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  1. The Rebellion is Reborn vs. The Adventures of Han

    I think Rebellion is more formally pleasing. The island theme is stately and rose's theme while being a bit too sweet is a good theme and romantic and lush. The storytelling in RiR is a bit nebulous as the themes have nothing to do with each other. So the flow and their interaction doesn't really tell a story. Han has more of a story to tell because the two themes are ralated and while it is not stately, it is very exciting! But one of the themes is rather weak. I'm a bit conflicted! I voted RiR but I might have more listens on Han eventually. Han is thrilling for sure and the Searching theme certainly comes out and grabs you.
  2. It wasn't meant to be a rebuttal but a characterization of what you said. You essentially did not comment on the substance of what I said but ON me. I find that beyond petty. I would never personally do that because you make enormous assumptions about anybody when you comment ON them. You know nothing about me or any of my abilities. Why have a devastating nervous breakdown over someone's critique. Or worse, over how someone worded their critique. Do you go around being an abilities-Nazi on forums boards attacking anyone critiquing anything and saying they are not up to it and shouldn't dare. Do you go plague a gia thread by responding to every single post saying how dare they criticize him when they haven't offered up a score for your express judgement. Do you know about how people consume art? Normal everyday people with lives and beliefs and interests? The humble farmer who isn't published but enjoys reading and shyly writes some poetry that he shares with friends. Or a pizza truck driver who at night likes to play his guitar and sing a little. Or a young developer who takes pleasure in painting for recreation. You would stare down all these people with contempt right? Look down on them. If the developer dare say he doesn't like a modern art painting and says he would perhaps do some things differently, you would rush to shame him and spit on his paintings right? The notion that you know people on the internet or their approach to art is as bone-headed as Williams's Hero theme for Han.
  3. There is no objective measure there. I could write ode to Joy and you would say it is worthless. Why would I offer up my work for you to judge of all people when you are predisposed to be prejudiced. I presume you are one of those people who leave a comment bebeath film reviews saying, "yeah punk I am waiting to see what kind of movie you can make. YouTube is free. I will be waiting for you to shoot your million dollar motion picture and upload it to YouTube for me to judge and tear apart." I can't imagine a lot of people would comply with your demands.
  4. This is disingenuous. Only film-makers should write discuss movies. Only writers should discuss books. Only pop artists should critique albums. Only composers should have an opinion on music. Only athletes should analyze sports performance. Only architects should write about buildings. I guess most people shouldn't have an opinion at all. For say a humble farmer, he better stick to talk about crops or else he can shut up and fuck off.
  5. I do think it is beneath Williams whose reputation is staked on writing complex music with sophisticated and artful construction. The thing is it very easy to come up with something like that just by doodling on the piano for sometime. Trust me you and I could too. It feels ordinary. When you hear a classic Williams melody you are surprised and struck by its freshness by its contours. Credit to JW it is still well orchestrated. But Williams is definitely above such themes.
  6. Solo: A Star Wars Story (Ron Howard 2018)

    I think Kathy is delivering more ambitious films - bigger in scope size and complexity. Atleast the first 3 star Wars films she delivered. Though I think solo is a dud. Feige's films apart from avengers are not on the same scale.
  7. So having hard this a few times... The Hero theme surprisingly is a bit bone-headed. It is your typical manly man modern hero macho theme in the form of a power anthem that you expect modern composers to write. I did not have a good initial reaction to it but I have made Peace with it. Has Williams ever written a theme like this? I kinda had the same reaction to it that I had when I heard Gia's hero theme for spiderman. Just a very basic construction. The Searching theme however is a belter. The theme was stuck in my head. I was whistling it constantly while driving home. It is also a more sophisticated construction and more star warsy. The hero theme is like a superhero theme. The concert suite itself is very exciting and unusual. Honestly with a few microedits, this might as well be a score cue which is scoring a desperate high stakes chase sequence. Think quidditch or any number of high octane chase scenes that Williams has scored. The strident rhtym and the insistent motif (sounds like the quidditch motif) give the piece an extraordinary forward drive. It is a fantastic piece and the searching theme takes flight. I love it. Hearing this, and seeing the film has soooooooo many chase scenes. I wonder what kind of magic Williams would have unleashed.
  8. Solo: A Star Wars Story (Ron Howard 2018)

    Pretty dull overall I'd say. A plot that I did not care about at all. Nothing distinctive about it. Rogue one had a more interesting plot and definitely a striking ending. The lead was dull as well. Can't imagine seeing this ever again.
  9. This new piece confirms 2 things 1. William did infact write multiple (more than one = 2) themes and he wrote them as distinct ideas. I think somewhere along the line it was decided that they should be presented in one cue. 2. Powell does indeed call JW's track a demo. So maybe it is that - a sketch or template rather than a properly constructed concert piece though it is being played in concerts. So I think we should consider the A and B parts as 2 seperate themes and the adventures track to be a suite of two themes rather than a single theme track.
  10. John Powell's SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY (2018)

    I daresay Gia on his best days can do that too. Like Ratatouille or John Carter. But specially Ratatouille. It is a score of remarkable intricacy.
  11. Views on realism and relatability

    To me Nolan absolutely and utterly fails at a human level. I feel I have never seen a truly human moment in any of his movies (and no mccoughney bursting into tears doesn't count). It is just the basic fundamental - seeing a human being on screen and comprehending that they have human concerns and human feelings and human thoughts and human foibles. Nolan's movies contain vapid androids with a few characteristics assigned to them with bullet points rather than crafting complex 3 dimensional human characters. Add all of that to his pompous film-making style and I feel like if say humanity is destroyed and aliens come to Earth and only Nolan's film survive in digital form - the aliens will fundamentally misconstrue and misunderstand humanity - because that is what Nolan does in his films.
  12. Views on realism and relatability

    Seriousness is an aspiration for movies. It has to be EARNED. Not every movie has to be a profound epiphany. I hope people can compartmentalize. I enjoy both movies, light-hearted as well as serious ones. I don't however like pompous ones - like Nolan movies. Something like Dark Knight doesn't earn its seriousness so to me is a patently ridiculous movie. If a major blockbuster can be pulled off in an entertaining way without being too serious - I think that's a victory. Like Ragnark, or the first Kingsman or the first Pacific Rim or even the master of grim-dark Zack Snyder's 300.
  13. Elliot Goldenthal

    Thanks much! Do you have the actual Latin lyrics? Or know where I can find them?
  14. Alan Silvestri's THE AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR (2018)

    The Ulyssesian is not able to answer the question at this time.