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  1. I'm looking to unload The Accidental Tourist and The Poseidon Adventure (Johnnyboy version). Both are in perfect condition and ready to go. Anyone interested can pm me. The funds will aid me in locating my missing Ambersons footage.
  2. Agreed and I'm pretty sure Williams feels the same way.
  3. I was afraid of that. Just not sure it's worth the 5 hour drive. Out of curiosity, those that are going where are you staying? Looks like Lenox is an expensive area, so Albany was my second choice since it's only about 45 minutes from there. Any other suggestions?
  4. I'm really interested in going this year. Never been there before and looking for opinions. For anyone who has been to Tanglewood and the Mann Center in Philly, are they pretty much the same set up? What I'm curious about is how far back the lawn area is.
  5. Lord have mercy on your soul. How dare you talk about any aspect of my masterpiece in such a manner. :spiny: I personally love Herrmann and as Steef pointed out above, you either like his style or you don't. There is just a feel and mood I get when I listen to most of his scores that greatly appeals to me. I was lucky enough to attend the concert at New York in April and I think Scorsese's description nailed it. He said Herrmann's music is contemplative and makes you think about the very existence of life itself. That probably isn't the case for every single one of his scores, but I do think it's the general rule of thumb. If you haven't given Vertigo a listen I highly recommend that to be your next choice.
  6. I wasn't going to go initially, but now I'm changing my mind. Is it safe to assume that Spileberg and Scorsese will be there both nights?
  7. Had Star Wars on 8-track at the tender age of 6.
  8. Amen... specifically about him passing way too soon. Double amen to that. You have to blame Edwards for that mess. I recently watched The Life and Death of Peter Sellers and it felt to me as if the film made a mockery of him. Indeed he was eccentric, but it was quite unflattering at times.
  9. You don't have a hard drive? He has a hard drive alright...just ask Tippi.
  10. I do see what you mean and I hate what you are saying.
  11. Curious... very curious indeed.
  12. The score is a lot of fun and very different from anything he has done. Certainly worth getting for all die hard Williams fans.
  13. Rose Byrne as Vesper??? Have they gone completely mad over there at Bondland??? Hopefully this new Thandie Newton rumor pans out. Not sure she would have been my first choice, but certainly better than Padme's handmaiden.
  14. Why not just get a good used one off of Amazon? I think I got mine for about $5 in very good condition.
  15. Red Eye One of the worst movies I have seen in some time. I didn't expect much and that still wasn't enough. My only question is, what the heck was Brian Cox involving himself with this? Must have just been punching the time clock here.
  16. Definitely Amistad for me. The Patriot is one of those scores that just sits on the shelf and collects dust.
  17. Where's Citizen Kane? Have to go with Psycho of course in terms of it serving the film the best. However, if I would go with my favorite it would be Vertigo..... the opening music is one of my faorite Herrrmann pieces.
  18. Who could forget her as Charolette in Lolita or Mrs Rosen in The Poseidon Adventure.... she will be missed. Orson, who is upset that his name was not prominetly mentioned on her list of "conquests".
  19. If Williams does in fact win the Oscar this year, I hope it is for Munich as opposed to Memoirs.
  20. It wouldn't surprise me in the least given some of the choices they have already made.
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