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  1. And perhaps Oxford as well. But there is so much to see in London I doubt the week will be enough to see everything I want.
  2. Incanus

    The Birthday Thread

    Happy Birthday to @Alex!!!
  3. To be in London well ahead of time of the concert and our meeting I am leaving for the British Isles today! Also this is my first time in the country and the city so I'll be having a week long holiday while I am at it and am very much looking forward to exploring the city before the grand finale and crowning of the trip on Friday when I get to meet all of you and most of all seeing the Maestro Williams conducting the LSO.
  4. Incanus

    What Is The Last Score You Listened To?

    Basic Instinct (Quartet Records release) by Jerry Goldsmith: Top notch Goldsmith. Atmospheric, melodic, alluring and sexy with a dose of underlying tension and danger.
  5. Yes we concert goers are such inveterate stalkers. Each hoping to get a glimpse of the Maestro himself.
  6. Happy 72nd Birthday to Howard Shore!
  7. Incanus

    What Is The Last Score You Listened To?

    I have to check that out. In general I should check out more of Waxman's music as everything I have heard from him has been terrific.
  8. Incanus

    What Is The Last Score You Listened To?

    War Horse by John Williams The Mummy (Intrada release) by Jerry Goldsmith
  9. It is not the size of the pint that matters but what you fill it with.
  10. Time is just another path, one that we all must take. The grey rain-curtain of this world rolls back, and all turns to silver glass, and then you see it. Howard Shore, and beyond, the far green Hobbit Complete Recordings and the Music of the Hobbit Films book under a swift sunrise.
  11. This sort of shop talk always makes me wish for those The Hobbit CRs and a certain book with certain Rarities Archive. A lot actually. And not for the OCD need to figure out these minutiae but for the brilliant music.
  12. Incanus

    What Is The Last Score You Listened To?

    Angela's Ashes is my personal favourite John Williams score in lieu of it being a perfect autumn score. Perfect fit the overcast day with a dash of grey sea in the horizon.
  13. And the Naughty Little Fly song from RotK! My favourite! Naughty little fly, Why does it cry? Caught in a web Soon you'll be...eaten. Classic!
  14. Oh rowan mine I saw you shine upon a summer's day... Christopher Lee actually does pretty well reciting the Treebeard poetry on the Tolkien Ensemble albums. In the Willow-meads of Tasarinan is a quite lovely interpretation capturing the longing for that bygone world where the old Ent had walked in his youth.
  15. I guess for the same reason it doesn't include the slightly different moment for The Tales That Really Mattered for the shot of Gollum during Sam's speech, where PJ demanded a bit different chords for the right mood for that particular shot. Not Shore's original intentions or his preference. Same as with e.g. FotR's Flight to the Ford scene where the CR retains the aleatoric french horn fanfares but you can hear the film version on the Rarities disc.
  16. Incanus

    What Is The Last Score You Listened To?

    The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn by John Williams Angela's Ashes by John Williams
  17. Incanus

    What Is The Last Score You Listened To?

    Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom by John Williams: This is such a quintessential adventure score full of colour and energy and with a feel that it contains a whole world of its own. I hope we will get a truly complete version of this one day.
  18. Much to my shame I haven't listened to much of Scott's work, so how is this score?
  19. Incanus

    What Is The Last Score You Listened To?

    The Fury (LLL set OST album) by John Williams: I love the visceral orchestral horror histrionics in this one but especially for those mournful, tragic undertones. The Epilogue string adagio is such a classic. Jurassic Park (LLL set) by John Williams: Film music perfection. Period. Stepmom by John Williams: One of those perfect autumn scores with such warm nostalgic feel to it.
  20. Arena row 21. Royal Albert hall had some "View from Your Seat" pictures on their site and one happened to be from the 21st row: