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  1. She did write Mask of the Phantasm
  2. I agree completely. All her villain themes are pretty much timeless and definitive
  3. Dune is one of my most anticipated movies in ages
  4. And Jeffrey Wright is supposedly playing Gordon. Interesting cast so far
  5. Paul Dano cast as The Riddler https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/heat-vision/batman-casts-paul-dano-as-riddler-1248494
  6. I've just finished one of the best games I have ever played: Return of the Obra Dinn, by Lucas Pope, who had previously that also terrific Papers, Please! Honestly, the game mechanics, the look, the atmosphere make it one of the most unique and memorable games in recent memory. It's not cutting edge nor high tech in its visuals, but conceptually it blows most games out of the water. If you like Graphic adventures with a bit a of twist, I can recommend this enough.
  7. I think that until Spielberg did the same thing in 2002, Zemeckis was the only director to have directed two plus 100 million dollars grossers in the same year
  8. I really want to. Hoping it opens around here eventually
  9. In that clip at the 00:58 mark (and also at the 1:33), you can hear that great 7 note motif, that on the OST, I think is only heard here: Looking forward in hearing extra renditions of that motif
  10. Williams did not score that one. But Mark Rylance is incredible
  11. Very much so. On the other hand, I've watching Breaking Bad and that one is more deserving of its reputation, for once
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