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  1. More than that - the complete score is 98 minutes, not including alternates. The 'Deluxe Edition' also retains all the microedits made for the 30 minute score album.
  2. I remember David Arnold's Overture from this being on his concert programme at the Royal Festival Hall in London a few years back. I'm sure he'd be open to an expanded release of the score if the rights can be untangled. Not sure if this was recorded in LA or London off the top of my head.... @Thor - good shout about Oldziey's Wing Commander music - it's fun stuff that is thoroughly deserving of more recognition!
  3. Jim Ware

    Newton-Howard Violin Concerti

    It's a very enjoyable piece. His new cello concerto premieres in LA later this month - hopefully a recording will follow! https://www.laco.org/events/kahane-on-mozart/
  4. That's exactly right. The preferred takes were combined by physically cutting and splicing the first generation tapes.
  5. Yes. It uses material from Aragorn's Return but goes in a different direction.
  6. Trivia - TTT's end credits originally had a different, more ambiguous ending.
  7. It's not an unusual scenario in this type of situation.
  8. Jim Ware

    Vinyl sound quality

    The mastering for vinyl will differ to address the limitations of the format, possibly with differences in compression or accentuation of different frequency bands. The high-resolution blu-ray (or DVD-audio from the earlier releases) remains the optimal delivery mechanism for this music.
  9. In the case of An Unexpected Journey, nothing was specifically recorded or re-recorded for the EE. The market scene was never scored with original music. The only EE scene with original music restored to the proper place is Bilbo exploring Rivendell (lr95a, the first part of The White Council on album).
  10. Jim Ware

    List of Williams session venues & engineers?

    The LSO discography (https://lso.co.uk/orchestra/history/discography.html) lists dates, venues and engineers for all scores recorded by that orchestra, including many key Williams scores.
  11. I don't know yet but will keep you posted!
  12. Only a couple of bars if I remember correctly.
  13. Peace (available on A Palace Upon The Ruins) is also on the programme.
  14. Yes, over a month after the main sessions (including Extended Edition material) were over. Five Armies finished scoring in early October (aside from a choral session in February 2015 for the Extended Edition).