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  1. Great to hear. You have no idea how listening to your podcasts makes my working hours that much more enjoyable. Terrific work
  2. I've just started watching Breaking Bad, 5 episodes in. This is rather good, isn't it? After thinking stuff like Chernobyl and GOT were severely overpraised, it's nice to watch a show that might actually live up to its hype
  3. I don't think I've ever heard a better musical depiction of murky water. Love it
  4. Well, we're probably just discussing semantics, but I would rephrase by saying the LOTR movie trilogy is filled of things I don't like, stylistic touches that IMHO create awkward tonal shifts that go strongly against the spirit of Tolkien's writing
  5. But unless we're talkig about blatant technical flaws, but is really difference between something you don't like and a flaw?
  6. Come on, Steef, everything's subjective when we're discussing this sort of thing And you're absolutely right, I don't like the style. That's why those movies are deeply flawed to me
  7. They clash completely with the tone of Tolkien's writing. And if I don't like it, it naturally becomes a flaw in my eyes.
  8. Corny snow motion, bad color grading, bad green screen, silly heroic moments, cheesy one liners...I could go on and on. The series was at its best during the first hour of FOTR. It never reached those heights again I'll give you an example: When Gandalf approaches Theoden, and Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli kick the guards ass in the background...it's just so silly and cringy
  9. The Hobbit Trilogy is much worse that the LOTR, but you can see the seeds of its biggest flaws all over the LOTR trilogy
  10. I have a strong dislike for several parts of the LOTR trilogy. And all 6 of Jackson's Middle-Earth movies became worse as they went along
  11. We know La La Land will released an expanded JFK eventually
  12. I was thinking the exact same thing. There quite few similarities in their speech cadenza
  13. I was in that exact place two weeks ago. Absolutely stunning locale. Skelling Michael (aka Ahch-To island from the new Star Wars trilogy) is just off the right side of the shot, in the horizon
  14. Good picks. I only haven't heard The Informer. I own and like all the others
  15. The bridge on the main theme just makes my heart melt. Lovely stuff:
  16. I enjoyed maybe 10 minutes in total of Ragnarok, mostly Waititi's rock monster thing and any scene with Goldblum. Apart from that, I was bored to tears. I gave up on Marvel movies after that one
  17. I like 2001 for the most part, but the spaceship scenes, in act 2, apart from the shutting down Hal sequence, I find far too slow. I can't pretend to enjoy the middle act. I don't
  18. Rumor is that it will be one long, continuous take, ala Birdman. No idea how true that is
  19. The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn It had been a while since I listened to this. It's fantastic, the years have really been kind to it. Full of energy, enthusiasm, orchestral color. Not revolutionary, but great, great fun. And those first two tracks on the OST are absolute gold. Sometimes you listen to a score at the precise right time, and listening to Tintin now really hit the spot
  20. This cinematic universe trend, spread around separate movies, with post credits teasers for the next episode, it's something that honestly I just wish it would go away
  21. I was mesmerized by Blade Runner 2049. Great flick, wonderfully immersive
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