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  1. TLJ Score Wishes

    It's comprised of several action motifs that are recurring throughout the complete score, with reprisals of several ideas first presented in Escape.
  2. The Official La-La Land Records Thread

    Only just caught up on this thread and the potential for an Alien-related release. Well, with Intrada having already done Alien a few years ago, Aliens already released in Deluxe form, and LLL's 2010 Alien Resurrection expansion, only Alien 3 is left? Would surprise me, to say the least. We've heard nothing except bad rumours about the situation with Alien 3's master tapes for years, either that they were missing, damaged beyond repair or something else. Whether true or not, from FSM: A post from MV himself in 2013 stated this: Considering the film stems were used for the Bluray iso (rather than the sessions, as with the other 3 films), it backs up the theory that something is wrong with the master tapes. So if that was the hurdle, and they've found a new source for the sessions, that's huge news! EDIT: Reading further into that thread, here's another interesting tidbit from MV. Read into it what you will:
  3. TLJ Score Wishes

    There's definitely a handful too many Force Theme variations in the film, when other themes would've been a welcome change (and fit equally as well).
  4. TLJ Score Wishes

    Interesting, that hadn't occurred to me. Rey essentially has her primary theme and two short related motifs. Ren has two short themes (only a few bars long and rarely extrapolated) plus that related, snaking motif.
  5. TLJ Score Wishes

    Then what does this motif represent? I'm sure it appears elsewhere throughout TFA, whether in the final film or some of the unreleased cues.
  6. TLJ Score Wishes

    A bit less Force Theme, something other than Binary Sunset for the climax, a proper end credits suite along the lines of Jedi Steps and Finale, an additional concert suite rather than a combined one for the two primary new themes, and probably more choir for the third act (though I appreciate his restraint here and anything more than they actually used would probably be indulgent). Oh, and I wouldn't have allowed him to pull rank with his music editor and switch out the new Main Title recording for the TFA one without telling me...! Apart from that, not much. The score overall is fantastic, surely one of the most energetic and refined scores Williams has written in a decade. It's revelatory in complete form, especially the relentlessly dramatic final hour. Perhaps an additional recurring motif or two would've been nice, but it's an impressive effort hearing all the various motifs and themes bubbling along so seamlessly with such precision. I don't have any issues with the lack of a full-blown First Order March because it doesn't fit the story being told. Kylo now leads the First Order and I appreciate why Williams approached it the way he did. I'm expecting Ren's theme will receive the development/expansion we've craved in IX, now he's the lead villain. And besides, we got plenty of memorable brass fanfares to represent all the various First Order spaceships/weapons which is cooler than just one new recurring motif (of which the First Order already have, as included in That's Enough! and so forth).
  7. You're kidding yourself if you don't think Luke will be a main character in IX. His final line of dialogue is the hint of things to come.
  8. The Episode films should stop at 9. There's something off-putting about an Episode X-XI in 2030 with none of the original heroes (barring Chewy and R2) and no John Williams. It's the Skywalker saga, after all, and Kylo Ren doesn't appear to be heading towards a 'redemption' arc like his grandfather.
  9. What do you think about The Spark from The Last Jedi?

    Thematically it's also the most logical theme to use for Luke's introduction there, considering his entire appearance is an illusion of the Force.
  10. What do you think about The Spark from The Last Jedi?

    Yes! I haven't felt that way since No Man's Land in War Horse.
  11. What do you think about The Spark from The Last Jedi?

    Beautifully summed up. The entire cue is utter perfection. It feels like the most polished, most refined and best performed cue in the entire score. Probably of any score he's written in over a decade. Something just "clicks" with this piece, in a perfect combination of direction, visuals and music, yet it also stands alone as an incredible piece outside the film itself (like all great music does).
  12. Geez, that's bloody disappointing considering Williams is in London one week later. Vienna is only 2 hours by plane! He should've spent that week recording early concert pieces for Star Wars IX with the LSO!
  13. He seems to be pretty happy with this new arrangement then!
  14. Remasters of the First 6 Star Wars Soundtracks Coming May 4

    An apt description for the movie itself.
  15. Star Wars Prequel Trilogy expansions in 2019 (20th anniversary of Phantom Meance) Star Wars Original Trilogy expansions in 2020 (40th anniversary of Empire Strikes Back) Star Wars Sequel Trilogy expansions ... ? Potter Trilogy box? November 2018 from LaLa Land Records.
  16. I guess it depends on how you define it. If it's purely by the release of previously unreleased/unheard John Williams music, then I don't think 2002 or 2005 can be topped. Combined, I think the latter 4 scores would be longer in duration than the 4 scores in 2002?
  17. Remasters of the First 6 Star Wars Soundtracks Coming May 4

    It's noticeably hissy during quieter moments, especially at the start and end of tracks.
  18. I was half correct! Should I make another prediction about future expansions? Last year really was fantastic for us. Even 2018 is going well with a massive expansion of TLJ music and another new theme in the Star Wars universe.
  19. Remasters of the First 6 Star Wars Soundtracks Coming May 4

    More likely it was Gelb sighing audibly in the control room, exhausted by another dissatisfactory revision of Across the Stars. "We need the new Duel of the Fates, John! Fuck! Harpischords aren't fucking marketable to our target demographic! Where's the fucking choir?!"
  20. Remasters of the First 6 Star Wars Soundtracks Coming May 4

    Wonder what part of the AOTC recording/mixing pipeline introduced all that hiss?
  21. The Last Jedi: Guess The Temptrack.

    Not sure that would be the case for a Star Wars temp. At the very least I'm sure they had the entirety of TFA's recording sessions at their disposal. Who's the temp track editor? Ramiro?
  22. Is he writing a new theme for Rey in Episode IX?! We demand answers!
  23. Remasters of the First 6 Star Wars Soundtracks Coming May 4

    Yes the latter two prequels are a great example of short-sightedness on Lucas' part. For all his bluster about the advantages of digital technology, the inevitable 6K modern scans of the original trilogy will ultimately supersede the prequels (forever locked at 1080p). Now that's irony! Interesting titbit on Lord of the Rings too, Jay! I feel like there are untapped advantages to these super high audio resolutions that we're yet to unlock, but might discover in decades to come as audio technologies evolve. Mike Matessino planted an intriguing seed in my mind when he raised the notion that filmmakers could scan old multi-track masters and remix music into newer formats like Dolby Atmos, regardless of how long ago the score was recorded. Granted digital resolution and number of tracks are two different factors but we don't yet know what benefits these higher resolutions might yield in the future.
  24. Don't suppose you asked why he didn't write individual concert arrangements for Rose's and Luke's new theme in The Last Jedi?
  25. Remasters of the First 6 Star Wars Soundtracks Coming May 4

    Makes total sense. Albeit a different medium, a modern 4K film scan of film elements from the 80s will look infinitely cleaner, sharper and more detailed than a 4K scan of the exact same elements done 15 years ago. The technology to scan analog elements has improved dramatically to the point we can now transfer basically all information contained on those elements. And then there's the fact that older digital technology simply couldn't record at the higher definitions which are now commonplace. For all we know, the digital masters of the prequels were actually only recording at 48/16, and the only way to ascertain richer 192/24 masters was by scanning the analog elements (as they're not constrained by the limitations of digital resolutions).