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  1. Now the near-exact quotes from the OT make more sense. Johnson handed JW a temp track as his spotting instructions. He must have been none too thrilled but pulled off a great score none the less.
  2. You clearly really care about Star Wars to be able to summon up such a strong reaction to these films. And I am not saying it is a bad thing. For those of us who are not as invested the unfortunate lack of logic or stumbling world building doesn't entirely demolish our enjoyment in these movies.
  3. I am sort of happy I don't have such emotional connection to Star Wars. This way I can reserve all my scatching criticism on Peter Jackson's Hobbit films. And yes if you scratch the surface of these new SW films, not a whole lot about the setup and the world as it is makes much sense.
  4. Yes I spotted the song listed in the end credits but missed it in the film.
  5. A very uneven film. Some brilliant parts (anything with Hamill in it was pure gold for me) and then not so brilliant parts (the whole running out of fuel and Rose and Finn storyline). Hamill's was without a doubt the best performance in the film. Brilliant. An interesting detail about the final duel between Kylo and Luke was that when he projected himself from across the galaxy, it was the younger dark bearded short haired Luke that appears, not the old haggard one. Which should have been a clue that something is off. I missed it in all the excitement. Also the bracelet/dice Luke gives to Leia vanishing after Kylo picks them up was a nice touch as it was all a projection after all.
  6. I saw the film yesterday as well and I liked it a lot and the score was very impressive and had some truly wonderful goosebump-inducing moments. Very much in line with the TFA and a continuation of that sound. Mark Hamill was brilliant in this one. As others have I too noted only two new prominent themes, the music for Rose and for the rebirth of Rebellion/Fighting Spirit related also to the Resistance/Rebellion that seem to be sandwiched into a single concert suite in the end credits.
  7. What Is The Last Score You Listened To?

    And? Lincoln (OST + FYC expanded edit) by John Williams Abz├╗ by Austin Wintory
  8. Ah the sweet time of the year when postal service is working overtime to deliver us our precious discs. Hopefully your package arrives soon.
  9. I think they need to hire more incompetent or absent minded workers at Amazon so they can accidentally release all their scores early in digital format. Wasn't that they way TFA leaked in 2015.
  10. Apparently I have to go in cold this time since I am seeing the film in 5 hours and there has been no chance to hear the music beforehand. Which is kind of refreshing actually.
  11. Hey my copy has apparently languished in LA for 6 days being "processed through the facility". Damn Christmas time can slow these packages down. Oh why didn't I order the minute the release came on sale!