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  1. I think you're a dickhead for posting that.
  2. Poor Bespin was too ahead of his time!!
  3. Some classic moments: 1) The founding of the Church of Our Dear Lord and Saviour John Towner Williams 2) Stefan Wars Episode II: Attack of the Bronies -- Stefancaos' righteous stand against the brony horde that attempted to invade JWFan! 3) JWFAN Survivor: A Game of Admins 4) The Great JWFan Schism: The Banishment of John Williams from GD 5) The Second Great JWFan Schism: The Banishment of Tolkien from GD
  4. Ah, I didn't know that. Sounds like classic Zimmer though. That dramatic Goreki-esque chaconne is a staple in much of his work:
  5. RIP Mr. Stan Lee. What a life you've lived!
  6. Hmm. I remain unconvinced.
  7. Occasional flashes of colour aside, it's a terribly turgid affair. It's a shame because some of the thematic material has potential, which was better serviced by its predecessor I suppose. Both scores do sound like the work of a composer who feels very uninspired and unchallenged.
  8. Considering how much that article just blew up, that definitely just sounds like public image control.
  9. It's probably why Williams has arguably outlasted those others in Hollywood prestige and reverence during his lifetime.
  10. Maybe taper your expectations a bit for Suspiria , as I did come out of that one a little disappointed with how certain things were handled. But as a whole, it stuck with me and is definitely one of the more interesting films of the year. Roma was so simple in premise and yet beautifully evocative. It's the antithesis of Gravity. I was quite taken with it. And I hope it gets its due recognition.
  11. Happy birthday you miserable old curmudgeon!