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  1. Walid

    Mike Verta

    ha. all right. Tasty news!!
  2. Walid

    Mike Verta

    You hang out here? that's sweet!! So, when're you having your european-friendly "friday composer hangout"? W
  3. Walid

    The Composer's Thread

    Agree with tannhauser. Solid piece filmmusic. Working on a personal album called "Voice of the Earth". Sort of an ambient and peaceful, but dark orchestral album with some ambience outside the realms of symphony. This is the second song in it with the same name, "Voice of the Earth": The exaggerated sense of space and padlike texture is there not because of a production error, but by my own liking. All thoughts, comments and critiques are welcomed of course. Enjoy guys!
  4. Walid

    The Composer's Thread

    Hey, where I come from (Sweden), derivating peoples names into these cute little nicknames is charged with positive energy. However it can also be negatively, which would be what you thought it sounded like. Alas, the latter was not of my intent. I'm sorry, Stefan. Yes, I'm slowly but surely working off the wetness of the mix. You would be surprised how "dry" it actually is, or rather how much of it is just pure samples with recorded room/ambience. Should consider getting drier samples. Oh yes, definitely. A good mix does help sell a composition though. In all honesty, the soundtrack to Game Of Thrones is in my top 10 music flop list. Ramin Djawadi had a chance to make something spectacular with that story and world, but it turned out extremely boring. But I do like the main title theme... As I previously said, I'm constantly working to get it dry and crisp. It is a bit tough! Here's a little template example I wrote where I have reduced the wetness (or reverb send bus) quite a lot. https://dl.dropbox.com/u/12797960/Sprout_1.mp3 Oh and thanks for the replies, guys. It's very interesting to hear your insights.
  5. Walid

    The Composer's Thread

    Ooh, coming from you ;D thanks steffy
  6. Walid

    The Composer's Thread

    (tack ;D ) who knows from what sources my inspiration comes. sometimes it's just plagiarism without me even noticing appearantly
  7. Walid

    The Composer's Thread

    Here's a commission I got on a webseries. He said "the show should have its own theme!" So here it is.
  8. OMG. This movie. WAS. my. childhood. Absolutely loved it. What was i? 6 years old when it came out? I never ever thought of the soundtrack, but now that i listen to it, almost brings tears to my eyes!!! Actually a real solid soundtrack too. Thanks bro http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3cOjbiuxYUQ This. No words!! Just, sorry but... epic.
  9. Walid

    The Bear McCreary Thread

    I really like Bear Mccreary's music and chilled but firm attitude to writing music for media. I have to listen more to his older stuff, like for Battlestar Galactica (i actually like percussion driven cues, which is the opposite to most JW fans I guess).. Bear posts so much good and inspiring videos of his work and the efforts of all the people who are involved in creating the soundtracks. It's a joy to see! Here's some recent videos if you haven't watched:
  10. Walid

    Steven Spielberg's Advice

    Love this guy
  11. Favorite from Vangelis by far... Score that is.
  12. Walid

    Video Game Thread II

    I like the scores for the Dead Space trilogy, Jason Graves is a pretty cool, up and coming composer. I think he and his neighbour built an instrument which he uses with a bow and mallets and what not to get those eerie effects. Pretty cool stuff. I really miss Bioshock though, wish I could forget the story and redo it. Also the music is insane !! Absolutely love that 20s-50s music that's in the OST. Especially like the score for Bioshock 2. I was shitting my pants when I heard the screaming choirs - I have to use that effect sometime in my own music.
  13. Also, to get you started, you can try this chord progression (just made it up, sounds a bit noir-y to me) Am9 (A-C-E-G-B, and possibly add a D here to get the 13th flavour) -> F maj (F-A-C), add a B here for cool dissonance -> Dm9 (D-F-A-C-E) -> C maj (C-E-G) for romantic spice or E major with added D and F# for a shady feel. It's all about the mood you're in... music will come naturally once you're in the mood and listened to what you really need to compose to. There are no rules, but there is an audience... If you take a look at how a jazz pianist plays, say John Williams for example, with his block chords and how he plays melody over harmony, you can take his exact way of playing and copy paste those notes into his orchestration and you will find basically no difference. His jazz ways are with him more than it sounds like! But I guess you mean why hasn't he done a pure score with this old school jazz, blue feel.. In that case I guess it's a matter of what attracts him the most, as it is for most composers with choice..
  14. L.A. Noire with Andrew Hale / Simon Hale. Love that score. If you study it you can find out a lot about how jazz pianists use major/minor 9ths and 13ths. Not that I am any fan of music theory- in fact I hate the way the schools teach it- but if you can figure out what gives the soundtracks that "noir", "minor blues/jazz" feel, then you can implement it in your own playing and composing. Tricky part is chord progression in these settings. I do like the way Barry progresses with his chords, just feels so natural. I also love Jay Jay Johnson's (trombonist and composer) work when it comes to the more spicy jazz, which you surely can grab some inspiration from. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rALYmastjVA Best album imho!