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  1. Marcelo Zarvos - Breakthrough (2019) Source: cocatalog.loc.gov 1M1 Main Titles 1M2 Bless This Food 1M3 Homeroom 1M4 Ours To Win Or Lose 2M5 Unhappy Birthday 2M6 Sermon 2M7 2M8 2M9 Drowning / Rescue 3M13 Joyce Gets The Call 3M14 Joyce Arrives At Hospital 3M15 Breathe Life Into John 3M16 Airlift 3M17/18 Dr. Garrett 3M19 Some Kind Of Miracle 4M20 Hearing Voices 4M21 Uncharted Territory 4M22 Belief 5M25 Speak Life 5M27 Class Visits Joyce 5M28 Remember Who You Are 6M29 Let God Handle It 6M30 Let John Fight 6M32 Tommy Meets Joyce 7M33 Breathing On His Own 7M34 John Comes Back 7M35 John Is Awake 7M36 Your Son's A Miracle 7M37 I Didn't Ask For This 7M38 John Meets Tommy 7M40 Stand For John
  2. Richard Marvin - Picture This (2008) Source: cocatalog.loc.gov M01 Two Worlds M03 Wake Up M05 Drew's Theme M07 Lusting After Drew M09 Boning Up On Drew M11 Duplex Model M13+15 Mandy / Hot Salsa M17 Dad's Sis M18 Letting Go M20 Notifying Lisa M22+24 Hot / Busted M25 Call Me M26+27 Grounded / 8 Ball M29 Spying The Sneak Out M32 Nail Scissors M34 Hump Dump M35 Punk #1 M37-39 Dress Shopping Nuts M40 Swollen / Punk #2 M42+44 Water / Punk #3 M46+47 Furniture / Punk #4 M49 Car Tow M51 Band Battle Idea M58 Dad Payton M59+61 Punk / Clementine M62 Home Videos M64 New Model M68 Meant To Be M71 Tables Turned M74 Mandy & Drew M78 The Drive Home M79 Dad & The Crown M81 EC 3
  3. Thomas Newman - Tolkien (2019) Source: cocatalog.loc.gov 1M1 Opening Battle 1M2 Sword Fight 1M3 To Birmingham 1M4 Magic Lantern 1M5 Motherless / Gas 1M6 Bed Visions 1M8 First Rugby 1M9 Night Sketches 2M11 First Barrows 2M12 Edith's Dreams 2M13 TCBS / Time Passes 2M16 Cellar Door 2M17 Tree Dance 3M18 Argument / Flamethrowers 3M22 Billiards / Opera Invite 3M25 Wagner Kiss 3M26 Dump Edith / In The Pit 4M27 Oxford Evening / Letter 4M28 Last Rugby 4M29 Letter From Edith / Drunk 4M30 Professor Wright 4M31 Oak 5M33 Middle Earth / War Declared 5M36 Hotel Party 5M37 Dockside Kiss 5M38 Over The Top 6M39 Geoffrey Letter / Oxford 6M40 Writer's Block / Mrs. Smith 6M41 Mrs. Smith Agrees 6M42 Fellowship Ending 6M43 End Roller
  4. Teddy Castellucci - The Longshots (2008) Source: various 1M3 Alone 1M4 Everyone Hates Me 1M5 Curtis Picks Up Jasmine 1M6 Don't Need You 1M7 Thank You 1M8 Pick Up That Ball 2M9 Playing Catch 2M10 Cleaning Up 2M11/12 Teaching Throwing 2M12A Different Receivers 2M13 Yearbook 2M14 Watching Practice 2M15 Showing Off Jasmine 2M16 Jasmine Tries Out 2M17 Figuring Out Pads 3M18 First Practice 3M19 Shake It Off 3M20 Talking To Teacher 3M21 Hitting Cans 3M22 Tape Over It 3M23 Plummer, You're In 3M24 Curtis Works With Jasmine 3M25 Touchdown!!! 3M26 Becoming A Team 3M28 What Happened To Curtis 4M28 Talking To The Team 4M29 Heart Attack 4M30 Wrong Guy 4M31 Coach Curtis 4M32 Muddy Game 4M33 Cleaning Up Town 4M35 Browns Vs. Broncos 5M36 Raising Money 5M37 Mental Preparation 5M38 Pep Talk With Jasmine 5M39 First Half 5M40 Statue Of Liberty 5M41 Blocked Kick 5M42 Long Ride Home 5M43 Welcome Home 5M44 Choosing Curtis 5M45 Cube Vision Logo
  5. Junkie XL (Tom Holkenborg) - Alita: Battle Angel (2019) Source: cocatalog 0M2 Motorball 1M2 Finding Alita 1M3 I Don't Even Know My Own Name 1M6 Meeting Hugo 1M7 The Murders 1M8 You Were Lucky 1M10 Meeting Cherin 1M11 Alita Discovers Motorball Game 1M13 Trying Motorball 2M14 Trying Chocolate / Seeing Zapan 2M15 What's Your Dream 2M16A Ido The Hunter Warrior 2M16B Alley Fight 2M16BINS Flashback 1 2M17 Who's Body Is This 2M18 Alita's Heart 2M19 Alita's Power Moves 3M20 Nova's Orders 3M21 No Bounty On Grewishka / Trip To Motorball 3M22 Chiren Sees Alita / Chiren's Plan 3M23 Hugo Jacks Kinuba 3M24A The Travel 3M24B Alita Finds Beserker Body 3M25 I'm A Warrior / Signup 4M28 Zapan's Instructions / Alita's Plea / Fight 4M30 Grewishka Fight 4M30INS Flashback 2 4M31 Alita's Body Transforms / Reunited With Hugo 4M32 Bring Me Her Heart 5M33 Hugo And Vector Meet 5M34 I'd Give You My Heart 5M35 The Motorball Plan 5M36 Zapan Frames Hugo 5M37 Motorball Tryout 5M38 Alita Must Rescue Hugo 6M39 Hugo's Demise 6M40 Hugo's New Body / Chiren Quits 6M41A Alita's Revenge - Part 1 6M41B Alita's Revenge - Part 2 6M41C Hugo's Death 6M42A Epilogue - Part 1 Voladora (Alita Enters Bar) //with Robert Rodriguez Throwing Chingasos (Alita Bar Fight) //with Robert Rodriguez Swan Song
  6. Jessica De Rooij - Das Mädchen auf dem Meeresgrund (2011) Source: Gema 1M1 Interview 1:49 1M2 Bus :42 1M3A Vorstellungsgespräch :57 1M3B Im Büro 1 :34 1M3B Im Büro 2 2:54 1M3B Brief :32 1M3C Scheidung 1:13 1M4A Kein Geld (Postkarte) :44 1M4B Donau 1:06 1M5A Filmproduzent 1:45 1M5B Kündigung :48 1M5C Schmuddelfilme :33 1M5D Einladung :26 1M6A Reise 1:52 1M6B An Bord :18 1M7 Gute Nacht :47 1M7 Fotos 1:37 1M8/9 Erster Tauchgang 4:00 1M10 Weisser Hai 4:19 1M11A Gespräch An Bord 2:00 1M11B Port Sudan :50 1M11C Abendessen (Unterwassermusik) 1:16 1M12 Kamerafrau 1:29 1M13 Unterwassermusik 2 :41 1M14A Eifersucht 1:30 1M14B Zweiter Tauchgang 6:19 1M14C Fotoentwicklung :51 1M15 Abschied 2:13 1M16/17A Edith's Anruf 3:33 1M17B Mittagessen :30 1M17C Aufgeben :38 1M18 Haiattacke 1 1:03 1M18 Haiattacke 2 2:05 1M19 Verletzter Hans 2:05 1M19 Lotte Filmt Hai :22 1M20 Krankenhaus 2:07 1M21 Traurig Lotte 1:41 1M22 Antrag :41 1M23 Abspann 2:04
  7. Marius Ruhland - Die Hölle: Inferno (2017) Source: Gema 1M1 Vorspann 1:56 1M2 Source Autoprolls 1:50 1M3 Source Puff 1:17 1M4 Mord An Einer Prostituierten :21 1M4A Taxizentrale :42 1M7 Özge Zu Hause 1:29 1M8 Der Nächste Morgen :36 1M10 Sparring :31 1M11 Umkleide 1:00 1M12 "Bei Mir Zu Hause War Was" :22 2M13 Türspion 2:47 2M14 Source Chillout 1:46 2M15 Gespräch Dachterrasse :59 2M16 Abendschule 1:32 2M17A Ranyas Ermordung 2:03 2M17B Zu Spät / Polizeiquartier 1:56 2M17C "Bei Ihrer Familie?" :20 3M20B Wieder Im Dienst :23 3M21A Verfolgungsjagd 3:02 3M21A2 Benommen 1:39 3M21B In Der Schoenen Blauen Donau 1:14 3M22A Verletzt Im Krankenhaus 1:49 3M22B Im Spiegel 1:04 3M23 Gespräch Mit Dem Schwager :43 3M24A Flucht Aus Dem Krankenhaus 1:43 3M25A Bei Den Eltern 1:10 3M25B Die Letzte Unterkunft 2:09 3M26 In Sicherheit :40 4M27 Dem Mörder Auf Der Spur 1:10 4M29 Stadt / Flucht Vor Der Polizei 1:32 4M29A Den Hund Nach Hause Bringen :29 4M31 Koran :43 4M32 Nocturne D'Amour 1:56 4M33 "Die UNO!" 2:27 4M34 UNO / Chase 2:19 4M34A U-Bahn 3:01 5M35 Mit Dem Mörder In Der Wohnung 1:46 5M35A Özge Brennt 4:50 5M36B Rache 1:59 5M36C Explosion :59 5M37 Gerettet :40 5M38 Abschluss / Recap 3M22B :06
  8. Atli Örvarsson - A Single Shot (2013) Source: sgae.es 1M1 Opening 1M2 Shot Fired 1M3 Finds The Toolbox 1M4 Driving To Lawyer 2M6 Paying In Cash 3M8 Unexpected Visit 3M9 Making Friends 3M10 Phone Call 3M11 Dog Shot 3M12 Late Night Call 4M13 In From Rain 4M14 Going Back 4M15 John Moon Killed Me 5M16 Broken Glass 5M17 Driving To Motel 5M18 JM Enters Room 6M20 Going To Daggard 6M21 Call Waylon 7M22 Showdown 8M23 Finale 8M24 End Credits Missing His Wife
  9. Roque Baños - The Miracle Season (2018) Source: sgae.es 1M1 Opening 1M2 Lonely Coach 1M3 Shoes For Mom 2M1 Line Leaves On Mopet 2M2 Kelly Cries In Bathroom 2M3 Talking In The Library 2M4 I'm Going To Do It 3M1A Start Training 3M1B New Setter 3M2 Journey To The 1st Game 3M3 Lost Game 3M4 Serve The Ball 3M5 Homecoming Game 4M1 We Could Win 4M2 Win For Line 4M3 At The Church / Final Game 4M4 Tell The Story 5M1 Coach Bus Speach 5M2 Ready For The Game 5M3 Honored Line 5M4 First Two Sets 5M5 Strong Women 5M6 The Victory 5M7 End Credits
  10. Posted this last year. Benjamin Wallfisch - The Darkest Minds (2018) Source: cocatalog.gov 1M1A Grace Sommerfield 1M1B President's Address 1M2 Young Ruby 1M2A Ruby's Birthday 1M2B 1M3A 1M3B 1M3C Color Test / Main Title 1M4 McManus / White Noise Test 2M5 Escaping Thurman 2M7 Running From The League 2M8/9 Running From The League 2M10 Lady Jane Chase 3M11A Twinkie Picnic 3M11B Van Ride / Doctor Confrontation 3M12 Shower Socks 3M13 Escape From Caledonia / Nightmare 3M14 Red Dress / Mall 3M16 Mall Fight 4M17 You Know Him? 4M18 Bedtime Story 4M19 Cracking The Code 4M21A Reunited / The Field 4M21B Reunited / The Field 4M22 Lady Jane Returns 5M23 I Knew You Were Orange 5M25 EDO 5M26 The Slip Kid 5M28 Learning From Clancy 5M29 You Erased Yourself 6M30 You Two Are Getting Close 6M31 A Favor 6M32A Observing Ruby's Memories 6M32B Let's Just Go 6M33 Controlling Liam 6M34A Reds! 6M34B Mind Control 6M34C Unknown Hostile 7M35 Calling The League 7M38 Main On Ends
  11. Dustin O'Halloran - The Hate U Give (2018) Source: cocatalog.gov, FYC promo 1M1 Black Panthers 1M2 Mom & Dad Kiss 1M3 Hallway Kiss 1M4 Party Gunshots 2M1 Khalil Kiss 2M2 Shots Fired 2M3/4 Interrogation 2M5 Breakfast 2M6 Mrs. Rosalies 2M8 This Is My Fault 3M1 Reubens BBQ 3M2 She Shouldn't Talk To 5.0 3M3 My Daddy Was In Jail With Me 3M4 Funeral Flashback 4M1 Funeral Procession 4M2 My Other Best Friend 4M3 Williamson Protest 4M4 Entering TV Studio 4M5 TV Interview 4M6 Family Dinner 5M1 10 Commandments 5M2 Are You Calling Me A Racist 5M3 Limo Talk 5M4 A Boy That Looks Like Their Daddy 5M5 Maverick Defends House 5M6 Chat With Uncle 6M1 Testify 6M2 Hairbrush / Seven Is Jumped 6M4 Pre Riot Demonstrations 6M5 Starr Speech / Riot / Tear Gas 7M1 7M2 Store Fire 7M3 Standoff Family Again
  12. Updated my original post of "Perfume" and added a couple of tracks from the GEMA repertory.
  13. Enis Rotthoff - Der Die Tollkirsche Ausgräbt (2006) Source: sgae.es 1M4 Im Garten 1M5 Sie Graben 1M6 Wissensdrang 1M7 Der Punk Ist Da 1M8 Sie Rennen Ins Haus 2M8 Der Traum 3M1 Liebesszene 3M2 Ist Er Der Richtige 3M3 Im Keller 3M4 Popoklatschmaschine 3M9 Das Finale 3M10 End Credits
  14. Posted A Cure For Wellness back in September already. Posted this on Dec 13, 2017. Posted this back on August 21, 2018
  15. Marco Beltrami - Free Solo (2018) Source: sessions 1M1 Opening 1M3A Freerider 1M3B Caldwell Intro 1M4 Childhood Montage 1M5 Girlfriend 1M5B Dr Office 1M6 Arriving In Morrocco 1M6C Climbing With Tommy In Morrocco 1M6D Moroccan Sunrise 1M7A Climb In Morocco 1M7B Too Many Deaths 2M8 Fall 2016 2M10 Post Injury Climb 2M10A Mom Talks Death 2M11 The L Word 2M13A Teflon Corner And Boulder Prob 2M13B Working Boulder Prob 2M15A Sanee Loves Alex 2M15B Climbing Montage 2M16A Influence Of The Camera Crew 2M16B Samurai Getting Ready 2M17 Free Haircut 2M17B I Hear Your Concerns 2M18 Driving To El Cap 2M19A Reflections 3M19B Three Months Later 3M20 Shopping Montage 3M21 Warrior Mentality 3M23 Twinkle Toes 3M24 Ueli Dies 3M26 Tommy And Alex Prepare 3M28 Sayonara Sanee 3M30A Beginning The Final Climb 3M31 Climbing And Climbing 3M32 Final Climb
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