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  1. Hello, I must sell my greates treasure. Two original John Williams autograph. One package, I can not sale the second one, the autograph bleaches out. In 3-4 years the the signature are gone . But the first one is really good. I have no certificate for this autograph. 10-12 years ago I write a message to John Williams agency (The Gorfaine/Schwartz Agency) and recieve this two pictures/autograph. Sorry that I must sell this two items, broke my heart but I need this money for my live. It's to important for me! Basis for negotiation: 1400 Dollar / 1300 Euro (incl. shipping) Yeah it's a high price but this pictures are to important for me to sell it for less.😢 Andreas
  2. I think I can unpin this topic in the next 24h. Thanks for your help! Andreas
  3. Oh and ladies and gentlemen back to topic! This is not an Apple or LOTR topic. Bug reporting, style changes... Andreas
  4. Avatar ok now? 150 pixel...
  5. I use Windows 10 Pro and see all emojis
  6. Are the loading speed OK? Sorry I use 200 Mbit, everythink is fast And did you see a major new bug? @Holko Mh "Newsletter signup"???? I don't see it!
  7. No, anyone is dead! 😛
  8. Hi jwfan.com members, the messageboard update is complete. (Invisionboard 4.3.4) 1. I deactivate the cache systeme, hope the loading speed is ok 2. Yeah https is better but we must change our license key to do it... 1-2 weeks for more testing And now, feel free to post any new bug, performance problem, design problem.... The first 24h are a big live test, when we have to many problems I can switch to and old backup (but then we lost all new postings! Sorry 😞 ) Andreas PS: Hope everyone can read my text... so many years and Andreas can't write good english 😛
  9. Hello jwfan members, it's time for another messageboard update! Invisionboard 4.3.4 https://invisioncommunity.com/news/product-updates/invision-community-43-r1055/ A major release with many new features and some new bugs! Some members don't like this updates but we must install it for official support, bugfixing, security patches and more. I will install it next thursday or friday. Andreas
  10. Andreas

    Possible issues with registering a profile

    Please test again!
  11. Andreas

    Invisionboard update complete -> 4.2.3

    The backup template has another problems. But I think my other admin tweak the colors in the near future. Sorry in all major invisionboard versions they are some "layout/template changes" Andreas
  12. Hello, I update the messageboard to the latest version: 4.2.3 (old version: This is a major update. Changelog informations: https://invisioncommunity.com/news/invision-community-42-r1030/ The default theme change, reset some colors to default. Sorry. Upload a smaller version of the "messageboard logo" (John Williams FAN Network - JWFAN.COM) The system working on some background processes (Reindexing posts ...) need some time to complete, this is a automatic task. I don't think the new version fix this problem (Postet from Evil-Lyn) And sorry I can not test: "Delete a quote box from mobile" But please descripte the exact problem and I will open a support ticket. When you find a new bug or other problems (also old bugs/problems) please post in the topic. We pay for the support I hope they (Invisionpower) can help us. Andreas (Admin)
  13. Hi, yeah you don't like major updates but I like it :-p Invisionboard update 4.2.3 soon, in the next 1-3 days. Some smaller messageboard downtime (max 1-2h). Andreas
  14. URL4Short is more a problem with your client, then this webserver. Never see this problems (links, google search...) Website temp. unavailable: The system installs update, restarts services etc. This is not google/ebay/amazon (Online 100%). And for me, the website loads first try, every time. I must never reload it or somethink. Test with my Windows client system, iPad and iPhone. Andreas
  15. Yeah Imperial march. Hey play some music for Episode 8