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  1. What croc said. Historical films are films with a focus on real historical narrative and real historical characters. These films often play like history lessons packed into an entertainment module. Dunkirk has different intentions. Anyway, we're arguing semantics.
  2. I'm not putting its accuracy to question. I'm saying its motivations are ultimately less tied to emulating history (as most historical films are) than it is to creating the particular cinematic experience Nolan was after. I don't know where the silly idea came from that I didn't think Dunkirk was associated with history...
  3. Ah yes. That is something to look forward to. So Zimmer's finally picked the Kanadian over Nolan eh?
  4. Lol. You clearly missed my point. But I don't know how much clearer that original post could have been, so I'll just re-quote the whole thing for you? It's been discussed to death here, especially on my end. But to sum it up for your convenience: everything from how it's triptych structure plays with time and pacing (this time with a literal ticking clock, no less!), to how it aims to overwhelm with spectacle, to its typical (and now cliche) "emotional" third-act wrap-up screams quintessential Nolan. Just because there isn't much dialogue this time, doesn't make it any less Nolan... It's a fine film. I don't have much reason to revisit it though.
  5. That's huge. Curious how that happened, but I'm happy for Goransson. Shame though, because without Nolan in the mix, there isn't much to look forward to creatively with Zimmer's future output.
  6. KK

    The Birthday Thread

    Happy birthday you miserable ol' ginger!!
  7. KK


    Just stumbled onto this proposal letter that apparently outlined Martin's original intentions with the books when he was looking for a publisher. This might have been posted here already, but sharing it anyway. He basically suggests that Jon, Arya, Bran, Daenerys and Tyrion would survive throughout the series, and that Jon, Arya and Tyrion would have been involved in some sort of love triangle... https://www.insider.com/game-of-thrones-original-story-2017-8
  8. It also appears to have no session numbers in the title. So whatever they're recording wouldn't have been for any particular scene for the new film. It's entirely possible they could have just done a session of classic SW repertoire for a publicity session (photos/interview/DVD commentary/etc etc).
  9. KK

    The Phantom Menace is 20 years old.

    But...but...there were lightsabers! And the Force! And Jedi!! And clone troopers and stuff!! It was so COOL man!!!!
  10. KK

    The Phantom Menace is 20 years old.

    I didn't really get to watch it during its original theatre run. I only got to see ROTS in the cinema. But I remember getting to watch it at home and falling in love with it. I loved the prequels as a kid, because they were my introduction into the fantasy of Star Wars. Though even then, I found TPM testing my patience. Too much talking.
  11. KK


    It appears to be a popular theory! https://www.cosmopolitan.com/entertainment/tv/a27524580/bran-is-evil-king-plot-theory/
  12. KK


    There was indeed some very satisfying hard fantasy imagery in the first act, especially with the dragon. It's just a shame that its ending felt so dramatically short-changed. Imagine if we actually ended a season with Dany burning King's Landing. Then you had another season dedicated to the Mad Queen's reign, and plotting her demise, then that ending with Jon and Drogon would have really hit the spot. Because on paper, that scene is actually potent stuff, it just wasn't earned. Also, anyone else feel like all the Night King stuff comes off as even more redundant now?
  13. KK

    HBO's Westworld

    I got bored part way into the second season and gave up. I think I was mostly in it for Hopkins...
  14. KK


    Well that's not an arc isn't it? We saw her get to the Throne, fine, but "kiss and stab" is no fall, at least not a dramatically satisfying one. Good writers would have let us truly understand the extent of Dany's madness, Walter White style. It's lazy writing. I think Drogon's scene would have been quite touching, again if there was more breathing room for Dany's character and arc. But yea, so much for breaking the wheel. I guess Westeros got one small step closer to a Republic, maybe? I think realistically, all Seven Kingdoms would have probably gotten independence in some form. I'm curious to hear @Glóin the Dark's thoughts with this finale. Especially as someone who always had the more interesting (though perhaps naively idealistic) interpretations of where Game of Thrones could/should have gone.