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  1. My copy shipped! Cool! But then again LLL has always been great with their service. I can't wait to hear this!
  2. Well as long as somebody does it! Angela's Ashes by John Williams: Such perfect music for autumn and for my soul.
  3. I am hoping my copy will arrive this week but the tracking number given by Varese is completely useless as it shows nothing on the delivery company's site.
  4. I hope LLL releases it separately at some point as I have no particular interest in the sequels.
  5. I guess he is more of a brachiosaurus fan than a triceratops fan. Still the combination of those two cues from the two parts of the film are wonderfully seamless as a listening experience on the OST. Despite being from separate scenes there is a wonderful musical flow to the whole thing. He even created his concert arrangement from this combination with a bit of new material for solo flute added.
  6. Oh that concert arrangement on Spielberg/Williams album is pure John Williams magic, a wonderful melding of two different choral cues from the score (one alternate actually) into this magnificent uplifting piece. The Kunzel version feels tacky in comparison.
  7. I find that Pre-Crime to the Rescue is a textbook case in effective suspense writing. The slow build-up which seamlessly catches the on-screen action and intercutting while also constantly ticking forward inexorably and intensifying to an almost desperate fervor and finally exploding in its culmination is just breathtaking. One of the highlights of the score to be sure.
  8. I think this might be the most Herrmannesque of JHN/Shyamalan collaborations in its stark and dark style and the building suspense and dread which is released beautifully in the finale of the score. The end credits feel like a mini concert work which is always a plus, not just a rehash of material but new exploration of it in lengthier form. While I find there are many more satisfying JNH albums this is one in the great series of JNH/Collaborations which sadly ended with The Last Airbender (After Earth was just about as generic as they could get). JNH had almost Goldsmithian knack for digging for something conceptually engaging and musically satisfying from the oftentimes silly Shyamalan films as they did get progressively worse. You can say what you will about the director but he was a really good musical collaborator with the composer to inspire and trust JNH to so strongly support his films. While you might not hear it so strongly in the Sixth Sense the scores quickly get better movie after movie.
  9. The album also contains one of the few re-recordings of the Lost World theme although it feels a tad lacking in bite should I say. The version of Cadillac of the Skies from Empire of the Sun on this album is also a really strange arrangement which is worthy of owning if for nothing else than its uniqueness. Perhaps they didn't have the official concert arrangement on hand so had to make due with this curious version.
  10. I think it makes sense. Every murderer who knows of the pre-crime still tries to run and squirm and protest their innocence no matter how futile it is and so does Anderton. They haven't committed any crime yet and the natural instinct would be to escape.The difference is that Anderton knows he is being hunted for something he didn't yet do and decides to run instead of giving in.
  11. Well there was a sessions leak a few years ago for this score so that was the source of the "unofficial" version. Now it is finally officially released on a commercial album.
  12. No no nooo. I protest! Only the cool kids come here to mingle and talk about their favourite film scores.
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