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  1. Many people have... haven't you heard of 4K77? Or the Silver Screen Edition? They are restorations of the original print, in amazing quality. 4K83 (Return of the Jedi) has also been made, and 4K80 (TESB) is currently being worked on.
  2. Track 1, 3:00 to 3:08. Most of the cue can be heard on the 60 Minutes interview; it's the first piece of music at the beginning.
  3. I'm positive that "Hand Opening" is the soft opening we hear in the 60 Minutes interview (also a small snippet of that is on the OST).
  4. I have an archive of all of his Soundcloud uploads; I see he did upload 3 tracks around the time the game launched: Combat Suite Iden Versio Extended Suite The Planets of Star Wars Battlefront II He also uploaded 3 tracks from the first Battlefront when it launched, and an additional 5 tracks about a year later.
  5. For the record, Gordy never uploaded those tracks. I mixed them using the campaign music. I never got rid of them, they are still on my channel, but under different track names. For instance "Kylo Ren Arrives" is one of the Takodana "loading loops" now.
  6. He just joined on the 13th and is already a labelled a veteran?
  7. Can do you one better... 200th anniversary! LLL will have to give us $50!
  8. Either way had it been unreleased we might not even known about the entire first half, aside from the sheet music and possibly video games. Whether we had gotten IATS or GATD (yes, I did just abbreviate them) it's a lose-lose situation either way.
  9. To be fair, if I Am The Senate had been included, everyone would be wanting to hear Grievous and the Droids, which was not on the original tracklist.
  10. That as well as Revisiting Padme. Interesting that they changed it so late in the process.
  11. I'm not sure, but you may be thinking of an April Fools joke I pulled a few years back.
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