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  1. I feel like this score doesn't get the attention it deserves sometimes. He's the credits music, an amazing compilation of the entire score: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=atA4rcdz_dU While I'm on the subject of scores that don't get enough attention, this one is also quite heart-warming:
  2. Meanwhile, Speilberg is completing the training of his new apprentice:
  3. The wind instrument used (not sure the exact one) sounds great, but the kids singing really kind of ruins it. That's why I cut out the kids singing and spliced together the rest. The Yub Nub song was good too, anyone who saw it first with Yub Nub (including me) would probably like it better, they both seem to fit pretty well.
  4. I could understand that, however it was always one of my favorite compositions for Star Wars. Throne Room in the end would have been good as well, just too many choices. Maybe an alternate ending? Haha
  5. Thanks for the compliments. Yes, Star Wars did get a disproportionate amount of air time. There was still much more music from Star Wars I wanted to put in there, I actually cut out about 2 minutes of it. I feel it is appropriate, considering Star Wars consists of six films, all with fantastic scores. And I've heard Williams refers to Star Wars as one of his favorite of scores. I was really proud of the Jurassic Park sequence, especially the second part with "Welcome to Jurassic Park." And king mark, if I may ask, what didn't you like about the Victory Celebration at the end?
  6. Seeing all the Star Wars films in theatres again will be exciting. Hearing the applause as the Lucasfilm logo appears is most refreshing.
  7. I hope that everyone on here can enjoy a video tribute to John Williams I put together. Any fan of John Williams and great music will find delight, especially Star Wars fans. I recommend at least 720p. Link: There is a diverse collection of musical scores in this video including: Star Wars (especially), Jaws, E.T., Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Schindler's List, Harry Potter, Saving Private Ryan, Superman, Indiana Jones, A.I. Artificial Intelligence, Home Alone, and Jurassic Park. Also, to illustrate the incredible music, a good majority of the video has clips from the movies, carefully choreographed, along with some pictures. I know it's quite a long video, there's just too many great pieces of music to fit into a small video, it was difficult having to cut some parts. The audio editing was very tedious, I tried to link the end of each musical segment with the beginning of the next musical segment. Probably around 100-150 hours of editing here. Oh, and I saw a thread mentioning that the "Approaching the Death Star" piece doesn't get enough attention, well here you go. Have fun, and tell me what you think.
  8. Hopefully they won't leave out half of Williams' score this time.
  9. Sparky

    Hello fellow John Williams fans

    I have been searching for such a forum, this place seems very interesting with all these diverse topics. Glad to find more people that appreciate the work of John Williams and talk about it. I'd have to say my favorite piece of work by him is the original Star Wars soundtrack, such a masterpiece. I've also recently put together a video tribute to John Williams, with footage of Williams and movies to go along with the music. I was hoping some other Williams fans would find delight in it. I'll post it in the general discussion later today I'll also throw in that I'm a musician myself, I like to play violin and piano. Making music is such an awesome experience.