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  1. John Williams - sculpture

    Exactly, people do visit me at home and they are like " huuuf and who is this guy. I say " its John Williams, my life force " aha, well and what else do you have there:D ? ... you know guys, we all are somehow verry special. Not everybody know and likes Williams the same way that We do and especially in Europe and the rest of the World : ) But to me he will be for all my life. The life force man.
  2. Hello there! I have found that in 1965 was premiered John Williams classical composition " Essay for strings " For those who haven´t heard it yet, there is a link am sure that´s a quite deep soul thing. Enjoy nice day !
  3. Hello there, couse of JW was the creator of my childhood and couse i decided to study music at Prague conservatory because of his influence, i want to present there next composition i have written in January this year 2014. Its called "Organismus chalybeius de Gustave Eiffel " " Steel organism of Gustav Eiffel " i wanted to show, that even a steel construction could have some kind of a life, organism inside it self. Eiffel Tower in Paris I was inspirated by Impressionism and Romanticism period. Thanks you for watching and thanks to John Williams!
  4. Hello everybody, i have enter some music competition in Prague - called : "I am reading a book, and i can hear music " there it is and i hope this is right topic for that, but i would be glad for your ears:) Thanks
  5. Do anyone know, if there is a possible to ask maestro for an autograph or one foto after concert? I know sometimes they say " Maestro has already left " but they lie a little bit. I would love to have one autograph. People, it is more than 4 000 miles to get there. And the concert is the only reason i am going to US. Thanks you guys!
  6. Everythings OK now, i have found place to stay in Lenox MA :´D
  7. Hello guys! I am young composer student from Prague, Czech Republic, I will work all hollidays long to make money for flight and concert at tanglewood ! Is there anybody who can help me with informations how to get to tanglewood from Boston? Is it hard? Or there is some bus, or train, i dont know nothing about traveling in US, i´ve never been in US.
  8. please somebody, can u upload the link to interview? I am interested in !!!! thanks
  9. John Williams - sculpture

    It´s not about the second or the first, its my first head ever. First try with clay was some little puppet. Thanks you:)
  10. John Williams - sculpture

    Thanks everyone, i know that eyes are sculpted with little holes but in this case i decided to sculpt it without them, i sad it before, i am not sculptor and i never studied technics and anatomy, all is only about how i see mr Williams:) someone like that, someone not:) i like to read some critics of course. In case of glases that was problem! i was looking for this glases old style long time:D finally one teacher of math from czech gived me them:'D It was verry funy and hard proces for me to bring John to Czech:'D sometimes we discus compositing and drink some alcohol until late hours:'D Hope it makes you happy:)
  11. John Williams - sculpture

    Hello there!´:´) I decided to learn sculpting with clay material and create my second work at all John Towner Williams composer. you can see at : http://www.humanart.cz/nahled.php?id=74582&bgcolor=black I study music compositing and John Williams was the man, who inspired me to study music. I study at Prague conservatory. Thanks for everything John! We love your music! Also my compositions you can listen at www.petrmachane.com Thanks!
  12. From France

    Welcome Mathieu!
  13. Youtube clips

    thanks for reaction, in fact, i dont know what you mean lifetime TV gig. What that means for u? What tanted u say by that ? This was firstime i heard my music played by orchestra, couse it was free. Also while i am studying the idea comes to me as a visitor every week. What will be next music about? Something more pop for people or something just like you should find? Dont know, so i decided to try to compose some melodic music first, than maybe in the future some aspects like in 20s, Honegger studiing.
  14. Youtube clips

    Hey everyboady. I am new here, but if you want, there is my newest composition, it was present for one of friend of my for birthday. Enjoy
  15. Hello from the Czech Republic!

    I´d like to, but i didn´t find any youtube or composer thread. thanks all for your friendly ship:)