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  1. Thanks for confirming this. So a JW arrangement. Also Mutter mentioned that A Prayer for Peace from Munich was recorded with Lynn Harrell. And Remembrances from Schindler's List was recorded as well.
  2. You could really read that both ways. His arrangements - my own arrangement. The Across the Stars and Hedwig's theme have been re-arranged and reworked but Yoda's theme sounds much more of a straightforward transcription of the original tune with a more prominent solo violin part added to carry the melody. But that doesn't suggest that Williams' could not have approached some of the pieces in this straightforward manner.
  3. Yes Mutter's arrangement isn't as much a reworking of this piece as Williams' arrangements for this album seem to be (well based on two examples). But in any case I really like the solo violin version of the theme as I don't think it ever got a similar one in the films and it very much suits this gentle lyrical melody.
  4. Yeah e.g. that Luke's exile theme needed to be heard throughout the score!
  5. Yes! I remember how I was immediately reminded of the Death of Yoda when I first heard Audience with the Holy Father, certainly a very clear musical cousin in terms of the subdued reverent religioso writing.
  6. I agree. I never thought there was a 3rd motif either, the one is just ancillary part of the insecure Kylo Ren motif. I hope J.J. and Johnny will now finally unveil a full march variation on Kylo's main fanfare theme which Williams already teased us with at the end of the Last Jedi when Kylo storms the Resistance base. He could easily expand upon that and it would make sense now that Kylo has achieved his goal to become the supreme leader of the First Order. Time for the First Order March!
  7. There are some little motific elements for Snoke that sound very prototypical Star Wars bad guy music, low register brooding material that feels like an offshoot from the Emperor's various musical materials from RotS before his theme was fully unveiled. Perhaps not as religioso as the music for the legend of Darth Plagueis but to my ears in very similar vein. That particular little motif you mention from A New Alliance is rather delicious but sadly never gets to develop much before Snoke croaks.
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