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    Star Wars Disenchantment

    I'm so glad I've been informed that my opinion is wrong. Instead of liking the movie I now hate it, purely because of what other people think on the internet.
  2. The shrieking instrument he uses for the compys is really fucking annoying in large doses. I don't blame anyone for omitting those tracks. But as an overall listening experience in complete form, The Lost World is perfect. You need the slower, atmospheric tracks (like Finding Camp Jurassic and The Trek) to balance out the heavy action tracks (like Ripples or Rescuing Sarah). The score is easily one of Williams' best. My favourite Matessino release by a mile (and we have him to thank for it!)
  3. Yet the LLL release is only 2 minutes longer than the previous OST release!
  4. Exactly. I can understand including the OST if there's available space for it that would otherwise go unused. Let's say a score is hypothetically 85 minutes, meaning they need two discs anyway, and there's 75 minutes of available room on disc 2. No harm in bundling in the OST then (Jaws being a perfect example, with the full score + source music 81 minutes long). But if they have to add an extra disc just to include the OST presentation (which means additional manufacturing + shipping costs), and said OST includes zero material not already contained on earlier discs, it doesn't make sense to me. Just put whatever exclusive material is on the OST at the end of disc 2.
  5. I still cringe reading about how first generation masters were literally cut back in the day. It's amazing we didn't have more situations like we did with the Star Wars sessions, where the 16-track first generation film takes ended up in the hands of a private owner, because they'd been separated from the rest of the session masters.
  6. That's definitely just a deconstructed/incomplete rendition of the Force Theme, fittingly.
  7. I've never understood the point of including OST presentations on expanded/complete releases, if said OST only comprised film score cues. Sure, it makes sense for OSTs like E.T. where much of the material was recorded specifically for the OST, but would I want any of the Harry Potter OSTs included in that expanded set? Or the A.I. OST on that expansion? Or the Jurassic Park or Lost World OSTs on those releases? Including the OST for the sake of including the OST doesn't make much sense to me, unless there was something substantially wrong with the OST in the first place (either availability or audio quality).
  8. He said it was 'so close he could taste it.' That was 5 years ago.
  9. crumbs

    Star Wars Disenchantment

    Stop feeding the troll.
  10. crumbs

    Star Wars Disenchantment

    Has anyone ever been to the Cook Islands? I've been thinking about booking a holiday there but it seems the flights are pretty expensive. Are the beaches nice? Would the Maldives be better?
  11. I'm not familiar with the score. Is the OST important for some reason? Was it a complete re-recording and separate from the film sessions?
  12. No cues credited to Williams? Don't we know the latter half of Dice & Roll was Williams?
  13. crumbs

    The Official Varese Sarabande Thread

    Yes! It's going to be a 10 disc set, with 2 discs dedicated to percussion-only tracks.
  14. Superman needs 3 discs? That they put the source music for the 1st movie in the 2nd/3rd movie set implies otherwise; they wouldn't have made that sequencing choice if the first score had 3 discs of room.
  15. crumbs

    What are the sexiest soundtrack covers?

    I thought the thread title said SEXIST. Needless to say, I was slightly confused.
  16. Is there enough material for a 3CD Azkaban? I don't think they'd start with the third movie anyway. Seems a little strange in a series of 8 films. More likely the 3CD is PS by itself, if anything.
  17. A Potter trilogy set doesn't fit into this slate. Keeping in mind that Superman and Schindler's List are probably in that mix. Of course, I'm assuming a "title" means a single film. I don't think a trilogy of scores would be referred to as a single title.
  18. crumbs

    Star Wars Disenchantment

    At the pancake parlour it is.
  19. That release vanished from their upcoming release slate. I've been convinced for a while now that Potter ain't happening.
  20. crumbs

    Star Wars Disenchantment

    I'm about to say something really controversial here: savoury pancakes are disgusting.
  21. "So, what's the deal with A.I.? And all that hiss in Attack of the Clones?" "Also, what are your thoughts on Disney's anti-male, feminist agenda in The Last Jedi?"
  22. crumbs

    The Official Varese Sarabande Thread

    Dracula?! No! I'm talking about a complete release of Hans Zimmer and Junkie XL's masterpiece, Batman vs Superman: Dusk of Justine.
  23. Maybe it depends on the recording venue. It's doubtless expensive to upgrade all the equipment to be capable of recording at 32/192. Without knowing what resolution the digital masters of the prequels were capped at (16/48?), it's hard to determine if that's the only factor for why the new analogue scans are so superior to the original OST masters. Maybe it's just improved mixing? Either way, I'll be thrilled if any future Potter expansions have a SQ upgrade close to that of the prequel remasters (even if I think the Potter OSTs sound perfectly fine... but that MM is a genius!)