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  1. The older arrangement of Han Solo and the Princess is boring
  2. He looks like a dark wizard casting curses into the orchestra
  3. And Lorne Balfe will still find a way to bitch about it
  4. The biggest problem with today's film music is that there are very few directors with any kind of musical sensibilities. It seems like they actively push composers away from any interesting decisions in fear of it being too "manipulative". Though that's not to say that direct Williams pastiche is the answer either
  5. They're a bit repetitive in the context of Spielberg's filmography but they have a sense of earnest optimism that I find refreshing in contrast to the oppressive nihilism/cynicism of today's prestige films (so many Kubrick/Fincher wannabes).
  6. It isn't really fair to include a porno IMO. Those aren't made to be "quality cinema" or anything
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