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  1. 1999 AP Williams/Phantom Menace Article

    Might have been recorded as a rehearsal on day one, just to get the orchestra in the right mode?
  2. 1999 AP Williams/Phantom Menace Article

    They did record part of her concert suite for an early version of the credits didn't they? Wasn't something found in the video game music? Not used in the movie obviously but perhaps recorded as an option for Lucas.
  3. Williams confirms EPISODE IX !!

    Oh, they'd know. After all, they've asked him to parachute in and help link Solo into the chronology with his music.
  4. Williams confirms EPISODE IX !!

    True that, there's still time to ditch Williams and go with someone cheaper!
  5. Star Wars Concert Suites

    Worth noting that The Jedi Steps and Finale has two different endings, depending on conductor preference.
  6. I don't see how anyone couldn't hear the parallels; it was obvious as far back as the second trailer. I even raised the idea that the motif might be a sampled reworking of something Williams wrote for TLJ. We're talking about the son of Darth Vader committing the ultimate sacrifice by "confronting" the grandson of Darth Vader (to save his sister and the Rebellion). The shadow of Darth Vader looms large upon the entire sequence, so fittingly the shadow of his theme looms heavily upon the score.
  7. What will the title of SW Ep. IX be?

    Star Wars: Balance of the Force
  8. THE POST - SCORE Thread

    I definitely had a newfound appreciation for the score after seeing the film. Knowing the visuals it accompanies really reminds you what a genius Williams is at matching his music to Kaminski's shots. Just superb stuff.
  9. THE POST - SCORE Thread

    It must be intentional?
  10. Williams confirms EPISODE IX !!

    All for dissenting opinions but there's a solid 3+ hours of wholly original score between the two films, and that's just the officially released music. Yes, there's more reused thematic material in TLJ than TFA but it's outweighed by new trilogy music. Either way, just don't see any benefit whatsoever to Williams not scoring IX vs scoring it. The alternative is no score at all. It's not like Star Wars is getting in the way of some unheard magnum opus; Williams is only scoring Star Wars and Spielberg now. I'm not losing sleep over the lack of Bridge of Spies or Ready Player One scores. I'd much rather hear Williams' culmination of four decades of thematic development.
  11. Williams confirms EPISODE IX !!

    Are you even reading my posts? Where did I say this? I specifically went out of my way to point out I'm NOT comparing the works themselves but rather the achievement of writing it over such a period of time.
  12. Williams confirms EPISODE IX !!

    Who cares? You have to be joking, right? What's not utterly fascinating about a composer who wrote a suite of themes over 4 decades ago, and whose style and artistic leanings have evolved and matured in the intervening years, is still expanding upon these ideas with his modern sensibilities? That's half the reason the evolution of Star Wars scoring is so fascinating! Could Williams have written a piece like Duel of the Fates for the original trilogy? Could he have written a piece like Rey's Theme for the prequel trilogy? To simply disregard this and turn it into a dick-size contest about how many minutes were spent writing the music is to completely disregard context, which is the whole point of an artistic work. I think you'll find Williams spent about 10 months on each of TFA and TLJ, so that's completely incorrect. I'd also question that Williams wrote and recorded ANY of the OT/PT scores in the span of only 10 weeks. The recording sessions alone, and the revisions they entail, take about 2 weeks.
  13. Williams confirms EPISODE IX !!

    We can debate the artistic merit of these pieces for eternity but I think statements like the one you mentioned are specifically in reference to the time spent working on one piece and the volume of music it contains. The closest comparisons have already been discussed. Wagner's Ring Cycle (about 15 hours of music) was written over ~26 years. LOTR/Hobbit (about 18 hours of music) spans ~15 years. So in this sense, one composer over 43 years assembling ~20 hours of music building upon leitmotivic writing is without peer.
  14. THE POST - FILM Thread

    Saw it last night, absolutely loved it. Captivating from start to finish and I was expecting a saccharine melodrama. In fact, it's probably my favourite Spielberg movie since Munich -- it took me several viewings to warm to Lincoln/Bridge of Spies and I only found BFG/War Horse/Tintin to be okay/good. It's a very accessible movie with just the right amount of comedy to balance the drama. It's perfectly paced too, credit to Kahn and his protege for their excellent editing. Streep was captivating and I loved her character's arc, plus all her nuanced idiosyncrasies. You really feel for her unenviable position, especially in that touching scene with her daughter. She thematically and literally "finds her voice" across the movie. And even though you know how the film ends, it really works as a thriller watching her wrestle all these conflicting viewpoints before deciding to publish. And of course, the latter Williams tracks work brilliantly when the moment occurs -- the spotting is simply perfect, as you mentioned. The film didn't need any more or less music to convey its drama. Camera work was vintage Spielberg. All those amazing extreme closeups (that are perfectly scored) of the type assembly, plus the wide shots of the printing room at the end were delicious. Especially loved that elevated shot circling above Streep as she listened over the phone to everyone pleading their case to publish/not publish. Also loved that old-style Spielberg scene in Hanks' office where the intern was describing the girl that dropped off the package while the rest of the team are having a totally different conversation. Very Close Encounters! Can't say I was the biggest fan of the tacked on ending, even if Williams scored it cleverly. It mostly felt unrelated to the core drama of the film, which is ultimately Streep's decision. The cinema was also packed, which surprised me! Not just older folks but even young adults, so it seems to have a nice mix of demographics.
  15. It's a bit like trying to include the alternate OST opening for I Can Fly Anything into the FYC track, just doesn't really work. The best solution might be including OST track from 0:00 to 0:48, then transitioning into the similar strings ostinato that starts the FYC track. That way you repeat a small section of Rose's Theme but, as this is the first appearance of her theme in the score, it's actually a nice introductory reprise. I personally don't have an issue with JW's combined tracks unless they really mess with the chronology (Who Are You for example, which will definitely be broken up).
  16. THE POST - FYC (For Your Consideration) Album

    Well there you go. Didn't realise anyone on JWFan had it. Lucky people!
  17. I tried but stopped. That first 25 seconds of the OST track is hard to isolate because the cues overlap. There might be another way of including it, just not sure yet.
  18. THE POST - FYC (For Your Consideration) Album

    No one has the FYC yet, well, other than Academy voters.
  19. Yeah I'm not sure where I'll drop the concert suite for TLJ's expansion. It just doesn't fit at the end after the credits, which end on such a mysterious, incomplete note. TRIB kind of ruins that ending. I suspect there will be some patches of consecutive underscore in the first half of the score where it will slot right in.
  20. People are just butthurt TLJ wasn't the film they wanted it to be. Rian did something different so automatically it's "wrong." The hyperbole across the internet is predictable and cringeworthy. Mind you, this is after two years of people bitching that TFA was just a rehash! Just reading through Rian's Twitter comments made me embarrassed; what a horrible reflection on the Star Wars community that people are basically threatening him over it. It's just a movie folks! Go vent your anger and frustration at something important like poverty or world hunger.
  21. I might wait until the Blu-ray features are announced to start a chronological edit, in case Rian successfully lobbied Disney to include an iso score track. Maybe some clever Disney tech will master the director's commentary track in such a way that the score is isolated on the surrounds (left, right and rears) and put Rian's voice on the centre channel, then we'd have both on the one track!
  22. Yeah I'm inclined to think that's music in the final cut and it is actually a record for Star Wars music left in the final film. TFA only had about 115 minutes in the film.
  23. Williams confirms EPISODE IX !!

    I cannot wait to hear how he wraps up Rey's Theme. I reckon he's had ideas bubbling around in his head that he might have held back from TLJ.
  24. Williams confirms EPISODE IX !!

    Spielberg would probably have to make the best film of his career for Williams to win for another drama score. There's a nice symmetry to giving it to him for a 9th Star Wars film. That's one hell of an achievement, probably one of the greatest in film music history.
  25. Williams confirms EPISODE IX !!

    No hyperbole but I do think IX is the most likely 6th Oscar at this point. They just won't reward his dramatic stuff anymore.