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  1. Impressive - Most Impressive! - FOX News Babes! Erin Como - Jillian Mele - Anne McCloy - Jessica Boyington!
  2. NOT now they've released a further hour of unseen footage to add into a deluxe version running almost 4 hours!
  3. I like this one! That other pic of her waz from The Wolf of Wall Street movie!
  4. Isn't that film like three (3) hours long......phew!
  5. Yes this was his first starring role - blink & ya might miss him!
  6. I Dare You To See..... The Devil's Rain is certainly a movie to watch late at night and as Halloween is creeping up upon us that is a great time to watch it. An impressive cast list including Ernest Borgnine, William Shatner, Eddie Albert, Ida Lupino and John Tavolta - a true cult classic in the same vein as Race With the Devil which was also made in 1975! Heaven Help Us All & don't get Nightmares!
  7. Releasing 2 masterpiece soundtracks in 1977 & winning a Best Score OSCAR only for one of them.
  8. You must learn what you have unlearned - cassettes are no more!
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