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  1. A nice interview and I also loved how this feels like a relaxed chat between two film music fans just geeking out on their favourite composers.
  2. I surely hope so. Only 4 business days left before I leave.
  3. As I have said before the record is 3 days but it can take as long as 2 weeks for a package to get here. Honestly there is no average when it comes to these deliveries.
  4. Reflections is the I Could Have Done More insert recorded at the initial sessions but which was not used and apparently a new final film version was composed and recorded by Williams. Perhaps Jay could tell us something more specific.
  5. Incanus

    Superman: The Movie 40th Anniversary

    I guess triple dipping is in order when LLL releases the Superman 40th anniversary soundtrack set.
  6. Well I haven't received any status updates for two days now and the package is still not showing in the Finnish postal tracking system. Damn this wait without knowing whether my package is still cruising around US postal facilities or actually on its way here is excruciating. What baffles me the most is how differently all these packages around the world show up in tracking. My fellow Finn and MB member hornist has step-by-step tracking and mine is in limbo and every other story here just makes it seem weirder and weirder how these things are tracked. Seems completely random.
  7. Thank you for the info and clearing that up Jay!
  8. Ah it might be that this Sir Cadogan intro percussion isn't in the set?
  9. They usually do. This is just the regular film music fan hyper worrying over nothing. The package will arrive eventually. We have just gotten so used to being able to follow our mail with such precision it feels sometimes, when the tracking is not working properly, frustrating not knowing where my parcel is travelling.
  10. Heh we film music fans are such a picky bunch. Impossible to please. Which I don't mean as any sort of admonishment at redishere but as a statement about the whole film music fandom. Even if all the music from the film is on a release, we will worry about the possible alternates or recorded unused Version 1's leff off the album we have seen in the sheet music. Can you imagine someone even knowing this stuff about e.g. Miles Davis' jazz recordings any regular band's discography.
  11. Wow. That is pretty spectacular delivery speed.
  12. No I don't think any of my LLL packages has ever got stuck in the customs thanks to LLL marking the value at 10 or 15 $. I doubt this will either.
  13. Well at least you know where it is languishing. I have no idea if my copy (alongside Schindler's List) has even left US yet. Btw if Finnish customs is clearing a package and if you have to pay VAT or customs charges it will take at least 2 or more days before they inform you with a paper letter that you have to pay these charges before they send the packages to you. I have e-postal service so I get these letters to my e-mail on the same day but that always delays the arrival packages since it can ridiculously take 2 or 3 days for postal service to deliver them even after the VAT is paid. And the airport and customs is 16 km away from my home.
  14. In the Live to Picture concerts the source music and the actual film cue were amazingly seamlessly combined but I wouldn't want that kind of mix on a musical presentation. Shame that the shawn piece wasn't included but that is one of the few true casualties on this otherwise masterful presentation. And we have all kinds of extras from these scores to make up for that loss (e.g. Hedwig's theme on harp and Hogwarts Forever vocal version). Although I understand how people feel when their particular favourite, no matter how small, didn't make it to the presentation.
  15. I wish. Amazing how differently the same basic tracking works even for people from the same country.