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  1. Or Williams just wanted to keep the energy of the whole piece on the same level throughout the piece.
  2. That pachycephalosaurus exposition is among the oddest moments for the original cue to underscore, Burke's explanation accompanied by this tense and kinetic music. Which makes me wonder what did the original cut Williams scored contain. Did he have a chance to score a full scene with CG dinosaurs or just plates with the photographed action without the dinos or some kind of CG mock-ups? Also the lack of clear and distinct sync points feels very odd considering the score has them in abundance elsewhere. Oh and good job Marc! Trying to unravel this sequence is challenging indeed.
  3. Happy Birthday @Sandor!!!
  4. Hellboy by Marco Beltrami: Hands down my favourite Beltrami score with a perfect mix of somewhat darkly hued but heroic multi-themed comic book antics, unnerving atmospheric writing and sharp edged action music.
  5. I would really prefer if there wasn't another Indy film. Especially since Harrison Ford isn't getting any younger.
  6. Well that is a nice fluffy little theme with the above mentioned Lincolnian feel to it. And that film was much more about Bryant than dear basketball.
  7. I suppose Johnny thought the complete releases of A.I. and TLW would sate our desire for those scores. How wrong he was. Jurassic Park (LLL) by John Williams: One of my favourites scores of all time and the one that got me into film music is just perfect on the LLL release.
  8. Hunt! Hunt! Show us the Hunt! Hunt! Hunt! Give us the Hunt!
  9. The Lost World: Jurassic Park (LLL) by John Williams: I am still thrilled by this score every time I hear it in this complete form! So much detail, so much drive in the action music, so many cool textures and colours and such a catchy main theme.
  10. I thought mrbellamy's gif was more than apt for this situation.
  11. They are both quite fine actually.
  12. True! Let the Hunt begin!