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  1. I think these two individuals predicted the Belle Delphine debacle.
  2. It's a cartoon of John Williams. Now you know. You're welcome.
  3. Almost every clickbait rumor ends up being fake, even if it's on one of the more prominent sites. Until it's confirmed officially I'll take it with a grain of salt.
  4. I think we're ignoring the most important revelation from the videos on page 1... John writes at least 3 minutes of music a day. Think of the immense plethora of unreleased JW cues! Hundreds upon hundreds of hours worth of music that no one will ever be able to hear! We must have it all!
  5. I thought it was interesting that they used the LSO. I recognized it instantly while listening the music, then saw John confirm it on Facebook.
  6. Well, I imagine there are a plethora of credits.
  7. From my YouTube channel I presume. It's just an unused suite of random music that I believe was supposed to accompany an end credits cutscene.
  8. I thought that a thread dedicated to MIDI transcribing would be an interesting contrast to the Composer's Thread. Feel free to share your own custom MIDI transcriptions, either based on sheet music or transcribed by ear! Here's one that I just finished. "The Suit" by Danny Elfman from Men in Black, transcribed by ear: https://drive.google.com/open?id=17J_O_mkQwDvQLT-PDnqmEl2GPWhrRyXK
  9. They showed a promo on the livestream, but they showed part of the episode (not the full episode, my mistake) behind closed doors. Someone uploaded it to YouTube that day and I downloaded it before it was quickly removed.
  10. The episode they showed at Celebration had music, so I'm assuming he at least scored the first episode either very early this year or late last year.
  11. Pretty much everyone here has that set. It's one of the top threads. In fact Jay worked on it.
  12. I don't imagine he'll upload anything more, for one simple reason. He specifically wanted his release to be as close to an official release as possible (and I'm assuming that also means being able to fit it in a disc). A commercial CD can contain up to 80 minutes of music. Gordy's Battlefront 2 edit contains I believe around 78 minutes of music. So assuming he's dedicated to creating a John Williams-esque listening experience, I don't imagine he'll go over that 80 minute limit. Also, as Gordy had already confirmed, the recording sessions for the Crait and Geonosis material were the same sessions as the rest of the game's music (early 2017). So if Gordy intended to have another montage, he would have added it to his edit when he initially uploaded it. I honestly don't think it's that big of a deal anyway, considering we have all of the music from the game, and in lossless quality. Making a custom edit would be a fairly simple thing to do considering all of the material available.
  13. Giacchino and Powell scores almost always leak. It's just a matter of time before we get those... hopefully.
  14. Many people have... haven't you heard of 4K77? Or the Silver Screen Edition? They are restorations of the original print, in amazing quality. 4K83 (Return of the Jedi) has also been made, and 4K80 (TESB) is currently being worked on.
  15. Track 1, 3:00 to 3:08. Most of the cue can be heard on the 60 Minutes interview; it's the first piece of music at the beginning.
  16. I'm positive that "Hand Opening" is the soft opening we hear in the 60 Minutes interview (also a small snippet of that is on the OST).
  17. I have an archive of all of his Soundcloud uploads; I see he did upload 3 tracks around the time the game launched: Combat Suite Iden Versio Extended Suite The Planets of Star Wars Battlefront II He also uploaded 3 tracks from the first Battlefront when it launched, and an additional 5 tracks about a year later.
  18. For the record, Gordy never uploaded those tracks. I mixed them using the campaign music. I never got rid of them, they are still on my channel, but under different track names. For instance "Kylo Ren Arrives" is one of the Takodana "loading loops" now.
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