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  1. Definition of "definitive"

    My roommate does that. It's not something I really do with movies, but it is how I tend to listen to music.
  2. Dynamic Range meter shows the 1993 album has the greatest range, followed by the 2016, then the 2013. I'm sure results vary from track to track and like you, I can't speak to how authoritative those results are. The tool was made specifically to compare different releases of the same content though for use with the Dynamic Range database.
  3. ^ This is the correct answer. I may hold onto my OST, but the 1996 and 2002 albums are definitely going to the secondhand shop...
  4. Maybe it's not too late to get early info on this release as a JWFan exclusive.
  5. The Chronological Film Score Thread That FYC benefits enormously when you remove the silences.
  6. I'm most looking forward to having the complete score with the same mastering throughout. The OST sounds fine as it is.
  7. I doubt Spielberg would touch it even if he wanted to. I'm sure he's still too close with George.
  8. That's not weird, that just proves you're all talking out of your asses when you say Disney is opposed to originality. Are they going to give us Star Wars to its greatest potential? Of course not. Even if we could all agree on what that would even be, no studio would give us that. But! Many of the people making these films are fans of the originals who want to see good movies themselves and who want to be proud of their work.