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  1. I have a feeling that at least two releases will be from the Maestro’s collaboration with Steven Spielberg. Granted, it’s a guess, but it is possible. Another possibility is a remastered, slightly expanded with additional unreleased material (if any) definitive release of the Maestro’s score to Superman.
  2. Nothing yet... Soon, though. Soon.
  3. Just excited for an eventual announcement. Happy Independence Day!
  4. JohnnyD

    John Williams' Magnum Opus

    Jeez, the Maestro's magnum opus? Honestly, that is kinda like asking how many stars there are across the universe? I could not begin to ponder that. For me, that is a tough one; I mean, that is REALLY tough. If an answer must be given, I would have to say the Star Wars Saga. Then again, I really don't have a definite answer as what I personally believe to be Maestro John Williams' magnum opus.
  5. I finally got it. Apart from a cracked case (Why does this often happen?), this is phenomenal. It really amazes me how the Maestro's music is remastered. This was 1972, and it sounds as if it was recorded yesterday. Wow!
  6. I ordered it on the 19th, and it was fulfilled on the 20th for pre-shipment. Since then, there has been no change in the status of shipment. I still have not gotten a shipping confirmation yet. I've never seen this before.
  7. I ordered it on Tuesday, and I have not gotten a shipping notice yet. What the heck?
  8. This is great! Ordered! Oddly enough, I had a premonition that an announcement about an expanded release of one of the Maestro’s scores would be revealed sometime today!
  9. That would be awesome! Still, no point in speculating when the next release will be. La La Land Records statement is true, and when an announcement comes, then it comes. The anxiousness is not needed. Then again, I guess there is some fun is guessing when an announcement will be; all in moderation, of course.
  10. Has there ever been a time where in the monthly release announcement flyer there has been a question mark only for the release in question to be revealed as one of the Marstro’s works? I would be incredibly surprised if that were the case.
  11. Nothing for the month of June... La La Land Records still has six months to make their statement true.
  12. Alan Silvestri confirmed in a recent interview that he did in fact reprise the Black Panther theme. The whole interview is an insightful read, actually. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/heat-vision/avengers-infinity-war-composer-had-hardest-time-thanos-scene-1106131
  13. To each, his own. I wanted to specifically mention Alan Silvestri's score.
  14. Having seen Avengers: Infinity War (which is a phenomenal film and the best entry in the MCU), having bought and listened to the deluxe edition of the soundtrack via iTunes, I have to say that Alan Silvestri outdid himself. His score to Avengers: Infinity War blows his score to The Avengers out of the water, and is just as great as his score to Captain America: The First Avenger (in some ways it even surpasses that score). Not to say that his score to The Avengers was not good. It just was not as good as his score to Captain America: The First Avenger, except for a few highlights (the Avengers theme is perfect). Silvestri's score for Avengers: Infinity War perfectly captures everything that takes place. The musical theme and sensibility for Thanos fits that character perfectly. The cues for the action sequences are grand in scale. One particular highlight I feel needs mentioning is the cue "Even for You". Not giving away any spoilers, but this cue portrays a very pivotal scene in the film. The reprisals of the Avengers theme are welcoming and are integrated in some of the most critical and crowd-pleasing sequences in the film. I also love that the entire score is full orchestra, with some sequences and cues being accompanied by full chorus, the chorus being the London Voices. I also love that there are a few subtle reprisals of Captain America's theme (it is there if you listen closely; it is not full blown statements, but it is there). I also love that Alan Silvestri reprised Ludwig Borannson's Black Panther theme. Avengers: Infinity War is the beginning of the end to Marvel Studios' cinematic saga that began ten years ago with Iron Man; the culmination of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Alan Silvestri's score delivers with the film itself. I look forward to the untitled Avengers sequel; that will be the finale to the three phase saga. I wait with anticipation to hear what Alan Silvestri will do with the music. I am very grateful that a deluxe edition of the soundtrack was released along with the standard soundtrack. In fact, the deluxe edition, comprised of 30 tracks and clocking at an hour and 56 miniutes, as opposed to the standard soundtrack comprised of 23 tracks and clocking at only an hour and 16 minutes, contains almost the entire score. There is probably between 10 to 15 minutes of music not included on the deluxe edition, but having that much music is a welcomed treat.