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  1. Manakin Skywalker

    THE ORVILLE - Show Discussion

    Already? Sweet!
  2. Manakin Skywalker

    The Complete Cue Lists Thread

    I don't suppose the cue list for Dune (1984) ever leaked? I don't see anything on any of the usual websites other than track listings from the album.
  3. Manakin Skywalker

    Failed April Fools Nonsense

    Sure, here you go! Star Wars Complete Expanded Ultimate Limited Edition Recording Sessions
  4. Manakin Skywalker

    Failed April Fools Nonsense

    Every year on April Fools I post "Star Wars Episodes I-III Complete Scores Confirmed!", or something similar to that. It started off as a stupid joke, but now it's an annual tradition.
  5. Manakin Skywalker

    THE ORVILLE - Show Discussion

    Wow, another great episode! A lot of action, and of course a fantastic score by Joel McNeely. Definitely a great way to send off the season. And yes, the events of the previous episode drastically affect the events of this episode. I don't want to spoil anything, but you'll see what I mean.
  6. I was just quoting Palpatine. As for who really created Anakin, I have no idea. A recent comic (that xWxzek posted about) implies that it was actually Palpatine that created Anakin. Whether or not that's true, and not just some sort of "vision", I also have no idea.
  7. It's implied that both powers are one in the same. The midichlorians influence life; therefore either repairing it or creating it from scratch.
  8. I would hope that's what they plan to do. The score would certainly be more cohesive.
  9. With recording sessions likely happening in the summer, I'm sure he's written something by now. I assume MM was referring to the sessions, not the writing itself.
  10. I guarantee he's written at least some of the score. They just haven't recorded it yet.
  11. In ROTS Palpatine eludes to Plagueis creating Anakin. Palpatine later says "[this power] is a power only one has achieved, but if we work together, I'm know we can discover the secret", making it seem as though Palpatine doesn't have this power. The Padme/lifedrain theory would make that statement a lie, although that theory is not confirmed.
  12. I believe JJ said a few years back that he was not at all involved in any of the trailers besides the first teaser. Apparently the editors were asked to send in several random clips to a trailer house, and they'd literally take care of the rest. A lot of people on social media seem to not realize that. I think I remember Rian mentioning that on Twitter as well. If there's one thing you're absolutely correct about, it's that there is a pretty noticeable contrast between the more "casual" fans (and some of the more hardcore fans as well) and people like us, who dissect everything.
  13. I saw some YouTube video about a year ago where someone was complaining about the music when Leia is sucked out of the Raddus' bridge. He went so far as to make a shitty mockup of what he thought would work better; basically sounded like generic trailer music. Yuck.