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  1. Yes, I've no doubt there's still time for that. Just remember the market's going to get saturated quick.
  2. Alright, I confess. I sold my CR trilogy for $600+ a couple of years ago... As such, I'll happily buy them again. I guess it is kind of disappointing they didn't revisit the program for FOTR, but it's hardly surprising. I'm happy to see these back in print either way. These scores are like the scores for Star Wars and Star Trek -- they should always be available.
  3. RIP Jóhann Jóhannsson (1969-2018)

    I get that this is a young age to die at, but 49-year-olds are young people now?
  4. Schindler's List, JFK, Towering Inferno, Hook and Harry Potter 1-3 confirmed! My body is ready!
  5. Getting thanked in a couple more booklets, are you?
  6. What I was trying to say is that chalking up all the positive reception to mere "brand loyalty" is just as bad as categorizing all the negative reviews as "simple contrarianism." It's not that simple.
  7. In as far as we can chalk up the negative reviews to simple contrarianism, sure. Either argument is a sweeping generalization of the issue.
  8. I only started watching Game of Thrones last year, but I love it, so I'll definitely give these movies a shot. I'm not expecting them to be as good as Thrones mind you, just hoping they'll be significantly better than say, Troy... I have one job on this lousy forum, it's stupid, but I'm gonna do it -- ok?!?!?! Laugh all you want, I agree with a lot of those complaints.
  9. The movie being filled to the brim with all the worst parts of past entries is a "largely superficial" thing with "no bearing on the overall film?" Yeah, sorry, things like an incoherent plot and an entire cast of worthless characters have an enormous bearing on the overall film. If I wanted my intelligence insulted, I would have been watching Justice League instead of Star Wars. Also, no, TLJ isn't supported by logic or the existing lore. It shits on both, thoroughly.
  10. It doesn't seem that way around here. It seems like an even number of people loved and hated it, while the majority are ambivalent. Even so, literally every time I complain about this film, 2-3 of you click the sad face reaction or comment about how you liked it in spite of my quibbles. I don't give a damn what theories are fulfilled. I just want something intelligent and involving, something that takes itself seriously and makes me feel the warm fuzzies for the characters. This movie failed for me on all of those counts. But most of all I'm sick of people trivializing my opinion because they refuse to accept let alone understand my reasons for disliking this film.
  11. Not gonna lie, I liked that trailer a lot.
  12. All I got from this is that they may or may not have created a fire-breathing dinosaur in the lab... Film looks dull.
  13. Hans Zimmer - X:Men: Dark Phoenix

    Singer and Ottman replaced by Not Singer and Zimmer? Sounds interesting. Could be good even!
  14. Yeah, that whole situation really didn't help. I'm with Chen on this one, but that's because as far as I'm concerned, TLJ is one of the prequels in everything but number.