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  1. Of course we don't. It was as groan-inducing as the rest of the movie. Partly this. The whole movie feels like an insult to the ones that came before. It doesn't come across as deconstructing things out of love like Galaxy Quest, but out of genuine spite, like some SNL sketches.
  2. That’s because he didn't. Olly killed Ygritte. Jon just held her as she died.
  3. Why'd you respond more than a year later?
  4. ^ My answer as well. Who are you? Jerry Goldsmith?
  5. Never owned this one. Ordered along with The Sand Pebbles which I was also missing.
  6. You're just full of ridiculous opinions, aren't you?
  7. Perhaps? Has a "temporarily out of stock" item ever just suddenly switched to "out of print?" Ever?
  8. Well strictly speaking, MIddle Earth is just Europe, not the whole world. Think "Mediterranean."
  9. Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade has been my favorite film since my early teens. I don't really know why. It just hits me in all the right ways somehow. The humor works for me and the whole thing just makes me feel young and happy. I wholeheartedly agree. Raiders and Doom are great -- Doom has the best recording of the Raiders March -- but the Crusade OST is just flat out brilliant. It's one of the very first soundtrack albums that I actively sought out as a teenager and for the next couple years, it was one of very, very few soundtracks I wanted to listen to from beginning to end (along with LOTR). Crusade is also one of the first soundtracks that made me realize score releases typically aren't complete. I noticed right away that "The Boat Scene" and "Wrong Choice, Right Choice" weren't present. That didn't much diminish my enjoyment of the album, but I was still overjoyed to see both pieces released a year or two later. I find your assessment of Skull very interesting @Thor because this is a score that I think proves album producers don't always know best. The album has LOTS of boring bits, yet omits LOTS of great material. The complete score makes it obvious to me that a much better album could easily have been assembled. Hell, it could have been shorter than what we got and still been better.
  10. I agree that art is not a democracy, but except for the battle on the salt planet, I don't consider The Last Jedi to be art. It has no purpose, no overarching meaning, it doesn't even have much of a story, really. It's really just a bunch of loosely connected scenes strung together, most of which are meant to be surprising in some way even if it's inappropriate or the surprise itself doesn't make sense in the context of the series.
  11. ^ This. I mean, what was Jerry Goldsmith thinking when he made his own theme for Star Trek? Didn't he realize that the Alexander Courage theme from the TV show was better than everything?
  12. A split season with fewer episodes a piece but more overall is literally what we got.
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