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  1. Normally, I would share that sentiment. However, this is a unique case. After revisiting the 1961 film a few times, it feels somewhat dated, and some key Puerto Rican characters were not portrayed by, well, Puerto Rican’s. Don’t get me wrong, George Chakiris did a great job as Bernardo, and Natalie Wood was unforgettable as Maria; I would not change that at all. Nothing will ever take away from the 1961 adaptation; it’s a classic. That said, it will be great to see all roles being portrayed by actors that share the same background as the characters being portrayed. In fact, here is a couple of interesting articles which show the effort of accuracy looking to be attested: https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/amp/news/steven-spielberg-met-puerto-rican-activists-west-side-story-concerns-1176285 https://deadline.com/2019/01/steven-spielberg-west-side-story-cast-ariana-debose-david-alvarez-josh-andres-rivera-rachel-zegler-1202535002/ I have confidence in Spielberg and his team. This looks to be a treat. Now that I think about it, I have not seen a really great musical in a long time. The most recent musical I saw was Les Misérable; it was okay, but I had a few issues with it (Russel Crowe autotuned for one thing). The last great musical I saw was Fiddler On the Roof. I heard La La Land was good, but I have no real interest in seeing it. Anyway, I would not call West Side Story a remake. This is more of an adaptation of the original 1957 Broadway musical, and NOT a remake of the 1961 film.
  2. Wow! That girl definitely earned this. As much as I enjoyed the 1961 film adaptation, I am really looking forward to this upcoming adaptation. If anyone can bring this to the big screen, it is Steven Spielberg. Tony Kushner is a really good screenwriter. Munich and Lincoln were phenomenal, so I look forward to seeing this. With Spielberg and his team of collaborators bringing West Side Story to life, this looks to be something special. I especially look forward to Maestro John Williams’ music. To think, he was a pianist in the recording of Leonard Bernstein’s music for the 1961 film adaptation. Now, it comes full circle. Maestro John Williams supervising, adapting and conducting West Side Story will be a real treat. I look forward to “America”; that is one of my favorite songs in the musical. Too bad it won’t be until next year in 2020. Heck, I am looking forward to seeing a first sneak peek of West Side Story.
  3. Now that you mention it... Interesting. While two cues from two different films, both seem to push the orchestral button to the limit, othering frenzied and exciting passages.
  4. It is a really good film. l have listed all the cues in chronological order. If I made a mistake, please correct me. The BFG - Complete Cue List: Overture. The Witching Hour. To Giant Country [Sophie Is Taken]. Climbing Out / Time for Eats Please Don’t Eat Me. I Will Run Away / Bedtime Story. Sophie’s Nightmare [Mixing the Bad Dream / Sophie’s Nightmare]. Fleshlumpeater / More Fleshlumpeater. Building Trust [Building Trust / The Glasses and the Blanket / I Catch Dreams]. Dream Jars. Get Over It. Prelude to a Frolic Frolic. Dream Country [The Origins of Dreams / It’s a Phizzwizard / Chasing Dreams / Catching a Bad Dream]. Blowing Dreams [How Old Are You? / Blowing Dreams]. Monsters. There Was a Boy / Jump, Sophie. Sophie... Hide! Snorting and Sniffing. I’ll Find This One / The Boy’s Drawings. The Queen’s Dream. Presenting the Dream. Meeting the Queen [Inside the Palace Garden]. The Queen Calls Nancy. Map of Gaint Country / Scottish Drums. The Queen’s Helicopters. Sleeping Giants. Sophie’s Future. Giants Netted [March Past the Giants / Giants Netted / A Place Where No One Goes]. Finale. Sophie and the BFG (End Credits). FYI, the first half of The Queen’s Helicopters plays in one of the DVD menus (no sound effects).
  5. Wow. Awesome! Any chance of listing the cues in chronological order?
  6. They simply were not recorded; hence, they are not in the set.
  7. I just thought of something. I know The Dufay Collective perform on Wizards’ Consort and Sir Cadogan. Do they also perform on The Hippogriff Lesson and End Credits Suite?
  8. It is great to be able to hear just the Maestro’s music with the film. I never noticed that the bassoon (correct me if I’m wrong) in Double Trouble is perfectly synced with the croaking frogs. That is funny; I love that little detail.
  9. Didn’t the Maestro compose and conduct Time Past / Saving Buckbeak with the ticking clock in mind to represent time? It was obviously recorded as an overlay. It does not hinder the music at all; if anything, it blends pretty well.
  10. JohnnyD

    THE POST - FYC (For Your Consideration) Album

    Both were in the film.