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  1. It's less fun around Black Friday! Granted, none of LLL's titles look to be Potter.
  2. I have it. Haven't played it all the way through too many times, but there's certainly a great deal of previously unreleased stuff on it that I play often. Between this, Dances with Wolves and Home Alone, there's a lot of music I'm still listening to from one Black Friday.
  3. That poster considers all 7 Star Wars scores to be "great." It's not logical for him to assume that a man who has composed 7 great scores for a series can/will compose another? That's the most logical kind of prediction one can make!
  4. La La Land Records Black Friday 2017

    That honestly wouldn't bother me so much. I'd just be thrilled to have them! Btw, I like your new avatar.
  5. Oh, please. Even if Basil was known to have said he didn't want it released, you'd want it released. And you'd be every bit as likely to buy it.
  6. Ford's an asshat, but he's not "100% wrong." Basil did hate the Destroyer recording. James Fitzpatrick talked about it when Prometheus did their recording. Whether the original recording should have an archival release is absolutely subjective.
  7. I don't feel that way about Star Trek or pizza.
  8. They both have their moments, but when Star Trek is bad, it's uniquely bad.
  9. One vision isn't always a bad thing. The prequels just display a mediocre vision and bad storytelling.
  10. Danny Elfman's JUSTICE LEAGUE (2017)

    Ha! I had no idea you'd created a thread on that topic! Treason, eh? You'll never take me alive! Honestly, I always liked the Spider-Man scores better, though that may have something to do with the age I was when Raimi's Spider-Man films were coming out.
  11. Danny Elfman's JUSTICE LEAGUE (2017)

    It absolutely is alright. It's better than Wonder Woman by leaps and bounds in orchestration alone. The real cybermen were those of you who didn't like the score to The Force Awakens when it came out. Some of you still don't like it. I don't see how someone who would identify themselves as a "John Williams fan" could not like The Force Awakens, but hey, it's not my problem.
  12. Danny Elfman's JUSTICE LEAGUE (2017)

    Since The Force Awakens came out, I've become more and more convinced that score fans are terrible at knowing what to expect from their own genre. I find nothing surprising about this score or its quality. I do however find it especially funny that many people seem to wish this score were as good Spider-Man 1 & 2. When those films came out nobody would shut up about how much better his Batman scores had been back in the day. All of this has happened before and all of this will happen again. Edit to add: I've only heard about 10 tracks from this new album. It's alright. About on par with Ultron Elfman for the incidental stuff. Haven't lived with it for long enough to know yet, but I doubt the themes will really stick with me in long term. Ah well, it gives me something else to play while waiting for TLJ.
  13. Honestly, I think MM has great instincts when it comes to making a flowing listening experience (you hear that Thor??). The suggestion that you can still make a chronological playlist without any serious editing is just icing on the cake. Bring on the release!
  14. I love how thorough you were on this interview Jay, great stuff!