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  1. How much time does JWFan have?

    I was preparing my own slow transition into JWFan retirement actually. It seems that now I may have to reconsider...
  2. Hey, you're back too!
  3. One is a decent effort with solid highs. The other is terribly mediocre on all fronts.
  4. Stupid movie looks stupid.
  5. Doubt this will happen. Clickbait headline for a film that Spielberg will probably end up producing, at best.
  6. Glad you managed to get to it! Definitely one of the better picks from the Netflix litter.
  7. I don't think you were around here Chen when these films came out. Trust me, they've been discussed, argued, reasoned, defended and flailed to death, and with great nuance, as per your concern. You should have been here before the release of AUJ. When that first teaser came out, with those 90 seconds of Shore music to boot, we were all buzzing with excitement, ready to welcome the Second Coming. Even Lee was over the moon for it. And then wave by wave, with each passing installment, we tried to justify the films and our reactions to them (trust me, every angle you could possibly think of has been argued for, and refuted in the hundreds of threads in the Tolkien subforum) and ultimately came to a collective resignation to the colossal fuck-up that it was. Which sadly enough, was something PJ himself would acknowledge in public. Ultimately, the Hobbit films have occasional moments and can even make for passable entertainment (the third one aside), but they are by no means good cinema.
  8. 90s Doyle was a classy fella.
  9. Indeed! I say we ban you! Punishment fits the crime.
  10. Armitage's stale performance doesn't do the character much favour either. Freeman and poor McKellan, who tries his very best to imbue as much life as he could to his generic lines (by BotFA, he's practically reduced to a grumbling caricature of himself) outclass everyone in the company. Ken Stott was great as Balin though.
  11. Seeing some of it, it's been pretty damn spot on so far. Will check out the rest soon.