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  1. Well it seems Williams clearly has very little to say with at this point. At least TFA had some nice variations on that material.
  2. Indeed. All well written, energetic stuff, but sometimes it just plays off as wallpaper. It's like Williams was addressing only the most functional beats of the film's action and energy. Maybe the staggered sessions affects his writing process in this regard, at this age?
  3. Yup. Hamill was the highlight for me as well. The earnestness in his performance brought a real charm to a film that could have otherwise been another dull plot-heavy blockbuster. Fisher wasn't as great. But better than TFA, I agree.
  4. It's a good score. It's also the least of Williams' SW ventures. And there's nothing wrong with that.
  5. Sounds like general press junket banter. McKellan clearly had a miserable time with The Hobbit. But I suppose in the hands of a more capable team, he would be interested.
  6. Yawn. I accidentally saw a comment about the Emperor's theme before going in and thought Snoke was going to turn out to be the Emperor all along, or something silly like that.
  7. Agreed. Though I figured a short while before I walked in to temper my expectations, and that this probably wasn't going to be that much more "daring" than TFA was. What was the big twist everyone kept clamouring about anyway? The Luke/Ren fight? Luke's death?
  8. For the medium and forces it works with, the few things it tries to play with should be applauded. I just wish it was it a neater movie really. The right ideas are there, the storytelling itself is weak. Dumb video aside, I'm sure he's loving this. You could tell from his performance itself, and his energy in interviews. It is the first time he's been somewhat relevant since the OT, after all. Ford, on the other hand, probably doesn't give two shits about any of this.
  9. PTA's latest! Phantom Thread You can hear a bit of the score here:
  10. I suspect Greenwood will be the one to crown for the best film music for what's largely been a mediocre year.
  11. It's not really the Imperial March rhythm though. Just the same interval, which Williams has frequently used all throughout his career. I'm not sure if its balance that's quite achieved here. And I don't think there's anything wrong with wanting a score, whether it be sequel/prequel/etc, to have a personality or identity of its own. But yes, at this point, it's nice to just hear Williams working off his material, in whatever capacity.