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  1. FOTR is like the ultimate autumn score for me. I'd agree that the other two fit that feel as well though.
  2. I still want Air Force One and Rudy. If I have to pick a third, I guess it'll be U.S. Marshals.
  3. Well the score is pretty great. Maybe I'll find a deal on someone's digital copy code or something.
  4. Unless this turns out like Harry Potter and one film really does get split down the middle, I have no idea why anyone would be opposed to this rumor. There's nothing sacred or special about trilogies. They should just call these Episodes IX and X and be done with it. Don't know if I'll ever see these anyway. Still haven't bothered with Solo.
  5. Ah, what the hell. This place really is a fabulous resource, I guess I can spare a few dollars. I hate to think of a world in which I get all my score discussion and analysis from FSM. A guy can dream...
  6. Since the mastering is the same, the new album's not very expanded and LLL said this would get a digital release, I think I'll just hang onto my old CD and add the new release to my Google/Spotify libraries when available. Money's tight and chances are I won't play the album super often anyway.
  7. Muldoon

    What is the third best ST:TOS film score?

    I rank the scores like this: I III II V VI IV Since you've heard I & II already, I'd probably recommend trying V next as it's the most different of the 4 you haven't heard yet and it's really good. III is excellent as well, but will be very familiar to you after II.
  8. Interesting poll. My favorite of these scores is Munich, though I quite like War Horse as well. As for the films, I haven't seen Amistad, Saving Private Ryan or The Post yet. Of the remaining titles, my favorite film is Bridge of Spies, followed closely by Munich.
  9. Well if they didn't have to pay to assemble, mix and master this all from scratch, maybe it'll at least be cheap.
  10. Both of these guys have topped Chicken Run several times. Harry Gregson-Williams - Kingdom of Heaven - The Martian - Prince Caspian (yeah, I said it!) John Powell - How to Train Your Dragon 1-2 - Bourne 1-3 - Solo - Mr. & Mrs. Smith - Agent Cody Banks - Kung Fu Panda 1-2 - Ferdinand - The Italian Job
  11. Muldoon

    The Official Intrada Thread

    That it'll sound fine, but could sound better. The effort of remixing it only goes so far on its own.
  12. Muldoon

    The Official Intrada Thread

    Sure, but I bet you Doug still mastered it.
  13. Muldoon

    Why is Windows 10 so unstable and suck so bad?

    Nor should you push it off forever, if you want a secure and stable system.
  14. I bet that's the plan, yeah. And then it'll get delayed til February. 😂