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  1. There are simply too many great themes to choose from. A Bridge/Window to the Past is another good one but I imagine e.g. something like The Accidental Tourist or Seven Years in Tibet, Jane Eyre or Lincoln would really shine in a solo violin and orchestra arrangement.
  2. Ah I forgot to mention the source in the analysis itself but it was Conrad Pope who mentioned this little bit of information on his Facebook page a number of years ago.
  3. Black Beauty by Danny Elfman: Truly one of Elfman's loveliest creations.
  4. Well soon I'll be able to tell for myself. I bought it mainly for the K├Ânig der letzten Tage suite. On the other hand I have a fondness for this Steiner score with is charming cavalcade of Americana stylings and melodies.
  5. Happy Birthday @Ricard the Founder of JWFan!
  6. Which version? The OST, Intrada complete presentation or Tadlow re-recording?
  7. eXistenZ by Howard Shore: A rather non-descript brooding Shore score for another Cronenberg film. A History of Violence by Howard Shore: A rather Middle-earthy score for this small scale thriller/drama but it is does have its small charms, especially the sunny horn-led main theme which reminds me of heroics of the Hobbits. Nerakhoon (The Betrayal) by Howard Shore: A lovely chamber score for a documentary both fine cello solos by Sophie Shao and typically great Shorean choral writing for two Estonian choral ensembles.
  8. The Twelve Choruses by Miklos Rozsa Presumed Innocent by John Williams Black Sunday by John Williams
  9. War of the Worlds by John Williams Dracula by John Williams
  10. If I remember correctly, they use at least Shenandoah (below info from IMDB): SHENANDOAH Traditional; Arranged by James Erb Performed by The Tabernacle Choir at Temple Square; Jerold Ottley, Conductor Courtesy of London Records by arrangement with PolyGram Film & TV Licensing
  11. Happy Birthday to @Charlie Brigden!!!
  12. King Kong by Max Steiner Hellboy by Marco Beltrami
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