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  1. That's interesting. That is a bummer. It is okay to respect the Maestro's request, but why did he request for his score to The Sugarland Express not to be released? Historically, it is an important part of the Maestro's repertoire, being the beginning of the most successful collaboration in the history of cinema. I love the concert piece he recorded for the Speilberg/Williams Collaboration CD, but it would be nice to hear the entire score, especially as it has never been released, not even an initial album. Why is that? I've always been curious by this.
  2. Still speculating? I am excited for the next month and December, but the only release from the Maestro that is confirmed is Schindler's List - 20th anniversary 2 CD set, which I am already looking forward to. It is likely that will not be the only release before the end of the year; honestly, it's best to just wait until an announcement is made. Right now, I am just looking forward to listening via Classical FM to the Maestro conducting the London Symphony Orchestra at Royal Albert Hall on Oct. 26.
  3. I've thought about it. I really wish that all of those cues from the Maestro's score to Superman were not on this set; I would rather have them on the eventual 40th anniversary release of the entire score. I am not going to buy this set just for those tracks. I don't understand why this was done. I'm not mad about it, and I am happy to hear previously unreleased music by John Williams. It just seems weird. I'll just download those tracks and include them in the upcoming release.
  4. Congratulations to Thomas Hooten, orchestra members, recording engineers, and especially Maestro John Williams for the successful funding of this project. I look forward to hearing the CD in February. What is cool is my name will be included in the liner notes of the CD, I'll receive a copy of the CD (signed by Mr. Hooten), a framed copy of the front page of the score of the concerto (signed by Mr. Hooten), and a personalized thank you note from Mr. Hooten. I am very glad to have contributed to this worthwhile project.
  5. That is odd. Previously unreleased music from the Maestro included on disc 2 of this set? I am happy, yet confused. Why would all of those cues be included on this set and not the eventual definitive release of the Maestro’s score to Superman? Should I spend the money on this set just for all those cues.? The reason I ask is because LLL’s release of Superman IV: The Quest for Peace is available to purchase on iTunes. I am wondering if this set will also be that way. Maybe I’ll wait a while.
  6. JohnnyD

    Expanded Harry Potter albums in the works?

    Maybe expanded, remastered and definitive releases of the Maestro's scores to the first three Harry Potter films will be out by the end of the year, or maybe it will be sometime next year. Either way, "something wicked this way comes." 😉 Honestly, I am not gonna dwell on it until an official announcement is revealed.
  7. JohnnyD

    Expanded Harry Potter albums in the works?

    Not necessarily. At this point, it could mean anything. Who knows?
  8. JohnnyD

    Expanded Harry Potter albums in the works?

    At this point, who knows?
  9. JohnnyD

    Expanded Harry Potter albums in the works?

    Here is the post that La La Land Records re-tweeted: The artist of that cover for the latest issue of Empire Magazine is Paul Shipper. His art style pays tribute to Drew Struzan. I did a little bit of digging to see if he was involved with La La Land Records in any way. You know what I found? Nothing. Then I saw that he worked on the cover for King Cohen; other then that, nothing. That makes LLL re-tweeting that post all the more interesting. I am not jumping to conclusions; I just find it VERY interesting that a cover celebrating Harry Potter, for which the musical foundation of that franchise is the Maestro, especially with him having done the first three films, would be shared by LLL. "Curious. Very curious." Then again, it may just be LLL throwing a bone to Paul Shipper. Who knows?
  10. JohnnyD

    Expanded Harry Potter albums in the works?

    Nice try, but no. Funny, though.
  11. JohnnyD

    Expanded Harry Potter albums in the works?

    I saw that on Twitter. Very interesting, to say the least. I wonder...
  12. It's funny how things work, as 2015 marked the 40th anniversary of Jaws. This year marks the 40th anniversary of Superman, so...😉