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  1. Those half a dozen episodes between Leland's death and the emergence of Windom Earle are when the show was at its worst. But I'd still say 75% of the series was gold
  2. Both, actually. And havving McCartney in the movie after having Keith in the 3rd seems so incredibly gimmicky
  3. It's got amazing heights and dismal lows, but the score is Menken's best and Hellfire and the opening sequence are probably my two favorite sequences of the Disney renaissance. Tony Jay was incredible
  4. Oh, is it real? I thought it was a joke, I really did
  5. New characters in this tv spot
  6. I enjoyed the score, the cinematography and Jason Isaacs, and that's pretty much it
  7. What a coincidence, I just bought the book today. I have never read a Stephen King book, and Salem's Lot seemed like a good place to start
  8. And that one was pretty much quoted verbatim by Horner in the beginning of The Land Before Time
  9. Actually, my favorite new character from TFA is Kylo Ren. And this scene pretty much sealed the deal for me:
  10. That's a special score