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  1. Both films are boring sentimental Lifetime-caliber biopics featuring A-list casts, solid performances and decent scores.
  2. They two have collaborated before. Jóhannsson doing Sakamoto: The original Sakamoto:
  3. In life, you looked up to the stars, while we looked down at our feet and you asked the questions we now dream answers to. You belong with them now. It's the end of an era. Rest in peace Mr. Hawking. http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-43396008
  4. The Photography Thread

  5. The Official Future Films Thread

    Yea, it goes like a much less interesting version of this:
  6. Lovely harmonic colours in this one. Wish he could employ such devices in film music more often.
  7. You Were Never Really Here by Jonny Greenwood Good stuff. Leans more towards his Radiohead roots, with some of his usual textural distortions. It's a nice short album with some good highlights ("Tree Strings" is Greenwood's "Kangaru"), but not as good and fully realized as his PTA scores.
  8. Good film, though I agree, it runs a little long. America, and the West in general had a pretty big fascination with India in the 70s-early 80s.
  9. The opening is indeed the score's weakest part. But everything from Mirkwood onwards is quite excellent. Like Karol mentioned, its the only score of the 3 that feels like Shore was really expanding the lexicon of Middle-Earth's music.
  10. Nah. He's just describing the Best Original Score winner of 2019.
  11. What's Happening At JWFan?

    Much of the old guard seems to have been replaced by the new kids on the block. So the old banter and appeal aren't here to draw those of us who remain with the same enthusiasm. Gloin makes a good point about TLJ, however. At least for me, personally, it was sort of the last straw. It's like when the Hobbit-craze nearly scared all the non-Tolkienites away. The overflow of 20+ TLJ threads and influx of new faces is when I started to back away. That, and life got in the way. The visits have become scarcer, but old habits die hard. On a more optimistic note, for the new faces, don't let us grouches ruin this for you. JWFan's still the place to be when it comes to film music forums. It's just that time of year when us older JWFanners' gotta whine and cry about the Golden Years. Next up: "What is art?" with an encore performance of "Is Nolan really a great director?" And if it really is the end, well, it's just evolution anyway. We've got to make room for the next generation of Blumes, BloodBoals and Inkys. Steef will always be here though. After all, where else do spambots go?
  12. Where's Bloodboal?

    Pity. He was a nice guy, and I thought he was just getting the hang of this place.