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  1. It is one of his more prominently mixed scores in recent times but I think that is what Spielberg was going for - an oldfashioned feel with loudly mixed music. And hey, it's all good when the music is this good. It's also rare that you actually get to listen to the score in the cinema. I actually saw both this and Tintin twice in the cinema just to listen to the score again in context.
  2. I would argue you do. I think most of the movies do a below average job of presenting their stories. There is rarely any suspense in any of the movies. As I've said before the movies are entertaining and watchable because of the world building, the characters and the set pieces. The movies work best a series of illustrative set pieces. They are all weak on plot I would say (movies I mean, not the books).
  3. I am going by friends who have not read the books. They found 2 through 7 literally incomprehensible. HP8 is basically 2 extended action sequences. All set-up was dispensed with in HP7. So you have two action scenes - steal something from a bank. And the second battle of hogwarts. One thing that Rowling has been criticized for is her un-nuanced worldview. Her characters are all black or white. But the advantage is, it makes it easily to follow for the uninitiated. So for people like my friends who did not read the books, HP8 works great because they know who the good guys are, who the bad guys are they can enjoy essentially a single 2 hour fantasy action sequence. Think of how people enjoy Mad Max - a single 2 hour action sequence. That is how the un-initiated can enjoy HP8 and that is why I call it a self-contained movie. You don't need much context to enjoy it as a piece of fantasy action.
  4. The 3 films in the franchise that I think work the best as self contained movies are HP1, HP8 and Fantastic Beasts 1. Azkaban is well done but I don't think uses the story very well.
  5. It is misguided and a Hollywood trope. You still have filmmakers from Europe like Almodovar making brightly colored movies that are still dramatic and involving. His latest film in fact, pain and Glory, is out now and one of the best films of the year.
  6. There is also the assumption that if a movie is brightly colored, it is for younger audiences. I find that BS, but that is a prevelant feeling. Some of the serious Oscar type grave movies at the end of the year are desaturated to the point of being almost black and white. I think some softcore sex scenes might spice things up. That preposterous paternity plot, and kids being switched at birth and the dwarf care-taker and Leta LeStrange and that African American wizard chasing through something and love triangle between Newt's brother, Leta and Newt and Nicholas Flammel being there for no reason at all. I was like what the fuck is even going on? How about we focus on the characters you established in film 1 - Newt, Tina, Queenie, Jacob and Grindlewald. They were present but flung to the sidelines with all this garbage stuff taking center stage. It's if imagine after the first Harry potter film, the movies shifted to Neville's paternity, and Padma Patil's brother and Vincent Crabbe's love triangle. She truly lost it I feel. To the extent you wonder - what the heck was she trying to even write. It is incomprehensible.
  7. I don't know what you guys are looking at. To me the films have great production and costume design. They are quite elegantly rendered. And you don't see color saturation in almost any films these days. Hollywood does color saturation for animated films only.
  8. And Rowling was also the Producer. So she essentially had the power to hire the director. Yates is the hired hand here. He had to film the script the "star writer" wrote. There was little he could do. Given what he had, he did a decent job.
  9. https://www.wizardingworld.com/news/the-third-fantastic-beasts-film-confirms-new-details-including-cast-members-and-location This is public admission of defeat from Rowling. Of course she wanted to be a screenwriter and the relative failure of Grindlewald means that her solo screenwriting career is probably at an end. Or it will atleast get more scrutiny. This is a suits decesion. WB absolutely mandated Kloves in all likelihood to greenlight FB3. I think the verdict was clear - the reviews all panned the script. I think everything else was there - the design work remains exquisite, the score is outstanding, the actors are all good, the direction is competent. What tripped them up in part 2 is the horrible script. It was Rowling getting complacent that she delivered a solo screenwriting hit with an original screenplay with FB1. But you have to always remember that you cannot take the audience's attention for granted. The audience is smart. Honor them. Give them something good. Don't half-ass it. Marvel movies do this consistently, that is why people come again and again. Kloves is a good sign. Rowling is of course a good writer, no question about it. But screenplays are in some ways a more challenging medium.
  10. Didn't he already do that for Doctor Strange? Gia sure does write a lot of music without seeing the films first. What then is the difference between him and Trent Reznor or whatever his name is.
  11. 120 FPS looks so unnatural, I can never get into a movie. When I bought by new TV and refresh rate was 120 hertz, the first thing I did was turned off the 'smooth motion'. I just cannot tolerate it.
  12. I feel surprised they used boiler plate stuff. They atleast use Williams themes. But in the first part, it seemed to use a canned ostinato. And then the following dour theme seemed like the counterpoint melody to the Leia theme used in the first teaser for this film.
  13. Atleast Gia will attempt to write a theme. Better than Zimmer's fart trombones over an infernal racket of noise pollution.
  14. I remember for The Wolverine movie (I am not making this up) - they had a 6 second trailer teaser, then 12 second trailer teaser, then a 30 second mini trailer and then the final 2 minute trailer. I think they unveiled it over 4 days or something.
  15. I think his batman theme might sound like this Krennick theme. I think that could be a good model. The batman theme is unique among superhero themes in that it should also have a note of menace in it.
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