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  1. Mary Queen of Scotts by Max Richter There's some pleasant underscore and flashes of sweeping feel-good Richter ground bass. But there's ultimately too much bland Zimmer-ized theatrics bogging down the album. The "big traditional orchestral score" was never Richter's forte, and it clearly shows here. It's a shame too, given the material. The finale is nice though, and a memorable token for the year.
  2. That there was a time when you could have found one of the CRs sitting at a Barnes and Noble goes to show how much times have changed...
  3. Possibly. When did they come out again? But yeah, I was indoctrinated into Shore's Middle-Earth through the CRs. So it wasn't about learning and re-learning the music as it might have been with many fans at the time.
  4. Actually, I wish I was around when the CRs first came out. Must have been an exciting time, getting to rediscover the scores that way.
  5. I guess LLL just doesn't want to give you your set Josh. A conspiracy must be afoot.
  6. KK

    The Doctor Who Thread.....

    Tennant is still my favourite. But didn't Doctor Who gain its American popularity and fanbase during the Smith era?
  7. KK

    The Doctor Who Thread.....

    Capaldi was a great Doctor. I think his era mostly gets overshadowed by the immense popularity of Matt Smith at the time. So are people still watching this? Tbh, I don't even remember where I stopped.
  8. Indeed. There are some lovely passages in this one. That last cue is a real stunner:
  9. Little Buddha by Ryuichi Sakamoto Nativity Story by Mychael Danna The Gospel of John by Jeff Danna
  10. I don't think Interstellar had much of a passionate, popular following outside of hardcore Nolanites anyway. That credit belongs to flicks Inception and The Dark Knight Rises . As it's been said many times over the years, Interstellar is impressive in parts, and admirable in ambition but a flawed work as a whole. Still solid stuff, but CE3K, it ain't. Nah. That's exactly what it is. Albeit, a very well-made, stylized heist film.