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  1. airmanjerm

    John Williams At The Movies (Dallas Winds)

    "This Junkin" is one of the most highly respected conductors in the country, in both wind band and orchestral circles; the fact that you don't know his name says a lot more about you than it does about him. Different conductors have different takes on the limitless interpretations of every piece of music. Just because you don't personally like it doesn't make it wrong or "amateurish" (which it most certainly is not). Certainly you've heard the recording of "Star Trek: The Motion Picture" on Williams' album "Out of this World" with the Boston Pops, right? It is painfully slow. Does that mean that "This Williams" is an amateur because he conducted it differently than Goldsmith? No, of course not. FYI: I think the album is fine - great playing (I have several friends in that group), but no I don't love Jerry's tempi either in some places. I actually agree with you on those points Bespin, but just please be careful when you make unfounded assumptions.
  2. airmanjerm

    RIP John Morris

    Sad to hear about legendary composer John Morris. NY Times Story here.
  3. You're right, of course, and as I mentioned earlier my little rationale was just an optimistic attempt at wishful thinking. People study online trends and those can have a bizarre effect on things like this, but I'm not telling you anything you don't already know. I think the only thing we can know for certain is that there doesn't seem to be an established "norm," so that's another thing to help continue the positive thinking. 😉
  4. There could also be some sort of delay because the OST only hit shelves about four days ago. I know the physical promo disks only get out to a select group, but having it available on the website could be seen as a potential hindrance to sales - especially considering the high profile of a Williams/SW score.
  5. airmanjerm

    THE POST - SCORE Thread

    Oh man, I couldn't agree more. "Old school Hollywood score..." Awesome! "...too sappy..." Oh, you mean to say that "the music parallels - and even drives - the emotional impact the director is actually hoping to achieve." Yeah, what a bummer. Music has been used to express emotion for centuries. Anyone who doesn't understand this is simply not worthy of the time it takes me to read his bogus review. It's unfortunate that in the era of slapped-together fast-action superhero movies that seem to be released every other week, some people have lost the ability to appreciate real filmmaking and true craftsmanship. Hey, maybe this score will suck, but I doubt it. Williams - like Spielberg - understands his craft a hell of a lot more than some troll on FSM. I'm as excited for this score as I am for Star Wars. We know sorta what to expect with that one, although of course it's still exciting.
  6. airmanjerm

    THE POST - SCORE Thread

    Yes, it will be a fantasy-variation on Leroy Anderson's work The Typewriter.
  7. For sure. Funny story regarding the Dolly song. At one point Elvis wanted to record it, but wanted her to sell him the rights to the song also. She refused and certainly made more money from the writing credit later when Whitney recorded it, so good move on her part. 😊 Nothing to do with Titanic, but since we're on the subject.
  8. Potentially true, but it wasn't her song, it was written by Dolly Parton, who still holds the copyright to the work. Licensing that song would be much different than licensing some arrangements of public domain Christmas carols. The song from Titanic is still a big money maker and a hot commodity, so I'm certain the various fees would have been astounding!
  9. Just jerking your chain, Bespin.
  10. airmanjerm

    John Williams' most recorded concert works

    Yeah the military band recordings get some weird reissues from the Altissimo label, we've tried to mitigate the nonsense but it's still an ordeal. That's the reason an album released in 1987 can have a release date of 2011 on some lists. For what it's worth though, we almost never have reissues. The only examples or cases I can think of is some of the ceremonial music releases and those really aren't intended for anything other than other military units to use for ceremonies.
  11. airmanjerm

    John Williams' most recorded concert works

    For Liberty Fanfare, this entry: "2011 United States Air Force Tactical Air Command Band: We The People (Welsh, United States Air Force Tactical Air Command Band/Graham)" Change the date to 1987. Also, for the 2011 Air Force Band and Singing Sergeants album "Last Full Measure," change the date to 1989. For this entry: "2008 Ceremonial Music (United States Air Force Heritage Of America Band)" Technically this album was "Ceremonial Music 2" and if you want to leave it there that's OK, but it was only 0:25" of fanfare snippets from the whole thing. For Summon the Heroes, this entry: "2011 United States Air Force Band of Mid-America: Heroes, Lost and Fallen (United States Air Force Band of Mid-America, Shades of Blue Jazz Ens./Pohl)" Remove that bit about the Shades of Blue Jazz Ensemble. That wasn't a jazz band album. For Escapades, add this entry: 2011 Our Musical Legacy, USAF Band of the Golden West, conductors Bland/Martin
  12. airmanjerm

    New Williams fanfare at presidential inauguration?

    The inauguration fanfare definitely has a little Williams flair, I heard that same thing KM did. It's that spot with the ascending scale passage in three part harmony.
  13. airmanjerm

    New Williams fanfare at presidential inauguration?

    The group performing there is the US Army Band's Herald Trumpets, which is not affiliated with the "President's Own" Marine Band. Emailing the Marine Band may not get you very much help, although it's always possible whoever answers the email may happen to know. I believe this is an original work by the Army Band's chief arranger, Mike Brown. The Herald Trumpets are a pretty unique group and nearly everything they perform has to be arranged specifically for the ensemble (I've written a few things for them myself in years past). They play tons of high profile gigs, which means they require a ton of different tunes. And when there's an upcoming event that may require an original fanfare, Mike is the guy. (There's also the chance this was something done years ago and just happened to fit the occasion.) Chief Arranger for the US Army Band is a far cry from just being "some random guy" in the music world, but as for it being JW, I'm pretty sure we'd have read about that already. This also has some of Mike's signature sounds, which sounds at times a little like Williams and Ives having a gin and tonic together. 😄 Do let me know if you hear back from the Marine Band though, with them working together pretty closely for this event it's not hard to imagine the name of the tune might have been written on a gig sheet somewhere.
  14. airmanjerm

    Which do you prefer: Jaws or Jurassic Park?

    To me this is like deciding whether I like my left leg or right leg better. 😄