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  1. You can guess the number 1 is...
  2. http://www.nytimes.com/2016/11/11/obituaries/leonard-cohen-dies.html?smprod=nytcore-iphone&smid=nytcore-iphone-share&_r=0
  3. chuck


    I used to have a passing interest only with Thandie Newton, but watching her interview with Stephen Colbert and listening to her views about this and Brexit, my respect grew for her. She's well-spoken and to me quite intelligent. Listen to her interview starting @ 1:08 One of the finest interviews Colbert has done (along with Sting earlier; I think Colbert's quite good with British guests).
  4. chuck


    Here's a twenty year old George Carlin bit (shortly before the 1996 US elections): Still fucking relevant today.
  5. chuck


    And yet Jerry Goldsmith was since become like Bernie Sanders Poor guys... They still have had 8 more years of greatness in them but unfortunately, America didn't appreciate them while they're still in their prime. Now all the Americans are stuck with are people with a first name that starts with and H, and people with last names that starts with a T.
  6. chuck


    ... that Trump can't Fucking. Read. Trump. Is. A. Fucking. Illiterate.
  7. One of the best versions I've seen performed live.
  8. Goldsmith's End Credits/End Titles are beasts on their own. Too bad this one didn't get in the film.
  9. Off topic, but FSM reported that Ken Hall has passed:
  10. chuck

    The Top Three of the Top Three

    JG: The Final Conflict Lionheart The Ghost and The Darkness EB: TKAM Hawaii Far From Heaven EM: The Mission OUATIA Malena
  11. chuck

    RIP Toots Thielemans

    Toots Thielemans playing harmonica with the Boston Pops performing The Sugarland Express...
  12. Whitaker's look changed from the teaser to this.
  13. This one was from the Boston Pops... This is just an audio recording
  14. chuck

    Brian Eno Hates John Williams

    Does that mean Johnny is the Hillary of music?!
  15. chuck

    ASK JW.

    Why do you think Brian Eno hates you?
  16. chuck

    Youtube clips

    Guillermo del Toro's Bleak House is fucking amazing. It's a treasure trove of horror and sci-fi memorabilia...
  17. chuck

    Brian Eno Hates John Williams

    Eh, it works with a ponytail
  18. chuck

    RIP Marni Nixon

    She's the one who sang the lines: " She waltzes on her way to mass and whistles on the stair." Also was the singing voice of the grandmother in Mulan: Also here's an interview of the famous "ghost voice"
  19. chuck

    Donald Trump - Jerry Goldsmith

    Probably something from the Ghost and the Darkness
  20. chuck

    Donald Trump - Jerry Goldsmith

    "I will build a wall, that will keep the Remote Control sounds out"