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  1. He would probably be busy with Dune
  2. Romão

    What Is The Last Film You Watched? (Older Films)

    The movie was really well shot and they filmed the monsters from the same POV as if they were real animals, mostly fromt the group up, which makes everything that much more believable. But the movie itself was so dull
  3. Romão

    The Phantom Menace is 20 years old.

    TPM was a deeply flawed movie, but what a score. It goes through an immensity of orchestral colors and moods. It's one of the biggest showcases of JW's flair
  4. Romão

    The Official La-La Land Records Thread

    Does this 25% apply to gift certificates, like last year?
  5. Romão

    Sony reissues Bernstein's Ghostbusters score

    Anything truly significant missing? Because this score is a great hole in my collection, this seems a great opportunity to get it
  6. Romão

    Sony reissues Bernstein's Ghostbusters score

    Wasn't the track Magic from another Bernstein score?
  7. That would probably be the biggest dip in musical quality in the history of any movie franchise
  8. Romão


  9. Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World. Specially the Cape Horn crossing scene
  10. Romão

    Anyone else over the spoiler hysteria?

    I think no great movie can truly be spoiled. But this is an era in which plot is far more valued than story
  11. I think I only enjoyed two MCU movies: the first Iron Man and the first Guadians of the Galaxy. I tried watching some of the other ones, but after a while I just gave up
  12. Romão

    What Is The Last Score You Listened To?

    I was blown away by the track Pursuit
  13. Romão

    What Is The Last Film You Watched? (Older Films)

    I agree that KOH has a lot more going for it under the surface than Gladiator, and presents a far more interesting story and themes. If it had a lead performance of the caliber of Crowe's in Gladitor, it probably would have been the clear superior movie. As it stands, perhaps not
  14. Romão

    What Is The Last Film You Watched? (Older Films)

    It o It could have been, if they had an actor of Crowe's caliber playing the Orlando Bloom role. What I said about Gladiator has its complete opposite in Kindgom of Heaven
  15. Romão

    What Is The Last Film You Watched? (Older Films)

    True, all the cast is quite good, but the movie relies totally on Crowe's performance. It's just not the verbal acting itself, it's a physical presence. It's pure screen charisma. I think Crowe is easily the biggest factor in the movie's sucess.
  16. Romão

    What Is The Last Film You Watched? (Older Films)

    Most of it rest on Crowe's shoulders. It's a very charismatic performance and presence. Any other actor in that role and the movie could colapse on itself
  17. Romão

    The Lion King (Jon Favreau)

    All the lions are played by black actors. Perhaps they didn't want Scar to be the exception. The only actor that returns is James Earl Jones
  18. Interesting interview with JJ Abrams, which covers a lot of ground concerning Bad Robot, but the first part is more focused on Episode IX https://www.fastcompany.com/90331236/exclusive-j-j-abrams-on-star-wars-apple-and-building-bad-robot-into-a-hollywood-force
  19. Romão

    Star Wars Disenchantment

    I used the to think that the Prequels would show that Obi-Wan was in fact Leia's father and the fact that Padme cheated Anakin with his master was the reason they fought and Anakin turned to the dark side. My evidence was that Leia's theme is heard when Obi-Wan dies. Youth
  20. Those four Batman movies had such great scores
  21. Well, Batman & Robin has a better score, at the very least