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  1. RIP Jóhann Jóhannsson (1969-2018)

    I was so looking forward to him scoring Dune. One of the most interesting voices in filme music in these last few years. A very sad loss
  2. RIP John Morris

    I count three, at least, with Scott, Williams and Morricone
  3. My three favorite Zimmer scores are from the 21st century. They would be Hannibal The Da Vinci Code Interstellar
  4. Doug Adams' new podcast on Indy scores

    That was great, thank you
  5. Powell has worked several times with other composers. And it's only a theme. Some of the best composers of all time have based entire works on other people's theme. I think the news are tremendously excting
  6. I can't imagine a better scenario for the score for this movie, actually
  7. This is the best of both worlds, I find. Great news
  8. James did write this on the FSM thread: Just so people do not need to speculate...on my wish list are Dracula/the Curse of Frankenstein, The Vikings, Night of the Hunter, Jesus of Nazareth.....that's it...for now. I definitely will not be doing Black Patch or Face of the Fugitive...historically interesting Goldsmith scores but not particularly interesting musically....Spartacus....would cost twice as much as K of K and not a chance in he'll of even covering a small part of budget...and not really inclined to do any Herrmann as a sales disaster re Obsession.....but I can always be persuaded otherwise if enough people want to contribute their hard earned dosh! But for scores I love then I will fork out 50% of the total budget....but for others the "fans" will have to fun it 100%!!!
  9. Favorite short musical moments in Williams scores?

    That's one the most beautiful melodies JW has ever written. And to think it was nowhere to be heard in the OST...
  10. Where are the other statements of the theme besides in the End Credits and Chrome Dome?
  11. Now I really wished Rian Johnson was writing Episode IX, even with JJ directing. I'm afraid some of this backlash might reflect in a more conventional film