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  1. The Post (2017) SCORE Thread

    Harry Potter really was mixed well and gave his score a chance to shine. I think for that reason HP1 is one of Williams best scores to listen to "in film" and the film is so much better for that.
  2. The Post (2017) FILM Discussion

    Thanks a lot for judging me. What you post here is emblematic of why political discourse has absolutely broken down in America and has resorted to the most heinous partisan name calling. Look what happened here. People were exchanging ideas and opinions. And then one person attacked another for their opinion. Who did? You attacked me. If you start attacking every person for having an opinion different from yours and shutting down every opinion different from yours or start judging people, you would only be left to interact with clones of yourself - I am sure you would enjoy that... all yes men and a world full of conformist homogeneous opinion. You will just retreat further and further into your bubble. If you wanted to shatter all possibility of civil discourse, you have succeeded because I am putting you on ignore and have the least interest in communicating with some so close-minded and narrow-minded. It would never occur to me to attack you for your opinion, because your opinion is as legitimate as mine in every possible way. But you have exposed your grevious intolerance which I want nothing to do with. Are you responding to posts you imagined? Where did I say I am ok with trump?
  3. DC Cinematic Universe Thread

    Apparently this is fake news. He's still directing it.
  4. The Post (2017) SCORE Thread

    It might be overscored and/or overspotted. I remember reading bad reviews for his War Horse score and that movie is definitely overscored.
  5. The Post (2017) FILM Discussion

    I love Spielberg and I loved his last two drama Oscar films. So I am looking forward to this. But I hope it's not a heavy handed liberal propaganda film. Anything that portrays journalists as noble keepers of truth makes me roll my eyes when they are so corrupt and deceitful and hacks. I hope this is a balanced portrait and not like a fake news CNN docufiction show.
  6. Danny Elfman's JUSTICE LEAGUE (2017)

    This review mentions 10 themes. Anyone make them out clearly? It all sounded rather homogenous to me. There is one theme which seems to have the opening notes the same as the Batman theme so I did not even know whether he was quoting that or one of his new themes.
  7. The Post (2017) SCORE Thread

    Mini review. Has JW ever written an "atrocious" score?
  8. The Post (2017) FILM Discussion

    Streep will of course win a lot of awards and give more fervent take downs of trump in her acceptance speeches all the while completely failing to mention the rape culture scandal that is currently engulfing Hollywood like an apocalyptic hurricane. So many big people implicated including the head of Pixar and at the recent Governor awards, a pin drop silence about the entire issue and Dustin Hoffman even got to present.
  9. The Post (2017) FILM Discussion

    I read one kinda critic like piece about the recent screening. Mentioned the election in Sentence 1. It will give critics a chance to indulge in their favorite activity - sneak in trump bashing statements in a movie review unrelated to him. Expect pieces titled like.... "The Post is a rallying cry of THE RESISTANCE" "Meryl Streep and Steven Spielberg stick it to trump with new drama The Post" "Meryl Streep's new movie saves the First Amendment from the clutches of trump" "Spielberg and Steep take aim at trump in new drama and it is glorious" "Meryl for president - shows the moral leadership in new film that we sorely lack"
  10. The Post (2017) FILM Discussion

    I could create that poster in PS in 3 minutes flat. It is basically a still with some text. I feel professional movie posters should take longer to produce.
  11. Which are your Top 10 John Williams chase music?

    Pursuit of the Falcon is one of the most dazzling cues of his career without doubt. I actually think Quidditch from HP1 qualifies too since it is just a long 8 minute chase for the Snitch.
  12. The Post (2017) FILM Discussion

    I liked Spotlight but actually think it was still too Hollywood. It was extremely melodramatic and the actors were positively shouting during the conclusion. Did we really that scene of Ruffalo getting hysterical and running around? Even the score was a bit overdramatic. I think that movie would have worked better without a score. The movie might have been minimalist by Hollywood standards but was yet excessive compared to your average European arthouse film. Lincoln and BoS on the other hand are both magnificent films. Show the value of old-fashioned Hollywood craft and storytelling. Both deeply engrossing movies about essentially middle-aged men negotiating in dark rooms. I hope Post is more like the latter and less like the former which I personally found extremely mediocre and melodramatic.
  13. The Post (2017) FILM Discussion This movie is coming for all the Oscars. All the critics/journalists are gonna go crazy for this film. I wonder why.
  14. The Post (2017) SCORE Thread

    I last read that there are between 300 to 400 people in the music branch. What worries me is that a lot of these pop artists of late are getting invited for their song work and they might be insufficiently qualified to judge orchestral scores. Just a personal opinion though. I am pretty sure many will disagree.