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  1. I mean, but of course. These pieces of news lay bare the risible manipulations of Avengers: Endgame that pander to the delusional suckers who see any kind of finality in any of the marvel films. Marvel will be preying on the wallets of unsuspecting movie-goers for millennia.
  2. What's the billing order? It's neither alphabetical nor any other order. What order is it?
  3. Thank God! Because Interstellar is hot garbage. So I am happy it is not like that.
  4. BGF is a good film. Too artful for kids. Too childlike for adults. It's eventually for no one. But it is very well made. And well scored.
  5. I think there have been several Bond films which exemplify genre. I think the only single holdback has been - these films are still PG13. If anybody has read the novels, they would know that Bond honest to god is an R rated franchise. Like for real. It is the one franchise that can really be improved with more nudity and sex and violence. For a movie franchise aimed squarely at adults, the rating should reflect that. Instead it has the same rating as Marvel films.
  6. True. I am saying that his main theme was done down to the orchestration, and since it is used a lot in the first movie, he would have much of it already done, just a matter of copying and pasting. I think as early as June or July he was already presenting the concert suite of Hedwig's theme.
  7. The Teaser came out 8 months before the film and already had Hedwig's theme fully orchestrated. So I am thinking he had atleast 8 months. If he wrote the music 2 months before they cut the teaser then that gives him a full 10 months before the release of the film.
  8. The Post is a masterful little score. Absolutely perfect for the film it was composed. It works like gangbusters in the film. All 3 are good scores. I'd go like this Scores 1. The Post 2. The BFG 3. The Book Thief Movie 1. The Post 2. The BFG Not seen - The Book Thief The Book Thief while beautiful never actually gripped. Though the piano performances are beautiful specially the Finale.
  9. How long for the first Harry Potter score? That's I think in some ways his biggest score in terms of new themes and density of material and so many concert adaptations. Even Tintin, anyone know how long that took. That's a very complex score as well.
  10. Good for him. He definitely needs to branch out from just scoring blockbusters to more dramatic fare too.
  11. There are several ways to make conversations compelling and suspenseful. Many great film-makers have done that. It's just not this series forte. You could argue the conversations is where the plot really moves along but it takes something greater than blockbuster skill to bring those to life.
  12. The films are largely indifferent adapted. They are largely imagined from a set piece point of view. Basically a series of set pieces strung together by some exposition dump scenes. The plots in the movies don't come together in any coherent way. The movies still work relatively well is because the actors are largely engaging, the simplistic presentation of good v evil makes them easy to follow and on the blockbuster side of things, the production values are the best money can buy and the set pieces are usually on point. It's an easy formula and you can't really go wrong with it.
  13. This is a pertinent point. Getting Watson back in the role will cause a scandal. For real, not kidding here. It will be like, they took away a good meaty leading part from a black woman and gave it to a white woman. There will definitely be blowback. I think eventually they will cast Watson but it will definitely be a "thing".
  14. What's more they are going to plunder this property and milk and squeeze it for all its worth. It most definitely won't be a single movie. It very likely will be at-least 2 movies, and very likely a trilogy.
  15. This was so inevitable. Literally nobody should be shocked.
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