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  1. ROTK is messy, yes, but I'd argue it's unmatched in emotional payoff. One of the grandest finales cinema has seen, and it's hard not to be left in tears after having closed the massive adventure the 3 films put you through. For the way PJ and team were able to stage that level of spectacle, it still remains my favourite of the bunch. Same goes for Shore's score. With that said, FOTR is easily the best made film. But my heart lies with ROTK.
  2. The Snowman by Marco Beltrami This is quite good. An intelligent thriller score that expands on some of Beltrami's work for Knowing with a more Nordic noir flair to it. Beltrami channels more of his Hermmannesque knack for the off-kilter (we have his sequel to "Door Jam") with his penchant for employing unique sounds and colours. As with any such score, the album could use some trimming, but this is definitely a keeper.
  3. Smoke is one of the most uninspired designs I've ever seen in a major franchise. Especially awful when you consider how much work went into the art production and design of the rest of TFA.
  4. Music for Stoned and High.

    I want to try Episode 8 with some pot. Sounds like it'd be quite the trip.
  5. Cool! Gotta say, it doesn't get more exciting than this:
  6. I'm still offended that I was left off the list!
  7. I miss JWFan Survivor, and your other elaborately twisted board games that pit us against each other.
  8. JWFan has been fine for the most part, but everyone has been more catty than usual lately. Some of the comments made about Steef was when I first felt uncomfortable with how personal and vicious they were. Otherwise, I don't think JWFan should necessarily restrain its usual banter, which is an essential component to its personality. But we could be more mindful of how our posts affect each other.
  9. I think you're reading way too much into it. Every Star Wars film has had various characters/creatures created to serve as comedic relief, many of them being quite effective. I'm sure the Porgs will be fine, and their presence hardly reflects on how "dark" the rest of the film will be.
  10. Current policy works. 3 months is a good "probation" period for changing your name.