leia and becoming one with the Force (ie, his spirit dying). Kind of like the final scene in Hocus Pocus when Binx reunites with his sister and walks into the sunset. Just imagine Williams scoring that! They could easily re-purpose unused footage of Carrie from TFA and TLJ to accomplish that. I'm still convinced Luke will be a lead character in IX that haunts Kylo in Force Ghost form, but it'll be kept under wraps.
  11. Journey to the Island. Was the track that made me fall in love with film music and John Williams at age 5.
  12. Exactly. I have no idea what film the people savaging it were expecting, but it's a fucking Jurassic Park movie, not Citizen Kane. I went in with similarly low expectations after hearing all the mixed reviews and was pleasantly entertained.
  13. Gennaro: "We are facing a twenty million dollar lawsuit by the family of that worker and you're telling me Hammond can't even bother to see me?" Mine Supervisor: "He had to leave early. He wants to be with his daughter, she's getting a divorce."
  14. crumbs

    Official Indiana Jones 5 Thread

    Yeah, rather perplexing that we ended up with the resulting score, considering his apparent excitement for the project. Textbook "phoning it in" Williams, sad to say. Right down to the blatant lifts from other scores (like WOTW and all the note-for-note Raiders quotes). Gosh, Irina's Theme is fantastic though, plus the Jungle Chase and end credits suite. I can't stand Mutt's concert suite but Williams is clearly fond of it.
  15. Yep, the whole Fisher situation is another problematic issue. Plus how to deal with Luke, because clearly that was one of the issues that saw Trevorrow get the ass. Do you bring him back in a meaningful capacity (Force Ghost haunting Kylo)? Do you retcon what TLJ did just to appease the fanbase? Do you stick to your guns and let the past stay dead? And as you said, you have to wrap up not only this trilogy but the trilogy of trilogies! It's a hard ask for any director and writer. There'd be less than a handful of people I'd entrust with that job... and Trevorrow definitely isn't on that list. And the deadline is less than 18 months away, without even starting production... No wonder these directors love Williams writing the score, because it's one aspect of the production they can basically just "set and forget."
  16. Geez I don't envy the position JJ is in for the this film. If he doubles down on TLJ, half the fanbase will crack the shits. If he just reverts to safe mode, he essentially repeats the same mistakes he made on TFA and pisses off the other half. This film is basically the impossible sequel.
  17. crumbs

    Official Indiana Jones 5 Thread

    It's probably the worst Williams score of the last decade, if not longer. He clearly didn't give a shit about the assignment, and I say that as a massive JW fan. It's like he saw how Spielberg was phoning in so many of the bland expository scenes and decided to follow suit with mundane, uninspired underscore. I don't blame JW whatsoever though, the fault lies with the terrible movie he was asked to score.
  18. crumbs

    Official Indiana Jones 5 Thread

    Using a publicity photo from TLC as an in-movie prop kinda epitomises everything wrong with KOCS.
  19. crumbs

    Official Indiana Jones 5 Thread

    Wow-ee, surely the least surprising news ever. Koepp's script must have been absolute rubbish (also the least surprising news ever) to trash it after so many years in development. Glad that they're mixing things up because any idiot would've known not to re-hire the writer of KOTCS for another Indy. What a shame they've wasted 3 years of development under Koepp's hand, when the film could've been ready to shoot this year with a competent writer on board. KOTCS had a similar revolving door of writers and they still ended up with a terrible movie. Just keeping my fingers crossed Kasdan can reignite the original spirit of the series, but I don't envisage this starting production anytime soon. Can anyone see Williams scoring this now? Williams will be 89 in 2021.
  20. Interesting. The first thing that occurred to me is she's the first child character in the entire series that isn't a child of divorce!
  21. crumbs

    Is Dracula (1979) Soundtrack Lost to Time?

    Perhaps it will be one of the side benefits of this major project LLL just announced with Universal, which has surely opened up huge swathes of their archives for LLL to plough into. Maybe Dracula turned up unexpectedly, mistakenly stored in the wrong place? I'll be gutted if it was lost in those fires a few years back. We'll likely never know, if that was its ultimate fate.
  22. crumbs

    Is Dracula (1979) Soundtrack Lost to Time?

    Do we have a clear idea of whether the session tapes are misplaced, deteriorated or burnt? As Alien 3 proved, you never know when tapes might turn up, if they're "merely" missing. Unfortunately digital masters won't save us this time. Was it for the Dracula or Jane Eyre sessions that rumour spread about tapes being reused for other scores or binned after recording?
  23. He buggered off to shoot Amistad before TLW's stocks had even finished developing. He did the film out of obligation more than anything else (and the lucrative pay day).
  24. No argument, there. Spielberg was thoroughly misguided in whatever the hell he thought he was doing with KOTCS. Clearly it wasn't a film he really cared for and certainly not the Indy 4 he wanted. At least TLW is brutal, violent and dark -- even on a bad day Spielberg churns out far more interesting work in this mode (TLW, WOTW, AI, MR) than he does in fluffy, family-friendly mode (Terminal, War Horse, KOTCS, BFG). There's an obvious common thread in both films though... and I'm not talking about the editor, composer or cinematographer (who are all highly accomplished at their respective crafts).
  25. There's a lot of pretty pedestrian cinematography during the daylight scenes at the trailers atop the cliff. You can tell when Spielberg was just phoning in the boring talky scenes. It reminds me of KOTCS. Lots of great looking stuff interspersed with some really disinterested, bland framing.