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  1. So, 2018 will be "one for the books" when it comes to the Maestro. Why do I have a feeling that there will be an announcement within the next few months? I don't know why, but I have a good feeling about May.
  2. Ludwig Goransson's Black Panther (2018)

    I have to mention "Wakanda" again. Baaba Maal's vocal solo is so iconic to the identity of this film. The scene it accompanies is breathtaking. The visuals of the African landscape are amazing, not to mention when we first enter the city of Wakanda. It functions the same way that Lebo M.'s solo chant opened The Lion King, both film and score. It instantly transports you to Africa. Baaba Maal also gives a reprisal at the end of "A King's Sunset." I love the percussion throughout the score as well, with special mention to the talking drum solos. I love the main theme. I am also fond of Killmonger's theme; very effective. Here is a behind-the-scenes video with Ludwig Goransson talking about the process of writing and recording the score: I also have to mention the choral work in this score. The African chants and choral work is very effective. I love the chorus chanting "T'Challa" in "Warrior Falls", "Waterfall Fight" and "End Credits". Not to mention the chorus in "Wakanda", "Warrior Falls", Waterfall Fight", "Ancestral Plane" (which I also love the string elegy associated with the ancestors), "Killmonger vs. T'Challa", "Burn It All", "Wake Up T'Challa", "The Great Mound Battle" (personal favorite), "Glory to Bast", and "A King's Sunset" (another favorite). I also like the choral chanting in "Wakanda Origins", "The Jabari" (although I prefer the way it is in the film), "Casino Brawl", Entering Jabariland", and "The Jabari, Pt. II." Ludwig Boransson did a good job on the entire score. Really made an impact while enhancing an already phenomenal film. I was already familiar with Boransson due to his phenomenal work on Creed. He did a great job with Black Panther.
  3. Ludwig Goransson's Black Panther (2018)

    Many, including myself, disagree on that assessment. To each his own, I guess. Also, not at all surprising regarding the financial success. This topic is more about the score rather than the film, though.
  4. I'm kinda surprised there has not been a discussion topic about Ludwig Goransson's score to Black Panther. For those who have seen the latest chapter in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, what was your impression of the score? I feel not only is Black Panther another fantastic entry in Marvel Studios' repertoire; it is a little more than that. Black Panther is a history-making film in the way it presents itself, from the characters, cultural influence and iconography, to the story. I was amazed, not just as a fan of Marvel Studios, having seen all the films since the beginning with Iron Man, but as a film enthusiast in general. The score adds to this as well. Ludwig Goransson's use of African instrumentation and chorus combined with traditional western orchestra makes it stand out. I was also fond of his use of techno beat and rhythm in combination with brass, string and choir for the character of Killmonger. T'Challa's theme is the definitive highlight of the score. I was amazed at how much research Goransson put into crafting the score, even going to South Africa to look into the music. One of my favorite tracks is "Wakanda." That vocal solo by Baaba Maal gives me chills. The images that accompany the track in the film are phenomenal. Ryan Coogler and all involved really made a great film. Anyway, those are just some of my reactions to Black Panther.
  5. Corrections: I believe Big Fights should be before Young Ren Is Awakened. Working Switches is after Rey’s Journey. Mutiny is after I’ll Help You.
  6. I'm not that knowledgeable about audio birate, but the sound is excellent to my ears, and I'm just listening to it on my headphones.
  7. The score-only version of Star Wars, Episode VIII: The Last Jedi will be included as an additional bonus feature on iTunes. It will be available on March 27th, the same day it comes out on Blu-Ray and DVD. Technically, for those like myself who already purchased it on iTunes, it is already included. In fact, I'm enjoying the experience right now.
  8. I live in the United States of America. That is an early demo of "Belle", at least the beginning portion of that video.
  9. Actually, the scene of the wolf attack on Maurice is in the track "Journey to the Castle." Unless you are referring to an early version of the final cue used in the film, which if that is the case, I did not know there was an early version of that sequence done.
  10. Having listened to this release, hear are my impressions. Everything from the songs to Alan Menken's wonderful score is remastered, and it all sounds amazing. Not only are all the songs presented on this release, but Alan Menken's complete score for the finished film is included. The only thing missing is the early version of "Death of the Beast". However, that can be found on the previously released Special Edition soundtrack. The only minor setback is that a few tracks bleep into the next: "Main Title - Prologue" bleeds into "Belle", "Tonight's the Night" bleeds into "Beauty and the Beast", "Beast Lets Go" bleeds into "The Mob Song", and "Battle On the Tower" / "Death of the Beast" bleeds into "Transformation." However, these tracks technically segue into each other as in the film. It only becomes slightly jarring if you want to listen to one of these tracks individually. Besides that, this release is great.
  11. Oh boy! I am loving this happy birthday wish and news. I wonder what scores from the Maestro will be given the deluxe treatment. Perhaps one or two (dare I say three) of his scores from his collaboration with Steven Spielberg? His scores to the first three Harry Potter films? I cannot begin to imagine. Awesome tease.
  12. Happy 86th Birthday, Maestro Williams!

    Happy birthday to the greatest composer and conductor of our time. A wonderful man with a true gift from God. Happy birthday to Maestro John Williams.
  13. Wow. I cannot wait to get this, though I'm gonna buy the entirety of the first CD, as well as tracks 1 through 8 (maybe 9 too) on iTunes. I'm not really interested in the song demos.
  14. Well, this is a nice surprise. I've always been a fan of Alan Silvestri's score to Who Framed Roger Rabbit. Ordered!