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  1. That was my "real life" period, when I was working so much and entering my 30s and trying to be a responsible human being. Taking time to answer a poll about the best Star Wars main title music was far from my mind from 2005 to 2011(and a few years after that). And, seeing that there were very few topics of interest at the time, I found myself weaning myself off my daily contributions to the site. I miss those pre-2005 days of JWFan.
  2. As much as I wanted to go to this, I am sort of glad I didn't. I would have been a blubbering mess during ET. I got to see JW conduct that piece live to film in 2012, and I was a blubbering mess then. The "Circus Train Chase" is a wonder to behold when performed live. So many musical cues that MUST be spot on to what is happening on film.
  3. I have forgiven the Academy for "Frida" and "Life Is Beautiful." I will never forgive the Academy for "Fame" and "Brokeback Mountain."
  4. Trumpeteer

    The STAR WARS Main Title

    It is indeed very full in TESB. That's why it's a very close second to me in terms of the performance. I could go on and on about my thoughts behind the orchestrations of the original three Main Title performances, but I think TESB needed to be beefed up.
  5. Trumpeteer

    The STAR WARS Main Title

    So far, I've listened to the first 30 minutes, and it's very in-depth! What I loved most in the podcast was hearing them use the word "yearning" a few times to describe Luke and how part of the main title epitomizes that. I think the "yearning" part is played in the French horn section. I always feel like the French horns are reaching/yearning for the apex of that theme in the same way Luke is reaching/yearning for a life away from Tatooine. I always get chills hearing the French horns playing it in "Star Wars," and not so much in the other films. In the sequels, the yearning is gone but the desire for greatness is still stated. I also loved how they implied that this was the theme Luke would write for himself. Now that I know music theory, I understand the concept of the perfect fifth, and it's fun to be able to follow that. Four years ago, all that talk starting around the 9:00 mark would have been gibberish. The main title from "Star Wars" will always be the best (with Empire a close second).
  6. Wrong film for his nomination. But sometimes they nominate scores that have a lot of mundane music instead of scores that have great music in a short amount of time. I am also sad "War for the Planet of the Apes" was not nominated. It was the best score of the year. I saw the movie twice just because I wanted to hear the score again in the film.
  7. Trumpeteer

    Williams confirms EPISODE IX !!

    Nope. Just a better music score. And now that it's been nominated for an Oscar, I fear it'll be more of the same for Episode 9.
  8. Trumpeteer

    Williams confirms EPISODE IX !!

    I suppose I shall be the lone dissenter here and express my displeasure at this news. While I want John Williams to finish out the third Star Wars trilogy, I haven't been impressed with too much of the music in this new trilogy. Lots of rehashes and too many reminders of how awesome the original trilogy was musically. When "The Force Awakens" ended, I shrugged my shoulders (physically and emotionally) over the music. After "The Last Jedi," I silently hoped Williams would hand over the reins to someone else for Episode 9. Oh, well. I hope there is a surge of inspiration that comes from this film. I really want the music to be good. But, I'm tempering my expectations because they have been dashed twice previously.
  9. Trumpeteer

    THE POST - FILM Thread

    What a wonderful film. The Holy Trinity of Spielberg/Streep/Hanks did not disappoint. Add in a lovely and unobtrusive John Williams score, and this is my favorite Spielberg film of the 21st century. I did not listen to the score album before seeing the film (as I usually do), and I was curious if this was going to be too much music or not enough. It was the perfect amount. As was stated in the Variety article, the music did not get in the way of the performances. The first music cue was when Ellsberg started compiling the papers, stealing them from the office and copying them. Very reminiscent of the pulsing danger theme from "Munich." Then, there's no music for probably 40 minutes. I was not wondering where the music was, because none of the scenes felt like they needed musical accompaniment. I disagree with "crumbs" when he said he didn't like the tacked-on ending, which I won't spoil. It basically follows up Streep-as-Katherine's comment about not wanting to deal with a situation like this again. I think only those who were alive in the mid-1970s, or know their American history, know why the last two minutes needed to close out the film. What really pleased me is that there were no title cards explaining the aftermath of the events in the movie. We were left to discuss it on our own, but not while the music during the end credits was playing! It's the first John Williams score in 11 years that I liked from start to finish. (Lincoln is a very close second.) At this point in his career, these are the types of films JW should be doing, not trying to fill every second of the next Star Wars music with pointless music.
  10. Trumpeteer

    Commemorating JFK's death

    I visited the site in Dallas last September where John F. Kennedy was assassinated. It's creepy to see the spot where the fatal bullet hit him. I had my iPod with me, and listened to "Arlington" from "JFK" during that visit. Very emotional moment to have the music complement the action. All year, I have been posting a new piano performance on my Facebook page as part of my New Year's resolution. This month, I decided to learn the theme from "JFK" and post it as a commemoration of the president's death, which took place 54 years ago today. Here it is... JFK_Theme.MP4
  11. Trumpeteer

    John Williams on Who Wants to Be Millionaire

    Only $7,000. It was the sixth question. Basic deduction should have ruled everyone out except Williams. He used his +1 lifeline and they picked Katharine Hepburn. Sorry about the misleading topic headline.
  12. Unfortunately, the contestant got it wrong.
  13. I bet they changed the distribution of the film in order to qualify for an Academy Award. I think the debut has to be at a film festival or a movie theater in order to be eligible. Think about it: Kobe Bryant could be an Academy Award winner next year. With the combination of Glen Keane and John Williams, it seems like s slam dunk.
  14. Trumpeteer

    Happy 84th Birthday John Williams!

    Ever since hearing the brass play over the introduction to the island in "Jurassic Park" in 1993, I have been a major fan of John Williams and his music. I have been spending the day listening to his music, and will started my annual "John Williams Film Festival" last night with "Jaws." Happy birthday!
  15. The Oscar-winning score has also been a part of a film nominated for Best Picture for 14 of the past 15 years. The only exception was "Frida" in 2002, when "The Hours" was the only score among the nominees with a corresponding Best Picture nomination. This year, "Bridge of Spies" is the only nominated score that was featured in a Best Picture nominee. That said, this might be just the second time in 16 years that an Oscar-winning score has not been featured in a Best Picture nominee. I'm always rooting for John Williams to win an Oscar, but I'm predicting Morricone.