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  1. Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't realize I had accidentally stumbled into a Star Trek thread. I'll be on my way then...
  2. I prefer the show of course, but I still enjoyed Generations and First Contact. Insurrection was alright. Nemesis was meh. They're still better than the newer films in my opinion.
  3. Beyond was the best of the three in my opinion. It did indeed feel more like a 3-part episode arc. I still prefer all of the original films over the new trilogy though, but I don't think that Beyond was bad at all.
  4. But it's not the film version of the cue! We can't relive that scene!
  5. ^Yep, anyone can do it. Now I can marry whomever I want. Me and my computer? Married. I also married my LLL Harry Potter boxset with my toilet. You're welcome.
  6. I just became a legally ordained minister in the United States because I was bored and had nothing better to do. Anyone getting married?
  7. Can't you just copy and paste all of the files from one drive to the other? That's what I do. I just transferred 4TB of data myself last week. Any external software is likely unnecessary.
  8. It was my birthday last Wednesday. I bought myself a new hard drive to store more of my junk.
  9. The one HP film I might refuse to see. I heard a lot about the book (and play) and it sounds completely terrible. Sorry, but I draw the line at Voldemort having a kid. I'd look forward to the score though if it would be composed by JNH.
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