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  1. I think he has this and Guardians? So he's gonna do God knows how many more.
  2. Most of all Cersei - she literally looked out from a balcony, sipped wine and smirked villainously for 10 minutes spread over 4 episodes.
  3. The only thing propping up Chris Hemsworth's acting career. They had to make a 4th one. Hemsworth will do 20 more if you want him to do. What else does he have.
  4. Told ya! But still, even with my prediction, the finale getting and winning a writing nomination is just...
  5. Stumbled on this beautiful piece from Rahman today. I can't follow the words at all but it has some beautiful melodies. The opening male chorus is great followed by the solo female voice. I found a piano transcription of the 3 beautiful melodies in this piece.
  6. This is again the pits of race-baiting pandering bs. It's an empty switcheroo because a black woman is 007 for all of 5 minutes before James Bond comes along and takes over the mantel again. They do not get credit for this. If they truly have balls, they will make the black woman the 007 for the entire film and focus the film around her. It's the same deal as Marvel giving Cap's shield to a black man at the end of the Avengers. They do not get credit for this. I will buy it only when they make a major big budget motion picture with mackie as Cap. A TV show doesn't quite cut it. The degree to which the public falls for such cheap ploys is nauseating.
  7. What does a CD-R mean? Is it something that connects to the internet to play the music?
  8. WOW! Going from Beasts of no Nation to Bond has to be like the most skull crushing career progression ever. Damn. I am disappointed it is not Hurwitz. I would liked the big romantic sound for the franchise that Barry originated. I want to have a song that is also well integrated into the score. The last score to do that seamlessly was Casino Royale and it remains a highlight for that reason.
  9. I fail to see how Azkaban is a 3 star score. How can a score with so many new themes, major set piece cues, and perfectly married to the visuals be a 3 star score.
  10. Pop culture is trash and can go fuck itself.
  11. I think it would have been really remarkable if Endgame had been the no. 1 pick in a video made in August 2017.
  12. Blazing Saddles definitely is. I don't know the other movie.
  13. Shane is a masterpiece. Great score too - 2 very good themes.
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