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  1. ok, but those were the 5-10 minutes that dragged every episode. The final two seasons were all drag.
  2. Chen’s argument is the most logical and simple explanation. It fits with the way these movies are made and the nature of film productions in general. By saying there is some sort of master plan at work, you are the one making extraordinary claims and the burden of proof rests squarely and solely on your shoulders. Here’s a tip for you. Using big words might wow people here and there, but it doesn’t actually make your arguments stronger. I admittedly only skim your arguments, but as for your “cornucopia of evidence,” all I see is a fan building wild speculation around every comment he finds even mildly interesting from any writer, director, producer, or actor involved in the making of these films. The comments these people make to the media aren’t usually true hints at anything, they’re just random nonsense meant to get people excited about the movie. That’s all this stuff is — Marketing. Just like George Lucas, Kennedy and company absolutely want some fans to think they have a master plan, but if they do, the plan is to sell more tickets, not tell some story that’s been planned out for 40 years.
  3. i mean, being a “unique combination of various ideas” doesn’t make a film good. It can be unique without making you think. Or for that matter feel. The big difference for me between Star Wars and TPM or even TPM and TFA is that SW and TFA give me actual emotions, whereas TPM is cold and distant. I don’t really care about any of the characters after its 2 1/2 runtime.
  4. Welp, Air Force One just got pushed to the back burner for me. I’m sure I’ll get to it eventually.
  5. Man that dialogue is terrible. Also, “revivify?”
  6. Why should we trust you? Your posts read like conspiracy theories. You never have any real evidence, just your own stupendously warped "logic." The others in this thread think you're likely to be massively disappointed when this movie comes out, but it's not just likely, it's practically guaranteed.
  7. Or maybe, Kylo Ren will get an awful redemption arc and Luke's line from the trailer -- "A hundred generations live in you now" -- is directed toward him instead of Rey.
  8. The only score I find dull in this series is DH2 and even it has Lily's Theme.
  9. i just want this for the jewel case. Come to think of it, maybe I can find someone who will trade a copy of this new edition for my old one.
  10. It would take Varese years to sell 5,000 more copies and they know it. Look at the Into Darkness and Beyond DEs. They’re both still in print.
  11. Sounds to me like they're upset we figured out Harry Potter. In all seriousness, they're not apologizing for the Black Friday batch, just exasperated because someone will complain no matter what. Ah, the Spartacus treatment, only for Williams.
  12. Because the labels have been going through his work from both ends of the alphabet. Now they're all gonna meet in the middle!
  13. I mean, how long have people been waiting for Conan the Destroyer? How long did they wait for The Ten Commandments? From the time MV first hinted that Harry Potter was "close" to the time of its actual release was 5 years. That's a long time, sure, but it doesn't seem terribly unusual anymore, well, not to me anyway.
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