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  1. Cue Jurassic Park Gate or T-Rex Rescue and FInale. A LEGO Jurassic Park set just announced: More info here https://www.brothers-brick.com/2019/06/11/lego-reveals-75936-jurassic-park-t-rex-rampage-featuring-largest-dinosaur-ever-in-an-official-set-news/#more-180833
  2. Imperfect as this release may be, it's great to have the bulk of this score readily available
  3. I think his best work in 2019 was The Professor and the Madman. I quite enjoyed that one
  4. The movie was really well shot and they filmed the monsters from the same POV as if they were real animals, mostly fromt the group up, which makes everything that much more believable. But the movie itself was so dull
  5. TPM was a deeply flawed movie, but what a score. It goes through an immensity of orchestral colors and moods. It's one of the biggest showcases of JW's flair
  6. Does this 25% apply to gift certificates, like last year?
  7. Anything truly significant missing? Because this score is a great hole in my collection, this seems a great opportunity to get it
  8. Wasn't the track Magic from another Bernstein score?
  9. That would probably be the biggest dip in musical quality in the history of any movie franchise
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